Guest Post by Zuluga – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD Is Like Anal Prolapse

Best Gore member zuluga shared his experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with me and I thought I’d offer it for discussion and add my two cents to it. This is zuluga’s experience:

I’m in the American army (yes I know we’re all douches and what not in most opinions) and being a medic I see countless people try to claim PTSD. What gets me is that most of the people trying to claim PTSD have no actual path to war. I’m talking mechanics, cooks, admin, and people who had seen no action other than hearing loud booms.

Our last deployment was pretty tame. in the whole year our platoon got hit with two IEDs and I was the only person who had seen people fucked up. This guy in our platoon has been diagnosed with PTSD when he had not even been on the trucks that got hit (nothing happened either way) and like I said, I saw three people fucked up (two from a rocket attack and one in a car accident) yet I’m fucking fine.

What is your opinion? Is he OK to be crazy after seeing nothing but hearing explosions or am I right when calling him a bitch? It seems like the people who have been in firefights and such are just fine but every other person is a bitch.

If you’ve been on Best Gore for a while, you’ll know that I hold psychologists to a very, very low standard. Deservedly so. Psychologists are people who have not a damn clue about human psyche so they justify their paychecks by inventing fancy names for common human traits. A good example of what I’m talking about would be Attention Deficit Disorder.

Attention Deficit Disorder is a fancy name for common human trait known as laziness. Laziness goes hand in hand with other common human traits which include general uselessness of a spoiled, sheltered individual who would spend whole days chatting with surrogates on Facebook – usually complaining about how much their life sucks, instead of trying to make any form of use of their time which would ultimately change their life from sucking into being fulfilled.

People who adopt the Attention Deficit Disorder excuse are worthless fucks who have not known real hardship in life. They know that even if they really should do something, they’d rather get back to chatting with surrogates on Facebook because they know they will still have the roof over their heads and food to eat tomorrow. They are sheltered, spoiled losers who know that wasting their days away will not render them unable to survive.

The invention of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is just as ludicrous and proves just as strongly how clueless the psychologists are. Imagine the following scenario:

Let’s say there is a ruthless serial killer – for the purpose of this exercise, let’s say his name is Ted Bundy. Ted is a child of a single mother. He spends his days looking for his next victim, but because he hides behind a mask of a sharp dressed, smiley person, everybody thinks he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Unsuspected, when he spots a suitable girl, he easily lures her away and puts her through endless rape and torture before delivering the final blow. The fear in her eyes, the screams of torment, the warm blood – he just can’t get enough of it. So as soon as he’s done with her, he goes out to look for his next victim.

But then, after dozens of victims have been abducted, tortured, raped and murdered, Ted Bundy is apprehended and locked up in prison. He goes from manhandling any girl he wants to being completely deprived of his lust. So what’s a poor guy to do? Easy – complain that he’s depressed as a result of past experiences and request help from a psychologist, psychiatrist or any other “expert” with no clue about human psyche.

Absurd? Of course it is. As absurd as the invention of PTSD itself. Yet this is to the dot precisely what is happening all around us. Mass murderers and rapists whine that they are depressed as a result of what they went through in the past and divinely dumb psychologists, in a bid to justify their paychecks, diagnose them with PTSD. Must be hard to not be able to mutilate people without repercussions…

Soldiers who get “diagnosed” with PTSD are like Ted Bundy, although unlike Ted Bundy, they are paedophiles and faggots so their primary targets are underaged boys. They are henchmen employed by the ZOG to do their dirty work and dirty is not only what they do, but also who they are. They are assassins – sicarios trained and financed by El Cartel del ZOG.

They kill whomever the cartel bosses tell them to kill and for that not only do they receive extraordinary pay, but also protection from prosecution and praise from the sheep whom cartel bosses brainwash into praising the sicarios with the “Thank you for your service” bleat.

