Young Prostitute Shot in the Head During Sex in a Car

Young Prostitute Shot in the Head During Sex in a Car

John picked up a young prostitute to have sex with her in his car and shot her in the head while they were doing the business. That’s one way to avoid paying for intimate services. Maybe she sucked and asked for too much? On a plus side, with that crack in her skull, she can be easily skull fucked.

I don’t think many prostitutes get to grow old. They either get killed while still young or succumb to crack and booze and became filthy junkies with no future. Dude who shot this one in the head probably had a hell of a cleanup job to do on his car’s interior.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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141 thoughts on “Young Prostitute Shot in the Head During Sex in a Car”

  1. Where the hell did the bullet go in and exit?

    Either way I don’t think she knew it was coming.
    I’d rather mastrubate than spend money on getting an STD.
    Maybe the client realized this and shot her?
    Maybe she killed him as well.
    “Welcome to the world of AIDS” hahaha

      1. Then don’t tell him I fuck like a pro!

        Honestly though, I don’t date enough. You’d be suprised how often I’m single.
        If you know anyone in the upstate NY area send ’em my way.

        I’m serious though, I don’t mess around in the sheets. I got a mission to accomplish. >:}

        1. Between @Ashley-Mary and @Lauren this is more female attention than I’ve recieved in a matter of weeks.

          Upstate NY is terrible. I haven’t dated in about 2 years or fucked in months…
          All my exes were terrible people so I became pretty bitter.

          Thanks for the boost girls! Both of you are very beautiful as well.

  2. Hmm. Maybe it was a donkey punch kinda thing? Except, instead of punching her in the head, he shot her. I could totally see him saying something like “what? Is that not how you do it? I could have swore, that is how you preform a donkey punch”…

    1. Oh yeah my favorite method. When your fucking a whore and your just about to cum you pull out your Gat and shoot her in the head, makes her body have one last contraction, and it makes cumming a hundred times better.

      Yes It is sacasm

          1. Well yeah, if you flinch, ur gunna contract. But a donkey punch is usually in the back of the head, so if you don’t know its coming, then you can react. And besides, I’m talking about the actual impact causing contraction. You know, you could always just ask the person to tighten up their pussy/asshole.

      1. Yes,I’m Racial Realist. If you just look at the rates of black boyfriend murdering thier coalburner and general itchy trigger finger and uncivilized behavior…. so statistic their is a high chance of it being a negro. But of course I could be wrong.

          1. Good Question. No.
            I’m European American. Your typical White American Mix.
            My father is my Father is English-Irish. My Mother is Hungarian-German . I Didn’t ask or find out my mix intill Sophmore in High school.
            I remember because I asked my Parent after watch ‘Schlinder’s List” in history class.
            “Mom, Dad, please tell me we’re not Germans” T_T

  3. “I don?t think many prostitutes get to grow old.”

    Only the ones who work for me. But I’ve got good clientele. hung like a mouse, Trooper, Big-J, IRegretNothing, Kels, and Pam, keep me livin’ large. Got me a fur coat, and a cold chain thanks to you perverts. 🙂

    1. “cold chain”

      That should be “gold chain”. But… Gold can be cold…right? So, technically I could be talking about a gold chain, anyway.

      Why do I drink?

      Because I like it. No matter what universe The Bottle puts me in.

          1. That sounds silly, and I suddenly feel compelled to say that this is why women have to suck a dick every once in a while. So you won’t say shit like that. While you’re doing it, don’t be mad if you catch your guy reading the TV Guide during the meat whistle blowing. We have to shut you up somehow sometimes.

          2. I am not stumbling to the bathroom to look at my balls for you.

            Hey, women make it too hard for us men to get laid, so I applaud the bitches out there who’re willing to take some dough for a quick screw. Don’t be hatin’ now. If men controlled all of the sex in the world, your ass would be forking over some dead presidents, too! No shame in that.

