Woman Found with Throat Slashed in Distrito Federal, Mexico

Woman Found with Throat Slashed in Distrito Federal, Mexico

This cruel murder happened on February 22, 2013 at the intersection of Mar Tirreno and Mar Asof in Colonia Popotla, Miguel Hidalgo, Distrito Federal, Mexico. Cries of pain and distress alerted neighbors of the altercation that was taking place outside their windows. A woman in her middle 20 was being beaten so they quickly called police but by the time authorities got on the scene, the woman was already dead with huge gash in her throat.

Strange to see a Hispanic woman die a violent death and wear high heels, rather than flip flops. I also think the killer tried to behead her but Mexicans are notoriously useless cutting through spines so he probably gave up after slashing her throat. It was all happening in broad daylight in a residential area and the woman was screaming so he must have just quickly cut her throat and dashed.

Although it happened in Mexico, this doesn’t look to have anything to do with narcos. Probably a thief trying to steal her purse, she didn’t want to give up the change from her sugar daddy and fought back so the killer cut her throat.

Thieves are getting increasingly greedy and violent everywhere. I’d say re-introduction of appropriate punishments is long overdue.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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12 thoughts on “Woman Found with Throat Slashed in Distrito Federal, Mexico”

    1. Useless because they can’t teleport to the crime scene when they get an emergency call? Just because some cops are ignorant, that doesn’t mean every murder is due to their negligence.

      Then again, the fact that you confuse “is” with “are” should tell me that you’re not worth wasting my time explaining this to you.

  1. Well fom the article in Spanish it said. “young women brutally beat in an empty abandon lot gets her throat cut.” In my opinion it looks like a prostitute deal gone wrong, due to the high hills and the location.

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