Woman Beaten to Death in Chiapas, Mexico

Woman Beaten to Death in Chiapas, Mexico

Body of Enrique Meza López, a cupcake seller from Chiapas in Mexico was found beaten bloody next to a road in the Silvano Gatica municipality. Victim’s identity was verified by her daughter Jazmín de la Cruz Méndez who told the agents that her mother left to sell cupcakes but have not returned home whole night. The attackers bashed her face against the asphalt until she died.

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75 thoughts on “Woman Beaten to Death in Chiapas, Mexico

  1. Brutal, to be killed by having your face slammed into the asphalt, then thrown off a cliff. And for what? How ever much money she made by selling cupcakes certainly wasn’t worth killing her over! R.I.P. Enrique

  2. What the fuck is wrong with people?? That’s a fucking worthless use of an innocent persons life.
    A poor lady trying to sell some motherfucking cupcakes for shit sake.
    What, could they not pay her 50 cents for the fucking bearclaw?
    “Bitch give us all the maple bars and no one gets hurt.”

    • @kj,
      yea, chances are she’s supporting her whole family selling cup cakes. She probably spends half the night baking them and then all day selling them. Some little shysters decide to take what she works her arse of for. The robbery alone was a cowardly despicable thing to do, but killing her? Thats just ‘breaking a butterfly on the wheel’.

      Unless of course the cup cake thingie was a cover for selling drugs and the local Herbert’s didn’t like the fact she was doing a better trade than them.
      Either case, they deserve some cruel and unusual punishment.

      • @wickedMILF
        Totally agreed. That’s why this is so ridiculously sad. She’s just a poor lady trying to sell a motherfuckin cupcake and make a decent living. Hell, even if she is selling drugs she’s probably trying to feed her kids. I have friends who sell drugs just to pay the bills. But damn, killin the cupcake lady. That’s some low ass shit for sure…

    • hear hear!

      of all the violence and depravity and potential targets to snuff off this earth…

      get rapist? na. wife beater? na. pedophile? na. animal abuser? na. on a milder scale; theives? na. scammers? na. liars? na. cheaters? na.

      lovely, hard-working confectioner? YEAH, that’s the biggest threat to humanity, that deserves ire.
      This world… eesh. I’ve long since stopped trying to understand the realm of human sadism; it often happens with no rhyme or reason or provocation. I know that. Yet, while not surprised, I’m still saddened to see these kind of tragedies all the same…

  3. [email protected] on said:

    Looking at her ID, it says “SEX – M” what the fuck? Maybe a post op sex change thingy me bob. But then how can she have a Daughter?

    • @anna Bulleta no sometimes they can call her *Enriqueta* I know this because my grandmas names is Enriqueta and my mom *beaner lady* of course named my little brother *enrique* I was this close to being called *jose* I’m not going to say my real name because its hard to pronounce and you will never know if them *boys in blue*try to arrest us for enjoying an awesome website full of gore -.- I hate being a beaner

  4. I’m visiting this site for not so long now, and I don’t know exactly how I should react, but I think this is sad… Well, most of the things here, are sad, but..well, ..hi people of Best Gore!

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