Nigh untouchable, the ZOG sicarios are free to rape, murder and pillage but one day their tour comes to an end and they are sent back home. Cn you imagine what must be going through their minds? I imagine it something like this:

WTF, are you kidding me? Are you serious that I can no longer rape, murder and pillage at will and get away with it? You have got to be joking. This fucking place sucks. I’m depressed and demand help.

And that’s where a psychologist steps in and diagnoses the assassin deprived of his lust with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Must be hard to not be able to shove a dick up a fear struck 5 year old boy without a threat of retaliation.

In summary – I’m absolutely disgusted by the fact that it’s the henchmen who are considered to have suffered traumatic experiences and not their victims. Henchmen – the bringers of fear and suffering who become depressed when the “joy of raping, killing and murdering” is taken away from them are pampered by the dumbass psychologists who don’t have the mental capacity to understand what this “depression” really stems from. Fuck this world!

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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104 thoughts on “Guest Post by Zuluga – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”

  1. my dad was an avid hunter, got drafted and sent to Nam, came back and picked up where he left off, perfectly normal til the day he died
    my grandfather was a hardworking mild mannerd man, he got sent to fight in Korea, he came back the same as when he left
    nowadays it seems that everyone needs a crutch “oh i have this or i have that” to use to their advantage, making people with actual mental disorders to be overlooked
    i have an actual anxiety disorder that is a physical chemical imbalance and if i’m off me medication too long my own body turns against me i’ll be fine for weeks or even months and then one day it will just hit me: uncontrollable shaking extreme claustrophobia and wave after wave of panic aand i’ll stay like that shaking and freaking out until i get my medication.
    i also have borderline personality disorder which is basically juast a fancy way of saying that i don’t know how to act properly in social situations…i aslo have dramatic mood swings which of course makes me “bipolar” personally i think heavy alcohol and crack/cocaine use damaged my nervous system but what do i know?
    so since they can’t fix something like that or even look into it apparently, i am on reliant on paxil and mood stabalizers maybe for the rest of my fucking life

    1. But you take responsibility for your actions even with chemical imbalance and neurological problems. Crybabies make up a disease so they can get pity, and they get rewarded for it.
      People like us are often blamed for the problems we have no control over, we are grouped together with the phonies because people judge on surface impressions, not more knowledge about you.

    2. Welcome to the club. Paxil, venlafaxine, this that the other, eventually ambien, try to quit smoking it’s celexa, and that’ll fuck you up for anything worse than the other ones did, we’re on the same path, buddy, brains that work so fast and so fucking sharp, that they need to be shut down and dampened. It sucks.

  2. i’m just so sick of these fucking crybabies everywhere. on the tv everywhere all these pussies want something for nothing and no one can ever accept responsibiliteis for their own fucking actions waaah! waaah!! go fucking kill yourselves
    i work my ass off, i quit drugs alcohol and ciagaretts all by my fucking self, i pay my bills on time, i don’t want children therefor i dont have any…what the fuck is so hard about being responsible? fucking idiots

  3. There is only one word people *fear* fear it’s contagious why lets talk religion everyone has been brainwashed by the bible saying if you are a good boy you will go to heaven but if you are a bad boy you will go to hell you automatically get scared sayin * I don’t want to go to hell* from a very young age parents scare their kids I have never been to war I’m 18 I might join the army people are afraid of death they think *jesus* is going to protect them if they worship him but its a bunch of bullshit *we all die* that’s what we all have in common

    1. if there is no afterlife of rebirth or anything, theb what is the point of their being good or evil? it would be pointlesss to even live…there’s no difference then between someonne who devotes their entire life to helping children and someone who devotes their entire life to killing children because they both are nothing at the end…nothing would matter

      1. @Obliterator there is a big problem in society were people often point theirs stupid fingers at others and call you the bad guy that has happend to me before with a bunch of beaner ladies I would often dress in black *not a goth* rock shirts and black converse and had long hair these stupid beaner ladies thought I was a devil worshiper they would point at me and say countless bullcrap *they were afraid* so what I did was have a little fun with it and scare the shit out of them ^-^ it’s amazing what ignorance does to the world especially to the uneducated type but yeah fear it fucks you up

