Young Woman with Shaven Beaver Murdered and Violated with Lead Pipe

I Think She Has Her Own Shit on Her Back

Young Woman with Shaven Beaver Murdered and Violated with Lead Pipe

This happened in Brazil yet the victim wore footwear other than flip flops at the time of her brutal death. Must be the first. She’s also not a Da Silva. All kinds of weirdness in this report, but brutality of her death more than makes up for it.

24 year old Cecilia Oliveira Evangelista was found naked, murdered and violated with a lead pipe up the ass on Wednesday May 2, 2012 in a house on Rua da Graça, Tancredo Neves, near the fountain in the town of Teixeira de Freitas, state of Bahia, Brazil. The house was under construction, the owner intended to turn it into a bar and already had a pool table installed inside. The police reported that more than 30 cm of the pipe was rammed up the victim’s ass.

Suspected murderer – 24 year old Marivaldo Barbosa da Silva (there had to be one somewhere in this) aka Biriba (Tootles) was assassinated on July 4, 2012. Somebody shot him 5 times with a .38 caliber revolver.


Best Gore Member from Brazil is telling me that it was a PVC pipe, not a lead pipe the woman was violated with. Them Brazilians are going soft…

Here’s a video report on the incident (in Brazilian Portuguese):

And a gallery of a few photos:

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93 thoughts on “Young Woman with Shaven Beaver Murdered and Violated with Lead Pipe”

    1. Shaved Beaver is the best Beaver Jesus. Just wished she was a little more on the meat curtain side instead of camel toe.

      Too bad some coward jackass killed her. She was quite pretty.

  1. “the owner intended to turn it into a bar and already had a pool table installed inside.”

    Well… Nobody ever said Minnesota Fats was any good with the ladies…

  2. After this incident I expect the owner will have to turn the place into a gay bar, however, being British I can relate to this poor women, our government’s stance on immigration and recruitment policies means that we are very much used to taking it in the ass..

  3. Poor women, the final indignity is that she is covered in her own arse gravy. Thats why anal can never be a spontanious act, a whole laborious and unpleasent ‘cleaning’ process has to take place before. Thats why it’s rarely worth the effort for a women.

  4. I have to say something doesn’t quite make sense about this, her ID says she’s 24 but no way. The wrinkles around her neck and under her armpits say she is a lot older than that.

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            The biggest kick in the balls is that public transport cost even more and is extremely unreliable.

          1. @sage I agree! I hate people who don’t pay attention on the road. Pale you need to keep ridin safe brotha!
            Because of the weather and the type of stuff I do, a car is much more practical. I’ve considered buying a bike in the past.

  5. this is saddening, As political correct as it seems, she was someones daughter. I can’t imagine the pain I would go through to see my offspring violated, killed as such. loosing a loved one to the hands of some sick meatbags. Yes I am drunk.

    1. Your drunken side brings out your sentimental self. How Cute.
      I would search until the world and time’s end to find the waste of life and all his family. I would then violate them in worse vaya he ever imagined while he watched. But that’s if he ever touched my immediate family.

      1. Agreed. The Vlad the impaler method, or even Asian woman roasting on a spit method would seem about right. Karma’s a bitch like that, especially when the victims families are the captors.

        1. I just never understand the state of mind of those who does these acts of violence. They strip her, rape her, then decide to stick a pipe up her. It’s something else that I will put on my list of things I will never fully understand

          1. As a woman witnessing this sight you have to ponder what men are capable of.
            I’m trying to piece the sequence of events together from the mess he left. I’m bereft of ideas.

      2. He was just avenging his wife who was savagely poled by the victim’s hustband. Now everyone is at peace and they can get together for a beer at the bar.

      1. I don’t have a weak stomach when it comes to gore type stuff I would just rather not be eating peanut butter and looking at someone covered in poo lol

  6. This dude literally beat the crap out of her. Seriously, it looks like he rammed that thing in and out, yanked it out and beat her with it leaving shit everywhere, then went back in for some more anal action. Maybe repeated his sick cycle of fun a few times.

  7. I don’t know maybe the guy had a poopoo fetish and he went up her ass to get some but she had already took her morning shit so he got pissed, killed her, and took a shit on her back. I’m curious about who killed him though. Like maybe the girls father or boyfriend. BTW.. did you see that snow cone microphone?

    1. Yeah, seems like a crime of passion. Probably someone who knew her. Pretty embarrassing why to die either way. But, besides suicide, do we really have a choice?

        1. I dunno… Why are people so scared to do it themselves? There are so many great drugs out there. I will kill myself when they stop making Ecstasy. Sooooo niiiiice!

          1. I can’t stop staring at the girl rubbing her muffin in the advertisment to the right of all the gore. time to find some porn!

    1. This one certainly is a work of art, an art scholar would say that by positioning the body facedown, naked and with a pole up the arse the artist has tried to convey the way the working classes are stripped of their earthly possessions before being taxed to death.

    1. I was going to comment on the tan lines as well. I find tan lines really sexy, even sexier is the milky white skin that has’nt been tanned.
      Damn,now I want to go to the beach!

  8. DAMMMMMMMMNNNNN I would totalllly tap that. Im going to fap off now. Theres this girl in my university at Canberra that totally looks like her. Now whenever I see her Im going to get a boner. Nice ass tho’

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