Footballers on the Pitch Struck by Lightning Bolts

Footballers on the Pitch Struck by Lightning Bolts

This extraordinary incident happened during a Premier Soccer League match between Swallows and Cosmos at the George Goch Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. Six Moroka Swallows players were struck and incapacitated by lightning , requiring the rest of the match to be called off.

Petros Matsitse, Jakhomia Cibi, Phumlani Dindi, Joseph Rapelekgo, Martial Chimbomxola and Benjamin Mjeno collapsed after powerful lightning bolt lit up the pitch. Referee George Motsamai stopped the game as paramedics rushed onto the pitch and the players were taken away on stretchers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. no, those chinese guys that were walking that big steel thingy and just suddenly stopped cuz lighting hit it….like 1 or 2 started burning and 1 finally got away after getting touching it AGAIN….1 of the wildest vids I’ve seen

          1. Isn’t American football just a sissified version of Rugby? Well you stole it from us anyway, called it Football after
            another sport we inventented and then called football soccer.
            It’s all a bit sill really, but rest of the world seem to get thier heads around it.

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