Woman Found Dead in the River After a Fight with Stepdaughter

Woman Found Dead in the River After a Fight with Stepdaughter

Chiapas, man! They don’t have the narco violence of Acapulco, Guerrero to worry about, but they sure make up for it by killing one another at the drop of a hat. Narcos at least kill for money and power. In Chiapas they seem to kill for anything from farting too loud to sitting too quietly. Chiapas is fucked up. Definitely the most fucked up part of Mexico.

A woman was found dead on the bank of the river Texcuyuapan near Tapachula in the state of Chiapas after a fight with the daughter of her husband. The stepdaughter is suspected to have murdered the old woman and thrown her into the stream.

The victim was identified as 46 year old Milda Oralia Isidro Fuentes originally from San Juan, Catarina municipality, department of San Marcos in Guatemala. The police are looking for the stepdaughter.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Bwahaha!!!!! @M & @Obli- i was lmao when i read that in the description!!! 馃槈 I’m not “old woman” status like that yet, but i find older men (in that age category) to be fucking hot! The boys around my age need to learn from this older age group! 馃槈

      This lady looks older than 46, but then again- she’s dead.

      1. Again I find myself in agreement with you Juicy, as I am also very much attracted to older men. I find that most guys my age (32) are for the most part still way too immature. My last relationship was with a 47 yo, and i my most recent fling is with a man who is 50. I am attracted to men, not boys.

        1. @rebelk- sounds like we are “sisters from different misters”! 馃槈 Same age, same ideals. I like my men well seasoned and with proper knowledge of how to treat a woman. Maybe they learned the hard way, but point is- they learned! Not to say that guys my age aren’t cool because there’s always exceptions to the rule, but knowing a man is older places me in a spot that i realllllllllly like!

          1. Okay sooo, most of us females are early 30’s (I’m 32 birthday in April) and males are in the 40’s? Well at least the ones that have been talking lately? Hmmm

  1. It could have been worse. This woman is in one piece, she still has all her digits and the mortician has a face with skin to work with. I hope the husband take’s that into account before he gets too harsh with his daughter.

  2. Milda?s got quite a big belly. (And look how she lays around — cover that gut up, girl, have you no shame?) Ok, maybe filled with stream water, but just as likely she?s been eating too many tacos. She should really cut down.

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