Woman Hacked to Death by Estranged Husband in New Amsterdam, Guyana

Woman Hacked to Death by Estranged Husband in New Amsterdam, Guyana

Did you know there is one (and only one) country in South America with English as the official language? The country is home to the oldest land on the planet and hands down the most beautiful waterfall in the world. It’s also home to pristine rainforests which unlike rainforests in other South American countries, is not being decimated on a large scale by corporate interests. And as if that weren’t enough, the country is also Zionism free so much so that when Jim Jones wanted to get out of ever nosy and private business meddling with big brother, he moved his church there. In other words, Guyana is the shit.

Unfortunately, like much of South America, Guyana too is plagued by crime. What we see in these pictures is the aftermath of murder that happened on January 16, 2013 at Angoy’s Avenue in New Amsterdam, Berbice in Guyana. A renowned fisherman by the name of Narindra Thakoor hacked his 29 year old estranged wife Patricia Bacchus to death over a dispute the two were having. Apparently, their 7 years old relationship had been very rocky so she left him, but decided to come back and try to work things out for the sake of their two children. What bad idea that had proven to be.

Patricia, whose full name was Bhanmattie Devi Bacchus met with Narendra Thakoor nicknamed Dado on January 16 with an intention to reconcile. An attempt to work things out however did not work out and the two got into a heated argument which was resolved by Dado with a cutlass. Narendra hacked Patricia violently with up and fled with a bottle of insecticide in his hand. The police later caught him and took him to the New Amsterdam Hospital for poison tests which appeared negative so instead of leaving him there, the cops took him to the Central Police Station.

Soon after the man started vomiting and soiling his pants and the cops realized that he did indeed ingest poison. They rushed him back to the hospital but it was already too late. What a way to mess things up. He couldn’t find a peaceful way to live with his wife so now they are both dead and their kids left without parents. Good job.

Props to Best Gore member krisen for this amazing hook up from an obscure country which I hope everyone will forget immediately after reading this article. Guyana is my hidden gem destination barely anyone is aware of yet it’s second to none in what it has to offer. Can’t comment on women, though. Women can make or break any country. If they’re like women from other Latin American countries then nevermind…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “Woman Hacked to Death by Estranged Husband in New Amsterdam, Guyana”

    1. After 7 yrs of a long hard relationship she probably called it quits broke his heart than left him and found out the grass isn’t much greener on the other side after she banged a few guys at least than tries to come back and reconcile like everything is ok fuck that whore

          1. What!? Damn girl! Go get a big fat one and go to town. They have sauerkraut(fucked that one up) on them. I love that stuff as of lately and its really good for you!

    1. “tom leykis says once u marry an chik, they get a low maintenance haircut(short), get chunky, and wonโ€™t lift a finger, but if they divorce, they hit the gym again to trick the next sucker”

      This is the right form of your message ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. marriage doesn’t mean shit anymore. at the first sign of trouble women want to cry divorce and bleed the husband dry.
    but c’mon, ladies, you should definitely know by the third date wether or not your man is a piece of shit. but you fuck’em and breed with ’em and marry ’em anyway.
    are you thinking of marrying a man with constant legal problems?
    you’re a fucking idiot
    you’re thinking of marrying a man with three kids from three different women?
    you’re a fucking idiot
    you’re thinking of marrying a drug addict?
    you’re a fucking idiot
    you’re thinking of marrying a man without a job?
    you’re a fucking idiot
    get it?
    where were all these gullible, low self-esteem dumbass women when i was coming up?

    1. Pretty much. Speaking from the White/Western side, it’s a complete waste of time, money and resources to even get into a long-term/meaningful relationship with a White woman and/or Western Woman. The problem is Societal, but it seems to effect White women the most.

      For every one good, decent white woman, there’s a thousand of the sleazy, perpetually drunk, club-hopping, tramp stamp, no-eyebrow having slores out fucking everything with a dick (besides East-Asian men, apparently). These women happen to be friends/sisters/mothers of that one good woman, and then peer pressure takes over. Women you wouldn’t even think of, going away on vacations with their ‘girlfriends’ to places and screwing the locals (I unfortunately have a couple of friends who’ve had the torture to find this out)

      Marriage, and relationships are investments. You invest in the Woman, in the relationship and eventually in the Life you two build together. In the West, that investment from the mans perspective is generally met with your wife cheating on you, breaking your heart into a million pieces, divorcing you, taking your money, house, cars and children and leaving you a broken down shell of a man.

      The investment isn’t equal on both sides. For a Woman who cheats and ends up Divorced she can get paid big money and lose nothing. A man that cheats and ends up divorced is going to lose a hellva lot.

      Not worth it.

      Having said that.. The lady I’m currently with is hinting at it.. She’s not White (Chinese) and not particularly Westernized (She lives here, but finds a lot of the culture gross).. I’m fucked. At least Asian women seem to be a stable choice..

      1. @Silenced, I don’t get what you mean…you say the Chinese lady your currently with is hinting at marriage? Then you say “I’m f**ked”. I thought that was what you wanted, to marry and have children with an Asian woman ??

        1. @it was me (I always forget to use this.. Don’t have twitter)

          No disrespect to Asian (or other racial/ethnic origins) ladies (especially not the current lady I’m with, she’s been an absolute godsend) but I always thought I’d marry and have children with a strong, intelligent, beautiful (On the inside, looks mean little to me) woman of my racial background (white).

          Obviously, that isn’t going to happen. I’m just not emotionally there anymore for reasons I’ve detailed before (The high rates of Infidelity, Divorce, Promiscuity, lack of morals, drug use, club-hopping etc. etc. so common with White women today).

          So.. yeah. And children haven’t come up yet. That’s… going to be an incredibly difficult conversation. I’ve always thought I’d have children that would look like me in some way.. blonde hair, blue eyes.. tall etc.

          That wouldn’t be something we’d entertain until after we’ve been married (should that ever happen) and both have good jobs in an area we wish to lay a foundation for a family (Most likely in China at this rate).

          It’s going to be difficult because I’d suggest adoption.. A White child from the US (that Nation will probably be at 2nd world status at that point) and an Asian child..

    1. Yes they were of Indian origin,wannabe suckers of a Westernised life. These are usually people who flee their motherland with the illusion that they’ll be able to mint money and show off on their yearlyvisits back home. Can’t you make out how desperate this woman was? Such losers.they put us Indians to shame.

  2. “women are like the women from other Latin-American countries”

    Nah, Guyana is only “Latin-American” by location, we’re culturally and ethnically Caribbean… Our women are AWESOME

    Also, it was the greatest decision of my life to join this site. ?

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