Whole House with Man Trapped Inside Washed Away by Flood Waters

Whole House with Man Trapped Inside Washed Away by Flood Waters

Whole House with Man Trapped Inside Washed Away by Flood Waters

That shoddy house stood no chance. The body of water that took it on was too massive.

The video is from Sichuan in China. A man was trapped in a house that was encircled by a huge stream of flood waters. The house seemed to be the only tall structure still standing – either because nobody built anything there or because other buildings had already been washed away.

You can see the man standing on the second floor balcony. Just before the house collapses, he frantically runs up and down. I don’t think this was survivable. If crumbling house did not kill him, then flood waters for sure did. People who filmed the video are strangely calm. There was nothing they could have done to save the man’s life, yet it’s still rather strange that they didn’t even make a peep of concern.

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84 thoughts on “Whole House with Man Trapped Inside Washed Away by Flood Waters”

          1. My friends dad has died from drowning twice. Words from his own mouth are “There is an initial panic but once you take that first breath of water you’re done, you pass out instantly.”

        1. Fighting your involuntary reflex to gasp for air is the worst bit. It makes you choke, gag, and swallow tons of water. People experience a calming relief as a tiny bit of oxygen is still absorbed from the water.

        2. drowning is not peaceful. i tried to kill myself once with a shit ton of iron plates on my chest in a tub full of water. your throat closes off and doesn’t let you drown. it would rather you die of a heart attack than let you suck water into your lungs. nothing at all peaceful about dying in water.

  1. This is a typical scene in my city when the sewage company finally decides to flush my waste into the system. They figure that one, or two, humans are worth the waste that I provide to keep them in business. Damn beer, and corndogs… I should be richer than this…

  2. he prob would of been better off to try to jump clear. but it did go down pretty fast.
    Note to self, if trapped in a house in a flood, and the house starts to shimmy or move at all. Jump.

  3. It wasn’t very intelligent to built a house in the middle of an intermittent river. Occasionally being stupid is painful and even deadly. Sorry Mr. Chop Suey!

  4. Yea, he’s dead. I think he could’ve tried to save his ass but the Capitan always goes down with the ship, they say. Lol. Float on buddy..

    1. You know he might have lived if he got on the roof like a smart dumbass. But he was just a regular dumbass.

      And if I was a Captain of a ship, I would be the first fuck off that bitch. No fake.

  5. He always said he wanted a house on the water. He probably didn’t mean like this, but when dealing with Mother Nature, and karma, you must always be specific. Now the carpet is probably ruined.

    1. Same thought here, the white people like to wear streching pants and masks, and do all the flying-around shit, like their superhero movies esp set in New York city.

      1. Well duh the story says he’s from another planet( or something like a high tech armor suit )and the other guy who can jump high and scale high wall says he was bitten by a radioactive spider. There is a reason why unlike jet lee movie how he fly through training kong pow perhaps.

    1. He should have bought a houseboat. But not one MADE IN CHINA.

      Fucking Chinese locking pliers, and just all their tools in general…fucking goddamn junk.

  6. That’s why we should have a boat , if only a rubber one, when we live in a flood-risk area. You never know when HAARP is gonna create another tsunami…

  7. I feel like the shifting of his weight is what finally fucked him in the ass
    That in combination with that cheapass Sheetrock lookin house
    He was legit the straw that broke the camels back
    Oh well, he’s definitely in a much better place now

  8. I’d say the two seconds of falling before you are crushed are pretty fucking surreal. Like when you have a dream and you get killed, the last second before it hits and you wake your heart skips the last few beats with the fear. Wonder if this guy woke up in another life. Or it was lights out.

  9. Actually, from what I see, that house was reasonably built, not a piece of shit. The frame is above code. The problem wasn’t the house, it was where the house was built.

  10. Dang it straight to heck. He should’ve tried to pole vault onto the sturdy building 20 feet across, maybe.
    “Wait a minute . . . we’re gonna do a little dancing . . . a little dancing thing called the Mud Shark . . . ” — from Frank Zappa’s “Mud Shark”

  11. He’s dead for sure.

    I spotted this on ABC24 here in Australia and hit instant record but within minutes on other news channels it was edited so it couldn’t be seen.

    Fucking censorship.

  12. Have you ever seen a chink provide aid to another chink, let alone someone of another race? Love how Canada is becoming suffused with these self-serving, rapacious, nihilistic, soulless fucks. And people are naive enough to think the fabric of Canadian society is not in jeopardy. That perception is beyond me, but I’m not on a steady diet of Hollywood TV, so I’m missing my daily doses of docility.

    Love how liberals think these scum will adopt the culture that’s afforded them an opulent lifestyle while their brothers and sisters back home rot. Liberals will soon get what they deserve; face down in the mess they created.

  13. Yeah, you’ve got a huge raging river going under your house and you just stand there like an idiot. Why didn’t he abandon the house a long time ago?

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