Young Girl Strangled by Jealous Boyfriend with Electrical Cord

Drool Accummulated in Mouth of Strangled Girlfriend

This fine, young girl was strangled to death with an electric cord by her then boyfriend who got uncontrollably jealous after seeing her with another man. That’s a bit excessive for jealousy, but it is what it is. She must have been a good lay or otherwise good at something to make her boyfriend want her so much he couldn’t imagine moving on.

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46 thoughts on “Young Girl Strangled by Jealous Boyfriend with Electrical Cord

  1. can understand the electrical cord “electronic capital”but nex time use a knife or a gun or even a bear trap ,some of us need to see some gore !!!!

    • Her corpse is in better shape to rape with a strangulation. Just enough damage as a turn-on for your accomplishment, with everything still intact for your enjoyment. Blood and guts can come after she is well used and the strangler is completely satisfied.

    • This is a naked cow. Just because it is female, shouldn’t give you a hardon. But, Jesus is usally the name of a mexican, and mexican’s tend to stick their dicks into ABSOUTLY ANYTHING that moves.

  2. man…. i always love the comments for these threads. i feel sorry for the woman, but for the boyfriend, what a fuckin’ loser!!!!! strangles his girlfriend with electrical cord? i mean, what the fuck? what’s wrong with using a gallows and carrying out a proper hanging execution? impulse killing……. that’s why the world is so fucked up!

  3. Damn i.cant believe how rude you guys are wat if this was your sister yojr mother or your niece im sure you wouldn’t want ppl to say that messed up stuff so if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all

  4. Hell yeah I’d kill a female who belongs to me if I ever knew somebody else was fucking her. I’ve told my wife “I can’t live without you” She can take that statement however she wants to but being that I’m pro gun have several of them, sleep with them and worship at the NRA altar, I think she gets the message. She’ll be free of me when I’m dead.

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