          3. It aint the pecker that causes men to have to pay for sex, it’s that they don’t want the commitment and they want the hoe to do what their wives won’t do. Well some wives won’t. And as to your comment about shutting us women up, since it was a GENERAL BLANKET STATEMENT, I must respond, I talk far less than my exes, I could leave the house to go to the convenience store and come back and He was still talking, no lie, a lot of men talk too much. Read between the lines.

          4. daweeka… Don’t respond so seriously to me when I’m being a drunken douche bag. It’s like picking on one of those special ed. kids who has to wear the safety helmet.

          5. Damn I miss this place!
            Mum’s napping today so maybe I can catch up a bit.
            It’s only been 5 days and it seems like forever!

            Love you my fellow freaks!

          1. It is because your clientele are the high class yuppies and Bankers… You get loadsa munny for dressing up crusty old fellas in nappies/ diapers.

            I lurk around Men’s toilets on Hampstead Heath taking it up the arse for a fiver a pop.

            Vic let’s me off at 80% out of pity.

  4. my DEMON SEED has produced similar explosive results to the female head immediately upon jizzing in their filthy mouths. now to be safe i only expell DEMON SEED JIZZ in their filthy snatches. this has the added benefit of IMPREGNATION which results in the females providing me PINKIES.

  5. I am guessing this was somewhere in brazil or mexico? I guess no other option but to turn to hoeing one’s arse. How’s one to live? No education or job. Hey any evidence pics of that pig farm out in BC where those 49 hookers were killed by Robert Picton?

    1. Technically, prostitution is a job. Same with drug dealing. Not all of us get to be born with wealthy or middle class parents. What are you suppose to do when you’re poor? You can’t exactly go to school when you don’t have a home to live in. The options for this young lady were most likely, wait and die on the streets, or risk her life selling herself.

          1. No no no, “my friend”, I’m an exception, I think I’m pretty awesome, I have a ‘on your knees, worship me.’ Attitude. I’m sorry if you don’t like it, and I respect your opinion, I mean everyone has one, but I know for a fact that I’m not like most. I mean, I just joined this site, and I see that only a few people actually act like adults. Everyone else is either very immature or disrespectful. I dont judge, I observe. And I would never commit suicide, I think suicide is pathetic and cowardly. I’m much too proud to lower myself to that level.

          2. I had a college friend who committed suicide, but I never found out until about a year later because I had moved and her family couldn’t find me. I did get a letter from her which was really sad, but she never actually stated to me WHY she killed herself.

            @ObsequiousInnocence, I would never comit suicide either, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about, I have. It is a cowards way out, but when you get so low you aren’t thinking of the consequence to yourself or others.

  6. Hahaha mouse… Your demon seed is legendary.. I’m sure it could kill…I’ve unloaded in plenty of girls mouths and have made em throw up from the venomous toxicity…well not really they usually just swallow and smile…:) this hooker on the other face , probably said the wrong thing…

  7. Wow she looks like a young teenager, this is sad, she could have been forced out to prositute or ran away from home, who knows but its a sad state of affairs, too young to even know what an orgasim feels like, fucking to survive!

    1. @made of scars
      Very creative thinking, but not likely.. what’s the problem with me having a name for mine, or giving him a pep talk before some serious fucking goes down? Or beating the shit of him when he has it coming?

      1. Hey, Gigolo! Nothing’s wrong with you naming it (OK, give us the name!), a pep talk? I have to think about that one to get a good visual…eeewww, never mind.
        And as for beating the shit out of him-only if you do it on camera and send me a copy. I’m terribly hooked on porn.
        Hi Tom! I have lots of interesting thoughts-like how I’d love to give you a body massage with my tongue; )
        God, I’m feeling whorish tonight…

  8. I guess you can say that he fucked her brains out . Yea , i agree , bad joke. So heres a better one (i think?) …Who makes more coin , a prostitute or a crack dealer ?… A PROSTITUTE because she can wash her crack and sell it again.

