Young Man Falls to His Death from a Building in Acapulco

Young Man Falls to His Death from a Building in Acapulco

This happened of all places in Acapulco, state of Guerrero – the most dangerous city in Mexico. And it also happened in the community of Coloso (Colossus) – the most dangerous area in Acapulco. I think I can safely file this incident under Murder cause accidents don’t happen in Coloso, Acapulco. Only murders and executions. No one in Coloso lives long enough to die from an accident.

The police got a phone call at approximately 11 am on February 3, 2013 that there was a dead body of a young man behind the building of one of the housing units in Coloso. The police with help from members of Operativo Guerrero Seguro (Operation Safe Guerrero – LOL) estimate that the victim was approximately 18 to 25 years old and filed his death under “accidental fall from a building”.

The victim had no identification on him. He will be buried in a public grave.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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