Yellow Chrysanthemum Gang Member Shoots Shop Owner Dead in Cold Blood

Yellow Chrysanthemum Gang Member Shoots Shop Owner Dead in Cold Blood

This is one incredibly brutal CCTV video from Russia. A man holding a bouquet of Yellow Chrysanthemums in his hands walks into a wedding and jewelry salon at Butyrskaya Street in Moscow, casually asks the owner behind the counter “Как дела?” (How Are You?) then pulls a gun out and shoots the man in the head at close range, followed by another headshot for good measure. Just for the pleasure to kill.

Yellow Chrysanthemums (желтые хризантемы) have recently become notorious in Russia thanks to their uncalled for, cold blooded murders perpetrated on innocent civilians. The gang gained their moniker thanks to their calling card – a bouquet of Yellow Chrysanthemums they carried with them when they committed murders.

After three weeks of living a life of crime as a leader of Yellow Chrysanthemums, 37 year old Sergei Balikhina – the murderer in the video, was eventually arrested and is facing a life sentence.

The Yellow Chrysanthemums consisted of 3 men – 2 are in police custody, one committed suicide unable to bear the blood of an 8 year old child on his hands. This happened after gang’s first triple murder in which they killed a businessman and then entered his house to finish off his wife and child. The death of the child was too much for one of the gang members to handle, those some speculate that he took his own life to avoid getting locked up for life.

Incredibly cold blooded murder video from Russia is below. It’s not fake:

This video is a report by a Russian TV on the arrest of Sergei Balikhina, the leader of the Yellow Chrysanthemums League. He was apprehended on April 6, 2011. The incident in which he’s caught on camera shooting a bridal shop owner took place on December 29, 2010 – not even Christmas and New Year seasons, which should be the time of peace of solidarity were sacred to this man:

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124 thoughts on “Yellow Chrysanthemum Gang Member Shoots Shop Owner Dead in Cold Blood

    • And gun laws in the Russian Federation are amongst the strictest in the world…

      It makes one wonder if this cowardly piece of shit would have done this even if their was a small chance the cashier had a shotgun behind the counter?

      Here in the Isle of Man, we can legally set mantraps in our homes at night. But we MUST advertise it… Guess what, we have one of the lowest burglary rates on the planet.

    • That’s hilarious…I was wondering the same thing! Just watch someone get popped twice in the head and the only thing we find peculiar is the unidentified curious movement near his dead feet.

    • My only guess is that it’s the springy type phone cord dangling there and slowly swinging back and forth.

      It looked to me like the shootee was jabbering away on the chatterbox when he shuffled off his mortal coil.

      Hope he wasn’t talking to a psychic hotline cause they really shoulda saw THAT coming!

      • @Joel, there you are! Off topic, but I just wanted to tell you I have read ‘Survive the Savage Seas’, they say they hit a pod of whales, that’s how the boat sank, they had twins on-board (remember the photo of how THIN one of them was, being carried to shore after being rescued) the family also had a non family member on board, which caused conflict? I think they caught themselves a turtle to eat at one stage (had to eat it raw, would SUCK to be that hungry!) I enjoy that sort of subject. :)

  1. If you try to kill an eight years old child, he will cry and shout as a little pig. It won’t be easy to finish him. You’d better blow off your head and this is all. Don’t fuck.

    • @. If you try to kill an ADULT, he will cry and shout like a little pig! I HAVE a near 8 yr old, if someone pointed a gun at a 8 yr old they would possibly be ‘dumbfounded’ they wouldn’t know what to say, so they wouldn’t say anything. Adults are more self aware, they know they are about to LOSE their LIFE!

  2. JFC, you’d think people with that kind of organization, time, balls, and disregard could have done something better that was still comparably fun. Killing murders, rapists? Robbing banks without killing anyone, living off the money til the inevitable? Starting a real gang with a code that helps the underprivileged? No- carrying around flowers and just shooting everyday people — wtf — makes me hope there’s more to the story than is known.

  3. I wonder sometimes are these things fake because I don’t want to believe that humanity can be as cruel as these videos.

  4. “How are you?” *bang*
    “Dead, I guess.”

    Yellow chrysanthemums? Awful. A single white carnation would be much more stylish. Chicago mafia style.

  5. i just watched on TRU TV some reality policial program on SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, hahahaha, its like watching COPS, but with tons of corpses and no one ever getting caught!

  6. If i was going to murder someone, (i probably will in the future) the victim wouldn’t be old, handicapped or defenceless like in this video, i would pick out a certain person, you know a proper asshole, and kill them slowly, painfully and scream with joy whilst doing it, that way i know whilst i’m doing it that i’m doing the world a favour, one less asshole sheep living in our world, breathing, wasting our air saying unintelligent retarded shit. God i hate sheep.

  7. the hitman will pay for his crime when he stands before the judge of the universe. people really think they can get away with anything. God is always watching.

    • Ah @mouse, the dipshit in the video is not a hitman. Hitmen get PAID to do a job, this asshole did it for sheer pleasure which in the eyes of the Lord is much worse than killing for money.
      This is not to say that the punishment will be any less severe when killing for money.

  8. The absolute sum and totality of that mans life is forever gone in the blink of an eye and for absolutly not a thing. Guess ole’ boy didn’t receive propper training on how not to get pinched in those short 3 weeks of Chrysanthemum gansta orientation.

  9. He looked like he put on a lot of weight before he was caught, fat fucker even had a condom in his pocket. Condoms work when you rap someone at gun point, I bet the russians are going to make him beg for death.

  10. I find this gang pointless, was their whole goal in killing random people? If so that was really dumb they might as well have stolen money while they were at it.

  11. Ahhhhh yes the good ol gun behind the flowers trick. I do those all the time except instead of a gun, its my weiner…to women of course.

  12. Hey, at least they made it quick and did not make the person linger in fear of being shot. The first guy was on the phone and may not have even known it happened.
    He just woke up dead.

  13. At least the victim felt the romance at her last moments…but see what did the fckn Russian police did to this polite man, his face seems damaged :( this is a wild world.

  14. The killer wasn’t that cruel if you think about it, cool blooded yes but not as cruel as other robbers can be, He gave him a quick death what more could the shop owner, have asked for(other than not to be killed)…id rather go down like that than be harassed and assaulted during the robbery then shot a bunch of times and left to die in pain…and let’s not forget he brought him flowers he didn’t have to..he didn’t have to kill him either tho

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