  9. “Backup flip flops” LMFAO Hey my brother gets really violent when people starts making fun of the size of his willy… now,why did i just say that? because i’m picturing my brother killing a hooker because of her giggles.

    1. I’m 100% postitive that very notion has killed hookers in the past.
      Just think of how many tiny dicks out there are callin up hookers, gettin laughed at, then comitting murder/coverup/suicide because of it. Hahahah
      I saw a nigger fall off a roof while we were working on it. When the paramedics came to get him he had broken up his legs so they cut off his pants… we spent half the rest of the day laughing at his tiny nigger dick.
      Musta been a grower, not a shower. hah

        1. He deserved it though. Like all niggers (and not a respectable black man, but a dirty, stupid, ignorant monkey) he was trying to be macho and niggerish so when we emptied a pallet, he lifted it up high over his head.
          While he was flexing his nigger ego he got himself caught on the excess shrinkwrap still hangin onto the pallet and went right over the edge and into the dumpster.

          It was HILARIOUS. He’ll never work construction again because he just HAD to be a stupid jiggaboo. My father’s been roofing for 30 years. I do it for extra cash sometimes.

          1. Nice! Monkey egos can be the worst!! My fam owns a Plumbing company, i am pretty handy with several things in that area and also go on jobs with the hubs to make that extra $$!!

  10. Ok heres my guess, he was going to pay (lol i said tupee) extra for a kinky sex act of holding a gun to her head to add excitement to the ordeal, she sucked the right spot right under the head (that spot makes my man go NUTS!!) and he prematurely pulled the trigger on accident!!! Truly morbid son of a bitch!! Lmao this has been laurens compilation of “high risk sex acts”

  11. You have to be a real low piece of dog s**t to kill a prostitute.

    Ramfan said he wouldn’t do a prostituite in fear of getting an STD, well thats probably the biggest reason I could never be with one either.

    But look at the service they provide, its one of the most charitable jobs out there. People shouldn’t need to go out and rape. If you have a fantasy your too shy to ask a normal woman to do, then try it with a prostitute, they will provide. If your an fugly man or woman who just wants to get some f**king done. Don’t cry at home, go visit a prostitute.

    I bet so many lives and marriages etc have been saved because of prostitutes. So when a piece of s**t kills one, this is when I want to believe that there is a heaven and the prostitutes get to go there.

    1. I agree with you here too.
      If a dude really has no other way to get off, then why resort to rape when it could cost as little as $10 for a chick to do the nasty with him??
      I wouldn’t do it myself (aforementioned reasons) but your right Brako, the world needs ’em.

      1. the thing is when a man sleeps with a prostiute a women can never got over it. If a man cheats on her than maybe you can work it out.but a man sleeping with a prostitute? We just can’t deal with it, even if you slept with a prostitute before you met us, it creeps us out so much that it will put us off you. It’s one of the few things we can’t forgive you for.

      1. I am a Christmas tree monster!

        TBH, I finally made an account here on BG, been coming here for well over a year now, but I never made an account. Finally bit the bullet and made one last night. Loved the picture to much to change it lol

    1. In a way I know what your getting at, but on the other hand no one has the right to take your life just because they want to.

      A time comes when you look back and you think how many good moments you had in your life, and if your honest its not as many as you would think in the amount you have been alive.

      This poor girl probably only had a good moment whenever she got to talk to her pals, who were most likely prostitutes themselves. To us it would be s**t if that was her best moments, but it was her best moments and she had every right to have many more.

      We don’t get to say its for the best that she’s dead because we don’t know the future. This girl may have one day been able to turn her life around and finally be happy. Instead she gives a guy a great time and he repays her by taking her life.

  12. Closing ceremony of the Olympics comng up, I know a lot of you aren’t interested in but I have to sayI’m bursting with pride. Our tiny beautiful green isles dominate the world. We were on fire, third in the world, no other country any where near us. And pound for pound we jumped all over China and the US. Fuck we are the coolest nation in the world.

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