Woman Knocked Down by Roof Snow Avalanche

Woman Knocked Down by Roof Snow Avalanche

Awesomeness caught on CCTV – two young women are walking out of a building in winter and get rained on by a sudden roof snow avalanche. One of the women gets knocked down and slams her head on the pavement pretty hard. Snow avalanche only knocked her down, slam on the concrete knocked her out cold. Like being cold due to outside temperatures was not bad enough.

31 thoughts on “Woman Knocked Down by Roof Snow Avalanche

    • If you would actually watch the video you would notice that her noggin goes straight down to the concrete floor.

      I’d love to see how your face looks like after getting a nice rubbing of cold concrete to your facial tan.

    • I would randomly get pummeled by ice chunks falling off the porch cover when i lived in North Eastern Montana. It sure the hell doesn’t feel like fluffy fun playfully tickling your head.

  1. Judging by the speed of the ice she could have sustained severe head trauma, she got knocked unconscious from the hit and then there is a second hit to the head but from the head hitting the ground which also seems like a severe impact. The building could be at least 3 floors tall but i might also be wrong, if i’m right however the ice could have accelerated a lot probably even enough to cause her hemorrhage considering that the piece of ice by her legs could have been originally larger.

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