Open Post #22 – Siding with Gun Snackbarists

Gun Snackbarist Christopher Jordan Dorner

In the wake of the recent events from California whereas a cop had lost his job for standing up to the corrupt higher power and turned to violence to get justice, I would like to express than I fully understand and support Christopher Jordan Dorner in what he’s doing. I know exactly what it feels like to be in his shoes, because my name is subjected to the same type of smear campaign his has been. The only difference between me and Chris Dorner is that I have nothing to lose, because I had nothing to begin with. You can’t take away from a man that which he doesn’t have. Plus unlike Chris Dorner, I don’t give a shit about my name being shat upon because I know only the sheep will perceive me as such. I do appreciate that the sheep are the many, but I could really care less that the dumb ones, even though they’re the majority, see me the way the Zionist media portray me as.

Another difference between me and Chris Dorner is my inherent aversion to violence. As the biggest pacifist in the world, no amount of death threats or personal attacks could push me over the edge. With all that being said however, and in spite of all my previous anti gun snackbarism commentary, this is the time when I side with gun owners. Why? There really is no big thinking behind it.

Chris Dorner tried to do the right thing and system turned against him, ruining his career and personal life. That happened to me too, but I could care less. I do however understand that after exhausting all peaceful avenues to get things back on track, Chris Dorner had but one option left. If the system fucks you in the ass, turning back on it with full force is a righteous course of action. They did not want to listen to him before? Well, now he’s got their attention and not only theirs. Now the whole world is listening and they’re hearing more than the system would want us to know. Fucking rights you took to the arms, Chris!

It goes without saying that the system will have their last say in the matter, but their words will once again only resonate with the sheep. There will likely be more smear campaign against the name of Christopher Jordan Dorner in the Jewish media soon – I anticipate they will bring up drug addiction problems (whether made up or real), they’ll dig up whatever family event may have happened in the past and cherry pick them in such a manner as to portray Chris as an abusive and deranged father, they’ll take evens from his professional life and blow them out of proportions to support the agenda – and it will work like a charm with the sheep. But the ranks of us who are aware are growing every day and we know better. Christopher Jordan Dorner – whatever shit they throw upon your name, it will only stick with the dumb ones.

I also must commend Chris Dorner for picking out the evil doers to target, instead of drawing attention to his cause by killing random, innocent people. The police are the ZOG enforcers. They serve and protect the system while pretending that they serve and protect the people. I would not resort to this type of violence, but at least he’s not killing the decoys for made up diving stories.

Chris Dorner has a tough fight that can’t be won ahead of himself, but I understand that he has exhausted all peaceful avenues and as such, the only option left was for him to turn to guns. A cornered animal has nowhere to back away to and can only stay in the corner and be killed or charge with full force forward. System has failed this man. I’m glad he chose the latter. I root for Chris Dorner for he’s the man with a cause. Chris Dorner represents the struggle of everyone who’s ever been victimized by the system. So here’s a cheer from me for the guns.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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116 thoughts on “Open Post #22 – Siding with Gun Snackbarists”

    1. I agree with you @mouse, the coward got revenge on his lawyer by murdering his daughter.What kind of decent human being take his anger out on a completely innocent person. He is certainly not any kind of hero that I would look up to!!

    2. not every policeman/woman is corrupt or has a power trip mentality. The majority maybe, but there are some normal men/women who do it for the right reasons and because they have to feed their families. I have friends who work for banks yet are totally against what they stand for, but unfortunately they have mouths to feed also. You can’t live to fight another day if you’re dead!

    3. How many families has the attorney screwed over how many families have been destroyed cause of a unethical attorney. You push a guy to far and we start pushing back I work with these dipshits everyday telling me to hide evidence and don’t try to hard to find this person cause they have an under the table deal with the DA. Guilty by association Now just maybe this Attorney will step back and say to him self “Wow maybe I shouldn’t screw people over on purpose ” It’s better to be at the right hand of the devil than in his path. Or maybe the corrupted Cops will take another look at what they brought on them selves. Sorry people but Bravo Mr. Dorner keep the safety off you know they wont. They can’t take afford to let you live and your side of the story out to the public.

    4. dorner is NO HERO. he is a piece of shit. a skilled POS, he shot I guess 6 cops, out of which 2 have died. And none of the cops bullets hit him. They are saying he committed suicide as the cops fired incendiaries into the building. dorner is a 0bummer supporter and an anti gun nut. hes anti 2nd amendment.