          1. @Obliterator yeah it does but if I spelt it wrong sorry I have a iPod this shit often corrects me DX and the only reason why I have one is because unlike others I have a beaner family that doesn’t understand the word *privacy*

      2. @Obliterator, totally agree with you about the afterlife! Previous generations, in my opinion, were raised with a different set of values than people today. Now, its all about “me” and my “self esteem”. The everybody gets a trophy, beacause everybodys a winner! attitude. That didn’t happen “back in the days”, if you didn’t make the cut, well, you just tried harder next time and you got a sense of satisfaction knowing you got it because you earned it and you deserved it. Now, everyone thinks they just deserve it, or are entitled to it. As far as medical issues go, we’ve put alot of chemicals and toxins into our enviroment (and as you mentioned our bodies)…so who knows what causes things to happen. We just have to do the best we can to cope with it! And by the way, thanks for being so open and honest, I respect that!

    2. When its your time to die there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. There are exit points, as in near death, but if its truly your time to go it doesn’t matter how good the doctor is or where you are. Its your time, you don’t get a choice.

  4. first and foremost, the human mind is a blank slate at birth, external factors decide direction, internal variation based upon self learned governance can increase self actualisation.

    A person that chooses soldiery may or may not understand the ramifications of their actions, maybe their father was a army man and pressure forced them into the service or maybe they were poor and did not have any other choice.

    The end result is that those who were prepared and understood war survived without hardship while those who did not understand or those who did not wish for such a life face mental anguish.

    I hate psychology just as much as the next person however I also understand that suffering is a individual and subjective notion and experience and cannot be summed up as either ?a pussy? or a ?warrior?.

    I also understand that some people pretend to experience these hardships to have a easier life therefore I choose not to make an assumption based upon a set criteria, I base my judgement on a persons background, actions and justification of self action.

    I also add that I am very drunk and could be wrong..

        1. CorpusDelecti, you are right, regretfully my thought patterns are more represented by the first statement.

          When I am sober I tend to tone myself down so that I do not come across as a first class arsehole however, when I am drunk the bars of my self imposed prison tend to loosen and I find myself talking in manner for which I later regret.

          Booze is both my best friend and worst enemy.

  5. Here in Brazil, it you’re underage, you can do anything you want, you can torture, kill an rape 1000 people, and the maximum sentence you will get is 3 years in a “resocialization center”. This happens because brazilian “expert” psychiatrists concluded that you have no clue of what you’re doing when you are under the age of 18, so teenagers can’t be held responsible for their acts. As a result, many young serial killers, who should be behind bars the rest of their life, spend 3 years in a juvenile center and return to their raping-killing routine.

    1. wow! since you are from Brazil wanted to ask if you know what happened to that hot bitch Menina Arroto? she hasn’t uploaded anything in a year now i bet she turned 17 already if not 18 i don’t know her birthday i miss her i was one of her first subscribers before she went viral in rwj i wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t alive anymore or just pregnant ~

    1. well being a medic i deal with all the claims first hand and most of the stories i hear are pretty damn generic in nature. such as oh I can’t sleep and I’m afraid of loud noises. NOw I’m not saying it doesn’t exist but there is such a stigma and such regarding us now because of the way people act.hell some guy just shot up some Sikh temple and they were quick to blame it on his deployments and what not. people who use it as a crutch destroy the view of us all(granted we don’t hold any respect on this site and that’s ok).

      1. First of all, thank you for your service and dedication. I have a special place in my heart for medics in particular.

        I can see where some military personnel didn’t realize what they were getting in to, or war was somehow glorified in there life but the reality was too much for them. But PTSD is an insidious disease, it takes much more than the fear of bombing, loud noises, and other war affects to cause PTSD. They want an excuse to get out of their commitment, which is bullshit. It makes it really bad for those who are really suffering, who really have PTSD. 99% of the PTSD claims are complete bullshit, sort of like Klinger in MASH, always looking for an easy way out.

