Young Sunni Lynched in Shia Dominated Town in Iraq

Young Sunni Lynched in Shia Dominated Town in Iraq

The description in the beginning of the video says that it happened in the predominantly Shia area of Chola, west of Baghdad, Iraq. The victim’s name was Omar. He was a young Sunni. He was lynched in a football field.

The victim was dragged through the dirt by the neck with a rope. The area around his genitals appear bloodied, you may also see somebody deliver a kick to his crotch at 2:15. Zionist Operation Iraqi Freedom delivered everything but freedom to Iraq. But it cost western taxpayers trillions.

BTW – Chola? Do they wear stupid makeups and talk wigger in that place? Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

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43 thoughts on “Young Sunni Lynched in Shia Dominated Town in Iraq

  1. Ferocious. I have no sympathy. I only wish this would happen more often in my own country to the niggers and ignorant white people who’re ruining it.

  2. I think he just pissed himself, don’t think that is blood of course I could be wrong.

    Anyway I don’t understand how you can do that to a fellow human being, but ironically I want to do it to them, so I guess I kind of understand it…

  3. So he’s a shiite, and they’re sunni or vise-versa. Obviously he blasphemied and committed a crime worthy of their wrath. Probably said praise allah instead of saying allah be praised.

    Note to all the leftist sheeple…if the do this to fellow muslims, do you really believe they want to peacefully coexist with cristians, jews, wiccans and atheists?

  4. The worst part is that there is some sort of military/militia/security in the group. Who knows why they killed the poor bastard, but if they’d do that to a fellow muslim, what do you think they’ll do to us?

  5. It’s hard to grasp the concept that there really are people in this world that have completely lost their ability to feel compassion for another.Watching this,I kept thinking that they looked no different then a pack of wild dogs, tearing apart their prey.So very sad!

  6. Look at all those hard men. It must take some guts to kick a person who’s already dead (!).
    I was going to call these people vermin – but that would be insulting to vermin.

  7. the schizoid camera movement gave me vertigo…it was awesome. I don’t get high or drink anymore so I gotta take what I can get. :)

  8. I mean, they are so mentally poor and full of violence in their countries that they simply want to vanish anywhere from themselves, just to be far enough to relax a little bit living in illusion that they are free of it but, that “jungle” don’t want to go out of them, ever.
    Soon they seek for land, “rights” (that they never respect) and shit. It’s a horrible to live with them, those immigrant Muslims, when you know that they by Koran are teached to hate every one who don’t believe in Allah.

    (i hope you understand, my English is not so good but i’m trying)
    I hope God will have mercy and those morbid people out of my country.

  9. These people are ravenous enough so when do they decide to eat their enemy…the way I see it that’s where their heading. You know to further humiliate and dominate

  10. Just a correction! This is a suicide bomber that was caught! He is wahabi and tried to blow innocent shia in the air. So thats why they were brutal to him!

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