Murdered Person Found in a Field Near Pattaya

Murdered Person Found in a Field Near Pattaya

It’s that Pattaya again – the largest whore town in the world and a burial ground for many an unsuspecting foreigner who were tricked into believing that Thailand is safe and Thais are friendly by dumbed down leftists who wouldn’t know a scammer if he announced himself up front with a calling card.

A corpse of a person was found in a cassava plantation field in the Huay Yai area of Banglamung, just outside of Pattaya in the province of Chonburi, Thailand on January 4, 2013. Unfortunately I do not know whether the corpse was of a female or of a male and this information was not provided with the photos. I could not discern from the pics for sure.

At first sight, the corpse looks like that of a female, but it could just as easily be a male as some are rather scrawny and since no photo offers a solid view of the face or the genitalia, this information remains uncertain. What is known is that the hands of the corpse were tied behind the back with a nylon cord, pants and underwear were pulled down and there was a gunshot wound above left ear, in the right cheek, about two inches above an eyebrow and in the neck. Thai authorities also specified that the t-short worn by the victim had a Slipknot graphic on the front. Since no Thai knows who Slipknot are, this could easily be a foreigner, although this would make a very unusual way to kill a foreigner for Thailand.

The corpse was found and the find reported to the police by 54 year old owner of the farm where the corpse was deposited. Apparently there were signs of physical struggle near the corpse signifying that the person was brought there alive and killed on the spot.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. hey i heard you can get some REALLY GOOD weed in pattaya….like an oz for $30 american…and the cops look the other way…unless its some crazy scam where the bud is illegal and you buy it then the cops roll up on you and then you end up paying $300 in “processing fees”

  2. A friend of mine loves travelling… russia..brazil..mexico this year (!!!)..all the places i hear and read about on here…he always says to me”you dunno what you’re missing by not seeing these places”..i always say if you check out this website (bestgore) you will uinderstand why i like livin in relative safety in Belfast !!

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  3. I was in Thailand in 2001, these types of incidents are not uncommon. There was an incident when I was there of 2 people being killed- one of a Nigerian man in Pattaya, and the other of an unidentified farang in Yala in the deep south. The person killed in Yala was never identified as far as I know- I was at a hotel when a local police captain started snooping around to ask if we knew of any other foreigners in town at our hotel. He mentioned that a young man of around 20 years, European in descent was found with his skull smashed in less than 2 km from where I was staying. Friendly place, indeed!

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