  6. Supposedly I’m schizotypal. I don;t believe them, they are forced to tell me that, the drugs are used to clear my mind because I know too much. They won’t clear my mind, not as longest I have a bottle of fresh soil under my bed.

  7. I am so goddamn tired of that fucking “Thank you for your service” shit. You did me no service when you dropped a bomb and blew off the arms and legs of that 11 year old boy in Iraq. I wasn’t threatened by that kid, or any of the other thousands that you killed or maimed in the service of the Bush or Obama that you voted for thinking this asshole is your savior. I am so deeply, seriously tired of this shit. Once the US was the light of the world. What became of this country?

    1. I know right?! We should just drop a fucking nuke and kill them outright and he wouldn’t be alive to continue living in misery without arms!

      You know we bombed German in WWII too right? History says absolutely nothing about the German civilians who were terrorized and killed by the Allied powers.

      I’d call you a liberal if you didn’t take a shot at Obama in your comment.
      Are you a sheep in disguise?

      In any case, are you sending money to that kid in Iraq with blown up arms? Will you know when he dies or how he’s doing next week even? I doubt it, so go fuck yourself you pussy.

    2. If you are so tired of it then get off your lazy ass, Atle, and enlist. Of course you won’t because you are a coward that takes our military for granted. As for Bush vs Obama, you clearly have a very short memory. The wars started in the Bush administration, especially the war in Iraq. If you are going to bitch about it then at least get your facts straight. If you don’t like the population for giving gratitude for a military service people, then go where you don’t have to hear it instead of bitching at us for your cowardice. There are real threats, and there continues to be real threats, all of which our military keeps us safe from. If you don’t like it then move to a country that could care less about your well being.

  8. Ok, I have to post her because, I serve in U.S. Army mysef. Im guessing atle as never served from looking at his retarded post. I believe from my experience that zulag is right and wrong. It is true alot of people are trying to make claims to veterans affairs for a big check after serving and ptsd is not really something Docs can’t prove. But I have seen people with ptsd, and they are fucked up pretty bad but its the people who never talk about it who are truly affected and the ones who blow their brains out. My grandfather served in korea and seen hard combat which left him shot aswell, he never really talked about it but I remember him having some bad nightmares. I think just being that scared for that long to that extreme does damage to your mind. But I think some people have problems anyway and just can not handle that kind of stress to start with. P.S. ADD is not laziness its just another word for being a fuckin moron lol

    1. Never “served”? Served who? Served what? What exactly do you think you’re doing?

      I’m dead serious. Please tell us.

      Know this for sure: you do NOTHING for the people of America. You’re only a piece of shit that Obama sacrifices to make him feel like a tough guy. It boggles my mind that people like you seem to think you’re doing something. How stupid do you have to be to buy this shit?

      1. Alte, you are a fucking liberal troll. Please go fucking kill yourself.

        Your posts are truly retarded. I would gladly kill you myself just for saying such horrid things to a soldier.

        I don’t care whether I agree or disagree with what a soldier does while following orders, but they are FOLLOWING ORDERS.

        You should be shot in the back of the head, Abe Lincoln style. Never see it coming you fucking piece of shit.

      2. So, you think Obama is responsible for the wars? Really? They were started by the Bush administration so his Blackwater cronies could make some money. Obama had nothing to do with it. Clearly you have a short memory and lack the basic facts of the situation.
        Soldiers protect us from invaders. Its what they do. They put their lives on the line so fucktards like you can spout off ignorant shit because of freedom of speech. Freedom isn’t free. Don’t believe me? Get off your lazy ass and go visit a Veteran’s hospital. Of course you won’t do it because you lack the integrity to look further than the tea bagging lies.

        I, for one, wouldn’t want to live under Hitler’s domination. They had u boats off both the American shores, Pacific and Atlantic. If we hadn’t entered that war we would not be here to bitch about politics.

        Do you sleep well at night, not afraid of some soldier crashing your home and shooting you? Thank a veteran. Do you enjoy being taught in a decent public school, thank a veteran or a soldier.

