Woman is Stabbed, Disemboweled and Dumped in a River

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Woman is Stabbed, Disemboweled and Dumped on a River

A BestGore member sent me an e-mail concerning the Mércia Nakashima case. He said that the photos I had posted were not of Mércia’s body, but of another woman, and the real photos were these, the ones I’m posting now. I thought the same thing at first, but after some research, I found out that these photos of this woman with her guts out are not of Mércia’s body, but of another woman similar to her. To anyone who understands Portuguese, this article explains it.

Apart from that, I have little information about this case, other than the woman was stabbed and dumped in a river, also in Brazil.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

33 thoughts on “Woman is Stabbed, Disemboweled and Dumped in a River”

  1. Bruising to the eyes and face, ligature wound on the neck, this woman was beaten and then asphyxiated with a thin cord.

    Whereas the cut to the chin was done pre-death she was disembowelled after death, I can tell this from the blood pooling to the face and neck area and the absence of blood around the abdominal area.

    She was not raped due to her trousers remaining on, her exposed chest was exposed after death in order to disembowel her.

    She was left on her back as the picture shows otherwise there would be blood pooling around the front side.

    My conclusion, death by asphyxiation, motivation for murder, I would say revenge.

  2. According to the article, those pictures that were posted before are indeed the real thing and not the ones from this post. The real pictures are described as swollen, bald, purple top and jeans…. so those are the ones….

    1. Thank you!
      Doing my best. My next few posts won’t include gore though. My next maybe 2 or 3 posts. I’ll talk about war crimes and covert operations that were hidden from most of the public. People need to know these things.

      1. I am perfectly okay with that too! I love reading the info on each new post and I’m very excited and intrigued to learn even more than I already do about the horrific war crimes. I absolutely 100% agree that people need to know these things. It sickens me that soldiers can get away with the grimest of acts because the government will do anything they can to keep these acts hidden if they come to light. Ever notice how even if a soldier comes back from war and murders someone or is involved in another crime it never reaches the news? You’ll never see anything even remotely negative about any soldier or crimes committed by them. That’s actually really scary if you think about.

        1. Yeah, but soldiers are usually victims themselves. They were subjected to a massive indoctrination through skilled brainwashing techniques. Although this is no excuse for many of the actions they do.

          Usually was crimes only come to the spotlight when someone, usually a soldier him/herself, has the courage to leak them. Like we saw with Bradley Manning, and someone to publish them, Julian Assange.

          My goal is to expose Zionism for what it truly is. Pure, putrid evil.

          1. Yes I know what you’re saying’. Many of those who enlist have a completely different idea of what they’re getting themselves into than the actual reality of what it really is. There’s just WAY too much information being held out on all of us that we deserve and should know about. That’s the main reason I was o drawn to this website (besides the badass, awesome gore!) This is one of the few places we can get unfiltered, unbiased information about what’s really going on in the world we live in.

            I look forward to your new posts 🙂

      2. @Portuguese Dude

        I told you merely being Portuguese and speaking one of the Romance languages has it’s advantages, you are a pussy magnet my friend.

        Come visit England and women await you, you lucky, lucky bastard.

          1. Lol, not at the rate they procreate. You know how it’s like in undeveloped countries, no matter how poor you are, having 7 kids is always the goal. Even if you have to feed them cardboard afterwards, small price to pay 🙂

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