Pretty Young Woman with Nice Breasts Cut Up with Machetes

Pretty Young Woman with Nice Breasts Cut Up with Machetes

This must have been the most beautiful woman in all of Brazil. She had super cute face, tight body, perfect legs and breasts made in heaven. None of those saggy, form lacking, way too soft sad-bags with downward pointing inverted nipples. Hers were firm, tight, perfectly shaped and sized mamonas with pencil eraser nipples. So much beauty, and some fuckers cut her up with machetes. Came on a motorcycle, slashed at her from every side like mad and left.

The crime happened on Friday February 15, 2013 on Rua da Cisterna, district of São João do Panelinha, Camacam city in the state of Bahia, Brazil. The girl was identified as 22 year old Tatiane Dionísio Mendes. She had machete cuts on her face, neck, legs, arms and back.

Apparently she was a prostitute, often engaged in petty theft and was a drug addict – I think that’s were her beauty ends. Must have had something to do with drugs that these guys came to chop her up.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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51 thoughts on “Pretty Young Woman with Nice Breasts Cut Up with Machetes”

  1. “None of those saggy, form lacking, way too soft sad-bags with downward pointing inverted nipples. Hers were firm, tight, perfectly shaped”

    You will be waiting a long time for a woman like that. The majority of women, those with anything greater than a B Cup will have soft and, depending upon age, sagging breasts.

    All men should learn to accept that all women are intrinsically beautiful and come with varying and natural forms, in other words, if you want to get laid more often you will have to stop being so fussy.

    1. Sigh. I guess there’s just always a trade-off.. I can’t say at my age of exactly 10 years older than Brazilian hotness, that mine are as perfect as hers. I have an added full cup size and the pencil eraser part but mine surely don’t scream perfection. Then again, I’m kinda 2 steps ahead because mine are fully intact, there’s adequate blood flow to them still and no one is looking to chop up my ass because I’m a prostitute and a drug dealer! Lol. Yea, i think I’ll be happy with a little softness! You can’t have everything ya want in this crazy world! Thankfully for me- there’s always someone out there who will appreciate the not-so-perfect things in life and the fact that I’m still breathing is just an added bonus. Lol

      1. @Juicy, There’s no such thing as perfection, only personal preference, and that being said your mammary glands sound absolutely stimulating to me.

        Also, as noted by yourself, your twin peaks are still very much in the land of the living, that has to be worth more than the dead Brazilian chick with the A cup breasts.

        1. @J3Z- Thank you! I’m a pretty girl, I’m not worried about it. I too think there’s beautiful thin girls out there. Even when i diet and lose weight, because I’m short, I’m still never “skin n bones”. I’m totally ok with that. I’ve got way more that ass to work with! I’m pretty smart, I’m loving- i can cook, etc.! Lol. One of these days someone will reel in this good catch! 😉 He just better love gore because at this point in my life, I’m ready to lay everything out on the table! Its me that’s picky. Just not about the normal things a girl might be picky about. I won’t settle for less than the whole package..

    2. Well put Empty. It is great that we are all created unequal. Without that most people would go unwanted. Me included. I am not a fat chic but I have hips and a booty and DD’s. I am full figured at 5’6″ . I would definitely not be something Mark would like, but the chic that is dead above did have a beautiful body. I love men but would be lying if I said I don’t find women attractive. But many men like thinner women. That’s okay too.

      1. @J3Z- You’d be surprised! Some guys don’t know what they like until they’ve tried. You’re not fat at all! You just sound healthy and like what a real woman is. Those skinny anorexic women aren’t the norm! I bet he would like it. Anyhow, sexiness isn’t just how perfect your body is. Its how you work what you’ve got, imo! Its a look you can throw with just your eyes and smile and how you carry yourself. I think your gorgeous and because I’m grown- i think your personality is just as hot! 🙂

  2. obviously pissed the wrong person/people off. i dont have any sympathy for drug addicts or prostitues…like the women in pornography, they only serve one purpose and that is to get people off. once they have done that, their usefullness is over. they are just pieces of meat because that is how they live. they have no worth as a human being and so it dosnet matter what happens to them.
    besides, “beautiful” women are often times the shittiest, most shallow and evil people there are. they wouldn’t know a good man if they were right in front of them, fucking peieces of trash. i’m glad she’s dead.

    1. @Obli- I generally agree with most things you say. There’s surely no short supply of “beautiful” women that are stuck up and feel they’re entitled to everything or too good for someone! However, there’s still some out there that would prefer a great mind-fuck over looks or monetary status! I consider myself to be beautiful (I’m not conceited in the least- but i do like myself for the most part)- but I’m not perfect. I certainly do have flaws! With age has come a new-found understanding of men, for me. At one point in my life, looks were all i concentrated on. Not at all anymore! If you can make love to my mind, which is always spinning round, if you’re witty, sarcastic, want to have FUN (something that has lacked from my relationships) and you make me laugh, then you’ve just sealed the deal and I’m yours for the taking! Sadly, in the 32 years I’ve been on this planet, I’ve only had my mind fucked one good time! And just my fucking luck that my perfect match who would’ve never been my “type” typically- is just like a million miles away! =(

      Not all pretty girls are perfect and not all perfect girls are pretty. Find the one that fucks your mind good before your body- and you’ve found yourself the most beautiful girl in the world!

  3. Girls, if you want to have a tight body like her, all you got to do is smoke some crack.
    Crack turns down your appetite, so you won’t eat a thing. Besides, you will have to run and fuck all day to get your crack rocks, that means a lot of exercise, so in 4 or 5 months, your body will be slim and fit like hers. The only negative point is you probably won’t live much longer to enjoy your fit, new body.

    1. @NOTDASILVA- I’ve clearly been doing it wrong! To think healthy food and a nice run was the way to go.. You’ve given me new inspiration and hope!! Let me make a few phone calls so that i can “score” and get started right away! 😉

  4. @ Juicy . Your new avitar is in my opinion your best one yet . Gorgeous sweater puppets encased in a sexy black bra . Those fun sacks are this tit mans idea of heaven on earth . The only thing that could add to the erotic mental picture would be nipple cut-outs with some 8 ga. nipple rings waiting to be firmly tugged on .

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