      1. how do you know he lied? yes the zionist media tells you he lied, because the investigation said so. HA. the media also tells us Acapulco is safe. the media tells us lies everyday that we assume must be true because that is what the news does, tell the truth(or so we think).

  1. FUCK THAT he is a hero in my eyes. If anyone has taken time to read his manifest you could see that here’s a guy who chose not only to serve his country (and took it seriously) but took a job as a cop in one of the shittiest places in America ( California ). He tried to do the right thing by reporting these crooked assholes he worked with and what did they do? They fucked him in the ass with no lube or a kiss goodnight. They called him a liar and a cheat , fired and transferred him. WTF! You can only push a good man so far before they break and when that happens the sheep call it a travesty. GTFO! The sheep will continue to drag his name through the dirt because they need people to look away from the Torrance cops who damned near almost killed 2 women thinking it was Chris. They wont catch him alive we all know that but if he reads BestGore i want him to know that I got his 6. Sorry shit didn’t work out for you but those people you tried to help will never forget that there was ONE cop they ran into who was honest. You! Peace Out.

  2. What can I say… They fucked with the wrong person and all the racism and other bullshit is blowing up in their faces. He seems crazy but that is not the point. The point is that they messed with someone they thought they could mess with (like the higschool football jock who messes with the little Guatemalan girl who happens to be the daughter of an ex Kaibil.)and it backfired on them.. Forget about the culprit and gun debates, people going on such violent sprees is a society thermomether and red = violence. Anyone reading this, have a beautiful day !

  3. Ok, just like i fucking spent hours trying to find out what happened to the BG logo girl- but quickly found out that asking was like, not allowed- i have to have someone explain to me, what the hell is a snackbarist?! I googled that shit to no avail! Every time i see that, i think 7-11 and Starbucks! SOOoooo be a pal and fucking let me in on this! Thanks!! =)

        1. Thanks Dr!! I think this is the first time you’ve actually directed a reply to me. I feel honored!! I remember seeing you back in my “lurker” days! I kinda consider you as a bg God or elder so to speak. BB too. You guys always made me laugh- and still do. Thanks for that and hope you like it BB! Happy Birthday!! =)

          1. @JuicyJ, I know I’m getting up there but I don’t considermyself an ” elder ” quite yet. My only wrinkles can be straightened out within a few secondsof foreplay.

        2. Lol. I feel I’ve gained celebritystatus tonight! Piggy, you are totally on that list, as are Obliterator and 1girl1cup! Totally meant it in a metaphorical kinda way. Hell, my cougar ass could be older than Doc! Lol. Glad you liked my little tribute to one of my most fav bg members! I certainlydo aim to please!! =)

  4. We live in sick times where the elites who control our societies want to enslave us fully. We have never had freedom and therefore the idea that we are a democracy as always been an illusion.

    We are allowed the freedom to choose, but they provide the choices. We only have a few political parties to choose from, a few energy companies to go with, a few internet providers to choose from, the list goes on and on but the answers are the same, we have the illusion of freedom.

    Now, we can all see that they keep on taking our choices away one by one, free speech eroded, the right to free opinion eroded, the right to a fair wage for a fair days work eroded and now the right to bare arms eroded.

    I come from a country where guns are banned but the gang members always seem to get their hands on them and still many people die all the time from gun crime, the only difference is that the law abiding cannot get their hands on guns.

    When guns are not an option people still kill each other in a variety of ways because human beings, most animals in fact, kill each other for various reasons, its in our nature, the nature of the hunting beast.

    Therefore I do not believe the politicians and their ilk who tell us that when guns are banned that we will all embrace each other as friends and go around with Colgate smiles.

    I would be very interested to see the statistics of all the times having a gun has saved somebody’s life in relation to how many “crazies” have shot innocent people.

    Personally I don’t like guns but I dislike the idea of having to face down one without a gun of my own even less and we all know that a gun ban does not stop bad bastards getting guns, it just stops everybody else without criminal links getting one.

    Therefore, in my opinion, the politicians are up to something else with this ban because lets face it, they do not give a shit how many of us die, we are only serves after all.

    1. Truer words have not been spoken!
      I grew up in Hicksville. Guns were a common sight everywhere. Children were taught to respect them and use them properly. We didn’t have the kinds of killings where Jr got hold of Dad’s gun and blew his little friends away. People owned their guns and carried their guns and they also left all their doors unlocked at night. The only reason to lock up was to keep your neighbor from putting his entire zucchini harvest on your kitchen table. No, it wasn’t Mayberry. However, with the knowledge that most everyone in the community carried a gun, people were much more likely to respect you and your property and you respected theirs.
      I believe Empty Soul is right. There is some major political agenda behind this gun ban, and that is what is scary as Hell.

