The Caption This Photo Contest # 82

The Caption This Photo Contest # 82

The Caption This Photo Contest # 82

Mad props to Best Gore member, BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker, for finding this gem. Caption it if you can…

Best Caption

We’re gonna need a bigger boat. – Joe112358


Fuck dental floss!… Do you gotta shoelace? – Gnat

4 out of 5 dentists recommend chewing trident gum…..with arsenic! – Hematochezia

When you’re high on meth and craving chocolate…don’t change the litter box. – Brokeback

Honourable Mention

It’s not me! – uli

And, while you’re here, check out last time’s winner.

155 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest # 82”

  1. It looks like the living breathing Mr. Yuck Mouth.
    Put his picture instead of skulls and crossbones on poisons and there would be less takers.
    The kids wouldn’t be having any accidents with Identifying the difference between cool pirate grog and a guy who looks like he had Mr. Rot & Decay shit in his mouth.

          1. @Karmen & @Ewe Merry X-mas from across the pond brothers.
            And in case your lurking
            @wicked mama a Merry X-mas to you as well. 🙂

          2. @Ewes – i hope my attempt at yorkshire diatect was accepatable? – – being a “potter” by birth, i still (after 10 years) have trouble with where/when to use “tha”, “thee”, “thine” , ” thy” and “Theyst”!
            The only one im confident with is “Gee-or!” (my personal favorite!)

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