Videos of Riots Over Police Inaction After the Murder of Karen Campos

Videos of Riots Over Police Inaction After the Murder of Karen Campos

Although I don’t particularly think riots are the greatest solution to the societal ills, I can’t say I blame the people of Argentina for feeling outraged over the initial inaction of the police following the murder of 17 year old Karen Campos. The one person to blame for all of this is the robber himself – he encountered little resistance from Karen Campos, got what he came for and definitely did not have to shoot her. But he did. He shot that innocent young girl in cold blood and fled like a fucking coward that he is.

And so the people of Junin took to the streets and rioted. From what is known so far, a precinct was looted and set on fire, four police cars were destroyed, the town hall was broken into and set on fire and of course there were injuries to policemen, journalists and residents after rocks were thrown at them. Junín Prosecutor Roberto Rodríguez said five rioters were detained for crimes including public intimidation and robbery.

What’s more important however is that police now also have two people suspected of murdering Karen Campos in custody. One is the suspected shooter, the other his accomplice. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna have hard time in jail knowing that their crime caused international outraged and riots in the city. And rightly so – fucker could have taken the heist and farted off. But no… he had to fucking shoot the girl.

Props to Best Gore member rubialan07 for filming these videos for us here at Best Gore:


Best Gore member rubialan07 sent one more video with following infi:

Yesterday was worse, they tried to burn the police station, Molotovs flew all around once again. Special forces responded with rubber bullets – I got hit five times, one in the face, two in the back, one in my right leg, and one in my left hand. Luckily, I had a vest and a coat on, and the one that hit my leg also hit my other cell phone. The one that hit my face before that hit the wall so it wasn’t that bad (talk about luck).

Police also responded with tear gas, and other people responded with rocks… Once they ran out of bullets, police started throwing rocks at people, hitting anyone. After that they all went to the central plaza called 25 de Mayo, where they burned another police car down and then the town hall. That was really unnecessary I know. Today there is an organized march in the 25 de Mayo plaza, and the city is prepared for any uncontrollable acts. They brought down Halcon Special Forces, and 4 buses with different police units.

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28 thoughts on “Videos of Riots Over Police Inaction After the Murder of Karen Campos”

  1. I am all for riots when it is co-ordinated so that the correct targets are attacked but one only needs to look at the London riots where large numbers of the black community showed their anger by burning cars and setting fire to peoples houses and looting of course.

    The difference this time is that these people are Argentinan and therefore possess a strong sense of community to begin with and they also have a common goal, to show their dissatisfaction against their supposed protectors.

    There will always be a few that takes this opportunity to plunder because every society has bad eggs and the media will always use these people to create the propaganda that all the rioters were there to plunder.

    To conclude, we all understand that we do not live a democracy regardless of how it is presented to us, we know that voting in elections changes nothing and we know that we have very little freedom of speech and opinion so my thoughts are that power in numbers still holds strong.

    If we stand together and fight in a united front we can make ourselves heard and we can make the changes that we want so long as we are willing to destroy the bad eggs in our group before they rip us apart from within.

    The above may be a tad simple and a bit naive but it is not as naive as believing that your vote matters, that it somehow changes things.

    1. Not voting is much worst then voting for a corrupt piece of shit, you are doing them a favor and making their job easier. If you don’t vote you should at least try to educate people. Other then that, I agree with your posts, we must get rid of the bad apples or else our communities will end up like the black communities where “Snitch’s Get Stitch’s” and blacks fail to assimilate and continue to do their monkey business.

      1. Damn straight. What’s the saying? People shouldn’t fear their government. Government should fear the people.
        Our 2nd ammendment rights in the US were strictly imposed for making sure that tyrannical government never arose in America. But yet here we are with numbnuts handing over their firearms with no fuss.

  2. how many of you dirty savages are going to kill each other over the murder of one girl? i get it, closure for the victims families…well, the family knowing that the man responsible is dead or behind bars isn’t going to change the fact that their little girl is dead. that knowledge isn’t going to comfort the mother when the grip of depression closes around her throat in the middle of the night. get over yoursleves. in the great scheme of things none of you are worth shit.

    1. its not because of one girl, its because its not the first time its happened. no one does anything, this was suppose to be a peacefull march, but instead we had GAD forces shooting at us, thats where it all broke down. there were people that just wanted to brake stuff, and there were people that just want justice, okay. yesterday we had another march and it turned out well. no one hurt, but we still feel insecure, i know she?s dead and nothing of what we do will bring her back. but at least we are doing something so this wont happen again. have some respect. our justice system sucks and all of us feel insecure, we have minors robbing stores and since they are minors they just walk in and out of police stations, we want something to be done.

      1. I will respect you then, as a BG member and thank you for taking the time to post these things. However, you are in a third world country, these governments don’t take to protesting, as anyone here can testify to. You are going to get yourselves killed.

          1. Actually Obliterator, you don’t seem to be a monster. It also is apparent from the responses of the other members here at BG that you are respected and well liked. Anyway, non of those observations may be any of my business to make but there they are; accept my apology if I have offended you.

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