      1. the united nations does not want private gun ownership,they even have a committee looking into ways of banning them,look up Philip Alpers….a most dis-egreeable self righteous fudge-packer…..and rabid anti-gun advocate,it will happen eventually before the son of perdition is revealed,if a population is legally armed it can hold its masters to account,do you believe the political lapdogs of the IMF and zionism can allow that???….you are right to think there is a force behind disarmament,and a plan that will capitalise from this.

        1. The military system is based on fear and it doesn’t work. Mankind should focus on bigger things than buying bombs and fighter jets while nations are starving without homes or jobs. NATO, for example, is nothing but a killing and looting company working for the jews (USA+Israel).

    2. ?De-mock-racy? is, by definition, power of the poor; the common. The very idea of people having the power to be in charge of things is wrong. The system we all are living in the western world is not what ?democracy? was meant to be. Everything is wrong. A 180? turn should be taken as soon as possible.

      Who is really running things here? The lobbyists are the means and the weapon of the major banks and the great industrial corporations too big to fail.

      In my country they are going to take the largest bank notes (200? and 500?) off the circulation (because ?only criminals tend to use them?). I’ve said for a long time now that in 2020-2025 we don’t have physical money anymore, so they can track & trace our every single move. They are also planning a GPS-system to be planted in every car, so they can spy on us (although the official reason is that it’s for taxing the use of your car and the roads and highways).

      I leave you with this from

      ?European Union ? an association of European nations formed in 1993 for the purpose of achieving political and economic integration?.

      It’s going to be a bleak future.

      1. Soon as you tell me why all those teachers banging their students are Liberals?

        Soon as you tell me why all those Liberal cities (Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago etc.) all have high crime-rates, gun violence, murder, ghetto’s, Divorce, Single-Mothers etc.

        Soon as you tell me why Liberals have eroded what was once the great nation of the USA into the cesspit it has become?

        Soon as you tell me why Liberals have taken the morals, values, family unit of American Culture and Society, rolled it into a blunt and smoked it away.

        YOLO, right?

        Uneducated? Please. Your teaching institutions are all Liberal owned. Over half your female teachers are sucking student cock behind their husbands back (And if the husbands are Liberal, they probably enjoy it). Your schooling system is a propaganda mind-fuck.

        For all your ‘education’, you people have managed to utterly FUCK what was once the greatest Nation on earth, and not satisfied with that destruction, you’ve spread your repugnant ideologies into the heartland of Europe and commenced ripping those Countries to pieces.

        Fairies don’t exist. Neither does unicorns, Hogwarts or successful multiculturalism. Come back to reality.

      2. hahahaha. good one Johnny. Seriously though, uneducated and conservative politics do not go together. Conservatives think all uneducated people deserve to rot in hell. Liberals say they support the right to choose, except when it comes to a gun, or marijuana, or anything liberals dont like. Liberals want to be open to all different religions, genders, sexual orientations. Yet if you think even the tiniest different than the “normal” liberal, you will be attacked as a conservative or worse… A LIBERTARIAN!!!!! so scary.

  5. Well, i don’t own a gun. I’d do waaay too much fucking damage if i did. I’m one of those that reacts now and then thinks about it a little later, at least when I’m pissed off. With that being said, what will taking them away from people accomplish?! Not much because they’ll always be obtainable by those who really want them. I don’t care what people do, but what IS scary to me, is the thought about some major catastrophe going down and me not being able to protect my kids. Mama bear comes out when she has to, but what kinda shit do i have on some dude with a gun?! Not much unless i pull the trigger of mine, first.

    1. “Well,i don’t own a gun.I’d do waaay too much fucking damage if i did. I’m one of those who reacts now and thinks about it a little later,at least when i’m pissed off.” The words from your own mouth say you are a prime example of why guns should not be owned by some people,a gun gets into your hands and the media will have a field day….oh!! and if you do pull the trigger first,try to hit the target and not your foot,or worse still….one of your children,the pressure is on when you are looking at a gun muzzle,so get some solid training…..maybe somewhere like thunder ranch or suchlike.