        Personally I don’t believe our soldiers are stupid. Some are idiots but most do a dirty, ugly job while putting their life on the line for sorry fucks like you. Do you want to live with al Qaida as your government? I don’t.

        So it boggles my mind how shallow your conclusions are. Very sad indeed.

        1. You have some serious growing up to do seeing how you idolize Obama and don’t see past the two face that he is. There is no difference between Bush and Obama. They are both sponsored by the same corporations and both serve the same interest. The only difference is that Obama is more insane about killing the innocents.

    2. First, thank you Jeeba for serving for our country. You were/are willing to lay your life on the line for our safety. This is very brave. Punks like Atle are too stupid to see the real world.
      The WWII vets, Korean vets, and Vietnam vets as groups all had PTSD, it wasn’t called that at the time. They didn’t run around sniveling about what happened even though plenty of them have the right to after what they went through.
      I do disagree with your take on ADD, as I am afflicted with it, so is my daughter. My son lucked out. Laziness and stupidity has nothing to do with ADD. Shitty teachers who are supposed to spot these problems just blame it on the kid because they don’t want to do their jobs, they just want to shuffle the kids on to another grade so they don’t have to deal with it. ADD does have appropriate testing but the dipshit teachers need to get off their asses to make a recommendation. Read my post further down and you’ll see what ADD is really like. My daughter is a university graduate, and I have some university education. You don’t make it that far if you’re lazy and stupid.

  9. Do you have ADD? How can you condemn a whole bunch of people who have a serious handicap, something you and armyboy will never be able to grasp. Some people like you and armyboy have brains that are underdeveloped and lack the ability to understand deeper and more complex things. Other people have minds that are out of balance, some parts grow too quick while other parts are confined to an army issue helmet to protect the bits they still value. I have have been diagnosed with ADD whateverthefuck when I was still young. I knew that there was something up with me, something inexplicable. I have been labelled naughty, lazy, attention seeking and all shades of condemnation until some overpaid shrink lady came to the conclusion that I have attention deficit order. Not AHDH, ADD. And then there’s even subcategory’s to that of which I will get to later. Point is, I didn’t understand why the other pupils in my class could listen to a whiny teachers drone for more than an hour and fully comprehend what dead boring shit is being fed to them when I was trying to figure out what the teacher meant by his first sentence, got distracted by an ambulance passing in the street, remembered something that I’ve forgotten earlier, got irritated by an offensive smell before I realised i have no idea whats going on so I drew pictures in my textbook and carried on with carrying on. For me ADD is not an excuse and something I never blame my actions on, but it does offer me an explanation, as contradictive as it may sound. I am aware of some kind of imbalance in cognition, chemical or physical, I’ve done adequate research and I’m trying to adapt to the situation. I’m dealing with it unmedicated (except for the occasional spliff or as some of BG’ers say woobie, which seems to help) and I don’t intend to use any form of presciption medication or ever see another so-called psychiatrist or psychologist again. fuck’em. I also have to pay attention to my lifestyle.. What I eat.. enough exercise, less sugar, less processed foods, more raw foods fruits seeds nuts. Fish products containing omega3, all kinds of thing that helps. The one thing about ADD is the powerful decision to withstand giving a fuck, because I believe giving to much of a shit is making snackbarists out of the ordinary fellow human being. When I see a black bastard cowardly KO’ing a white bitchy bitch, i dont mad at his black ass, I get mad at the fact that hundreds of generations of brave men and women fought diseases, famine, wild animals, drought, wars and whatnot so that we can get get to this point where share genetics with this kind of specie. We are all human, theres no split. I am not white, I am not black or mexican coloured, or yellow, I’m a off-peach kind of pinkish with varying shades of red, covered with short straight fine hairs, I’m handsome and theres no-one like me, but I share the same gene pool as you idiots. And seeing as I truly don’t give a flying fuck, I will conclude this reply to nothing. Whats the point of having a point?

