Woman Kills Her Husband and Rips His Penis Off with Iron Bar

Murder Husband Bled Out After Forceful Penis Amputation

Woman Kills Her Husband and Rips His Penis Off with Iron Bar

In a fit of rage that leaves everybody puzzled, a woman attacked her husband, beat him to death and ripped his penis off with an iron bar. After her arrest, police interrogated the woman to learn about the motive of her action but there didn’t appear to be one. So far it all looks like the woman suffered from mental illness and in her latest fit, killed and mutilated her husband without understanding the implications of her actions.

The crime happened in the city of Ibirapitanga, state of Bahia, Brazil on April 19, 2013. The victim’s name was Antônio Matias dos Santos. His wife, currently in police custody is Dalva Boaventura dos Santos. Them bitches be crazy.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Woman Kills Her Husband and Rips His Penis Off with Iron Bar”

  1. Ok, i gotta say- this week should definitely dubbed as “#PenisProblems”! Cause there is a plethora of them lately. Me likey!! 😉

    Why isn’t one of the pictures captioned?! I feel cheated.. *Someone* must caption that lonely picture!!!!

    Picture 3 makes me think of a juicy succulent shrimp. Um.. Dipped in melted garlic butter… Ooo-eee!

    I wonder what the dude did?! My guess is he stuck that cock somewhere he shouldn’t have. Guess I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. In any case, I’m sure he’d be glad to have died cause a dudes dick is like EVERYTHING to him and i don’t think they could’ve fixed that shit!

    1. Lol. My KJ!!! I’ve missed you my love!!! 🙂

      Well, its a fucked up situation, but just imagine that he deserved it. That makes it a lot easier to swallow! Lol. And if that doesn’t with- think of a juicy shrimp dipped in garlic butter!! 😉

    1. I’m not sure if you condone this behavior for the average Joe boyfriend/husband, or for the scum bag rapist dude’s. I would think the later would apply…
      @Jenny, should men hide from you or just the scum bag rapist’s..?

  2. No, the bitch ain`t crazy. She is scum,and deserves to be lynched , It`s because of our modern fucked up society that women can get away with mental illness or PMS or false rape accusations . the bitch needs to have her vagina ripped out of her body .

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