      1. And i said THAT’S WHY I DON’T OWN A GUN! Not, i have one up in my closet, but i probably shouldn’t because…

        I don’t own a gun and i don’t want a gun, but in the event that I’m in a situation where i wished i had one- that’s even I’ll say, “FUCK! Why didn’t i just buy a gun in case i was ever in this situation!”

        Who the fuck am i to tell the next person they shouldn’t have a gun. Buy a gun if you want. Don’t if you don’t! When its my time, I’ll go in whatever way takes me! I’m not a “snackbarist” by any means, but I’m also not a fan of bring completely powerless and dependent on those who will eventually hold even more power over the everyday people, like myself.

  6. Freedom isn’t free -.- this is way off topic but why do white Americans tend to bitch about white power and tell other immigrants to fuck off to their own country if the whites themselves have ancestors of different countries from Europe ..? someone enlighten me o.o

  7. The system can’t afford to take him alive so they will kill him if he doesn’t kill himself. There’s got to be some truth to his allegations. It’s scary when the police get too much power. They messed with the wrong guy in Waco and lost a lot of agents. The government responded by killing everyone inside, including women and children.

  8. Well this story hits a little close for me. My cousin is a prison gaurd here in Los Angeles and her boss Cpt. Quan, is the father of the girl that guy shot. And her husband, Quans son-in-law. So it’s a little morbid over here. And they’re all fearful of going outside. But according to Mark the daughter and son-in-law are not innocent. I’m curious Mark why you belive they deserved to die?

  9. (* First of all I had to kill the Flash process while I was reading Mark’s post because she kept on distracting me by taking her clothes off *)

    Yet another case of a Lilliputian against the big, bad system.

    I do not think this has something to do with firearms control. The common man has the guns already. This is a manifestation that we are being slowly bound on hands and feet by our dear “elected”. We can’t fight it – even with weapons in hand.

    It’s more sophisticated. They are using the system like a cancer illness from within. Like the way they use the media to justify the killing of Mr. Dorner beforehand.

    Mr. Dorner is targeting the source of his problem. This is what Breivik should have done. In his case blowing up a couple of ghettos instead.

  10. I am use to having things thrown out of proportion and had shit made up …

    I got suspended from school one year for 1 day and a half because of legal reasons on the school for ‘possessing a weapon on school grounds’ and it took a year for the local news paper to really do a full story on it, as i read the report in the paper the only thing that was right in the whole story was that there was 7 of us who got suspended and that the ‘weapon’ was a machete…

  11. The only difference between Chris and the average white collar American is balls! I wish it were a case of angry unemployed meth addict vs LAPD. As much as I hate violence LOL clearly this is someone standing in defiance of tyranny.

    Let’s go out, buy a car, some fancy jewelry and clothes or the terrorists win. Who gives a fuck about the media or the government. The good guys always win, the police are on your side, you have rights and everything is going to be just fine! The official national bullshit story called the American dream since you have to be asleep to believe it!

  12. I don’t think banning guns will do anything to stop the violence. There has to be a reason why there is such a huge spike in violence in NA lately. Methinks the culprit is the food we’ve been eating, the food that’s injected with antibiotics and steroids and god knows what else to make it grow bigger and faster so that the corporations can fill their pockets. Also all of the pills that the slimy psychiatrists (that word was a real bitch to spell) prescribe for every little problem.

    That’s the reason why people are unable to deal with their problems anymore, and at the slightest annoyance they pick up a gun or a knife and solve their problem the wrong way instead of using the rational way.

    All these chemicals the corporations are putting into our bodies have to be altering our brain chemistry in some way, and not in a good way.

    1. I agree with you , fv ARE becoming more agressive and respectless. Food may well be a reason for this and also the increase of radiation caused by the use of computers, satellites, cellphones and microwaves. Studies about this are shoved under the table, but it seems that this electrosmog is really bad for us.

    2. It’s actually rather simple – US Culture/Society has collapsed. The foundation of their Country is cracked and crumbling (Family Units).

      It’s a Country devoid of morals, values, direction.

      The things it extols now are basically; “If it feels good, do it. You only live once” and “Everything is expendable. Even people”.

      It’s a Country sacrificed to Liberalism and Corporatism.

      Mothers are no longer Mothers. Fathers are no longer Fathers.

      Mothers are more concerned about how they look, or how many men they can attract.

      Fathers are barely in the picture. Already replaced, or functionally disconnected.

      Marriage? A word. Means nothing. Or rather, implies something: Prison; Restriction; Rigidity.

      Disciplining your children is a no-no.

