Young Woman Stabbed to Death Multiple Times

Young Woman Stabbed to Death Multiple Times

Young woman with flabby tits was stabbed to death multiple times, had her wrist slit and her throat slit. Murderer wanted to make sure she doesn’t survive the ordeal. Unless of course he was thinking that cuts on her wrists would confuse the police who might rule her death a suicide.

There is one sticker to mark each of her stab wounds. Most of the wounds are on her chest area. He must not have liked her loose tits, which by the looks of it didn’t deliver much pleasure on touch anyway. A couple of stabs have been delivered to the abdomen area, one to her left thigh and it looks like he also pierced her upper arms. Heart was quite possibly ripped with at least one stab, but it would have been the throat slit that finished her up entirely.

Other than flabby tits, she looks like she was pretty hot. Figure is solid, there’s some bush downstairs, a bit of a booty – whole woman.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “Young Woman Stabbed to Death Multiple Times”

  1. I am sure she was torchered before she died. It looks as if the victim was subjected to a slow painful death with the wrists being cut and the throat. Who ever did this to her wanted her to feel pain and misery before dying….

  2. her tits arent loose theyre all chopped up! im pretty sure anyones boobs would look kinda floppy after someone took a knife to them. damn. like that other person said… the skin that was once holding them up is all sliced open.

  3. I agree with panocha….I think she had a slow death.
    After seeing some of the BestGore machete beheading videos just now,
    I am gobsmacked how much damage can be inflicted to a persons throat and they keep on trying to breathe.
    This throat gash is smaller than some of those, so I feel pretty sure that she would have taken a while until she expires.
    This “time frame” intrigues me because I wonder what level the pain is for the victim, who was maybe moving and screaming, then they become totally calm as if they can’t feel the pain anymore ?!?

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