John Holmes and His Giant Penis

John Holmes and His Giant Penis

John Holmes and His Giant Penis

John Holmes and His Giant Penis

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37 thoughts on “John Holmes and His Giant Penis”

    1. Oh baby! That HUGE dick could make any girl drool and wet her panties. I definitely wouldn’t mind being nailed by a man who has a huge cock like his above.


        1. DamageC, stfu. Any male over 10 years old can spell PENIS right. It’s their favorite possession. Now get off mommy and daddy’s computer and read a damn dictionary.

  1. For the record,and to quell any rumours or words from “those in the know” (phony bastards who try to gain notoriety as if they “have the inside track”) Johnny “Wadd” Holme’s penis DID NOT stay attached for his ultimate cremation. How do I know? Simply because I HAVE IT.This long after the fact,I can’t see any harm in devulging the secret I have kept for so very long.I worked for the Coroner from 1978 to 1984. I was a trusted employee who was quite often left to do the final preparations alone.It has been carefully preserved,and even to this day bears the same resemblance as in the picture noted above.It has remained the same hue,shape and size since it was removed.It has been carefully hidden,and only upon my demise will the whereabouts be made public. Thank-you.

    1. Really? That’s cool bro. I have Michael Jackson’s nutsack in a bag next to my bed. Maybe we can put them together to form the Jackson-Holmes ultra cock.

      (If you didn’t get it, that was sarcasm. You don’t have John Holmes dick.)

  2. As nice as it would be to have a cock that big, it would actually cause some problems. Guys who are that long will lots of times hurt the girls, or can’t go all the way in so they have to fuck them by holding back. And they can’t get a full blowjob. So, cool as it would be, I’m glad to have a bigger than average, but not Holmes size dick. It makes for very happy women.

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