      It has no virtues to speak of. Freedom? It’s own people don’t really have that. They have the illusion of freedom. You can say what you want. As long as it’s agreeable. You can be who you want. As long as it’s agreeable.

      The people who grow up and are raised under it’s guise are morally bankrupt, devoid of direction.. Wandering aimlessly through life like Robots. Like what they are ‘suggested’ to like. Vote for who they are ‘suggested’ to vote for. Listen to what they are ‘suggested’ to listen to.

      But that’s not the scary part – America dying is self-inflicted. The scary part is.. it’s not just America. It’s Canada. It’s Sweden. It’s England. It’s Norway. All at different starting points – all on the same path.

      America is leading right now – But Her Majesty’s England grows ever closer.

  13. A frequent visitor to BG, this issue hit too close to home to not throw my two cents in. According to his manifesto, we at once shared the same zip code, so this hits close to home indeed. Obviously he is not right in mind but never mind that, people go beast mode all the time. Us Hollywood sheep are not immune. The real issue, is that someone finally is taking a hard line stance against a law enforcement agency so corrupt they can run a workshop course for Mexican law enforcement to be dirty cops with a pension, a fishing boat and never bendng over to half assed cartel lowlies.

    Anyone in this city knows when you get fucked with by the LAPD aka the Blue Ghouls it’s a 50/50 chance you may end up stripped of your basic civil rights or worse a baton to the temple for a chuckle.

    They are spraying at civilians here with automatic rifles because they are scared. How does it feel ghouls? To be targeted because of the uniform you wear?

    For kicks, check out Cypress High School in the L.A area. Wikipedia has a ‘Notable Alumni’ section. Check the last entry. It’s hilarious.


  14. I get your point on siding with him, however, leave the family members out of it. Its not like they had the choice in the matter to start. And having a vendetta against a kid calling him a nigger in the 1st grade, dude, it was first grade

  15. You support this asshole? Assuming you know his first victims were the daughter of a cop and her fianc? I’d have to ask how many degrees of seperation you thinks acceptable. Cousins, neighbors old friends? The guy was fired from a job. thats it! fired frim a job. Oh but its such a romantic story , if you’re insane. Watch out!!! The jewwws are gonna get ya.

    1. Yes I do. When someone backs you into a corner, it is natural to fight back. The only thing I cannot figure out is why Dorner thinks the American govt is not as corrupt as the LAPD. I would bet anything that the govt is far more corrupt than the LAPD. Also I think Dorner underestimated the corrupt nature of the media. The media claims this man went on a racist rant. He clearly says black officers who are racist towards white officers are just as high a priority as the white officers who are racist.

  16. It’s quite fascinating to see people on BG debating over the morality or insanity of Dorner’s actions. We’re all here for the same reason to see some ass kicking & bloodshed! The system is fucked and it’s a dog eat dog world, however you look at it! So there’s a reason golf never makes the front page of any newspaper. This isn’t a show where you get to watch a group of flies fuck! This is reality! This is best gore! Get with the program or get lost!

  17. Mujica usually says: “Como te digo una cosa, te digo la otra” (“as I tell you something, I tell you the opposite”).
    Then, if you change your mind, there is no problem with that.
    BTW, I am not mujiquist.

  18. This is coming from a person that has had nine police officers through our family history. A lot of our families police officers which are now older can’t stand the way things are being ran. My uncle says most officers get ego’s and tend to let let it run rampant. What scares me the most about police officers hince the post prior on the officer in canada that was bullying people to arrest them and beat them. My uncle said this. Remember it’s not what you did it’s what i make up. No matter what i say the judge will always side with me regardless of the situation. so next time you get stopped it’s not what you did it’s what you make up. I had a police officer stop me in 2006 and he stated i turned on a red light. I said how can you justify that being on the opp side of the road? he had no answere. The right turn lane is no turn without green well when traffic tiurns left on and arrow i get a green light. Proved it in court judge said I don’t see it. fine blah blah. My family of officers are mostly older 40’s and above and they are sicken by the new wave of officers. I hope this guy gets away with it. shame them women in ca* got shot by the police before they even tried to justify if it was for the fact that officer.

  19. I agree with mark on this one…once one has been royally buttfecked by the powers that be you see the true light in this pitiful world…you see those barstard hypocrites for who they trully are – backstabbing scum…perhaps he shouldnt have resorted to what he has done but i fully understand his feeling of injustice and revenge…it seems more and more i really hate the human race (ok end of rant and back to my hole – thanks for your time 🙂 )

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