Young Thai Girl Raped and Murdered

What Is That White Smear Around Her Pussy?

What Is That White Smear Around Her Pussy?

Thai photographer who took these pictures needs to be fired. He totally doesn’t follow proper Thai protocol for taking pictures of corpses. He’s supposed to wait for medical examiners to do the pointers before he snaps. And then to pose with the corpse crouched down, touching it and grinning. Must have been his first time on the job.

This young girl was raped and murdered. Just a typical day in Thailand where human life has zero value. I wonder what that white stuff on her vagina is. That can’t be semen cause semen loses its white color quickly. Blood splatter on the wall suggests quite a level of violence. The anguish and terror in her face further supports that notion.

Gallery of photos of some young Thai girl who was brutally raped and murdered is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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35 thoughts on “Young Thai Girl Raped and Murdered”

  1. In all seriousness, I havent got an ounce of remorse for this girl. Stated simply on the fact that I bet she didnt even try to fight him off. She probably lied there hoping he would rape her and leave, but he didnt. She shouldave fought harder.

    1. Maybe he shot her before she was raped? Or he scared her so badly that she didn’t dare struggle? Or he was holding a gun to her head? Or he was her boyfriend and she thought she was just being pressured into something, and not raped? Or she was drugged and unconscious during it? Or there was more than one perpetrator and they held her down? Dozens of reasons why she couldn’t have fought him off.

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