  10. my grandpa was in ww2. so were all 3 of his brothers. They all came back (which is unbelieveable given the dynamics of it) the 4 of them NEVER had ptsd. they picked up their lives where they had left off. Ive asked him (hes 92 and still sharp as a whip) if coming back home and seeing what he saw if he ever had anything like ptsd. (after explaining to him what ptsd was) he told me, well, of course it was terrible, but afterwards you man up. you focus on what you have here. you cant go back and change it. and then he started on old man slurs about people nowadays being babies. (he used other words). and then i thought wow i wish i lived back then.

    1. Oh please, ADD is hardly a SERIOUS handicap. Being born with no limbs is a serious handicap, Helen Keller would be someone with a serious handicap. A person with ADD is just someone who’s stupid and hates school. We can’t all be brilliant and studious, but in the vast majority of cases ADD shouldn’t even be classed as a disability and even in the few cases where it should, I would not classify it as a serious handicap. People need to get over themselves and either be thankful for what they were born with or just end their suffering using self help.

      1. That’s bullshit. I have ADD, its hereditary. I am by no means lazy, especially when it comes to academic matters. I was treated like I was stupid only to find my IQ to be somewhere between 140 and 150, well above average. I certainly didn’t choose to have that kind of learning disability along with dyslexia. Considering I have a university level education points up that when diagnosed properly instead of being abused by lazy teachers, people with ADD can be effectively treated. It isn’t some bogus claim by plenty of us.

  11. Big pharma is a multibillion dollar business. They want people to buy their pills. They just need you to get started on something and it will domino from there. They rely on doctors to prescribe their pills to people with physical problems but what about those who don’t have physical issues? That’s why Psychologists exist. They will already find something wrong with you and “recommend” certain pill, depending on which one comes with the most attractive kick backs.

  12. Keep up the posts I enjoyed and thought about everyone’s comments and lmao too! This site is hilarious The human spirit is awesome! Thx for sharing!
    And my 2 cents on PTSD is that I had it before I was 5 yo growing up in a severely dysfunctional family! I’m sure some individuals have this childhood PTSD compounded by WAR. And then there are others who just think they need to have it!

  13. nice work zuluga it dose sicken me to see ppl saying they have PTSD i recently was diagnosed or what ever with it after talking to many people after my time spent in russian slavery as a child i always thought it never had effected me that much that i was able to get past it that death pain and suffering was just some thing in life that i had to get over that it happens i am older now i have a family and after so long i finely told my husband of my past he was shocked and very worried for me for i have been waking up at nights out of dreams screaming and crying of the life i once had as a child things like that you dont get past even though you want to PTSD is nothing to joke about or take lightly the things people see on here i got to see first hand and was forced to do some i have even been starved in to eating others as a child and i can say that im fine and ok and that it is my past but no it still is over my head even more so now that i have a family to think about i worry every day of my life in fear and i pray that i will never have to go back to that life again waking up praying for death because its the only thing that can free you

    1. oh yeah and my husband told me to add that for the longest time i was braking out in rashes on my body like little bumps and red spots it was from the PTSD as my dr had told me its crazy what it can do to you and sucks ><

    2. Even when you know you are safe it still comes to the surface. I’m glad you are in a much better place with a man that loves you and children that will never endure what you have gone through. I suspect it came to the surface because you are safe. Its when you can finally examine the damage in an environment that isn’t threatening.

  14. also a caveat on this is man people just get meds thrown at them. you say you have trouble sleeping sometimes you get ambien. you get scared cause booms? effexor. hell they give out service dogs for ptsd(which don’t make sense to me. if i have a dog to mkae me feel better imma play with it. it’s gonna be a bomb ass dog not some dog that jus sits there). Being in the medical field I just get dumbfounded by what is put into these guys because they are soft. could we have died? sure we got hit with rockets quite a bit. yet there were people in our platoon who deployed 3,4, hell a staff sergeant was on his sixth and he’s talk bout other stuff on deployments yet here is this fucking guy who can’t handle a chill ass deployment where we didnt lose a single guy in our squadron cry like a baby that he’s always on guard? not buying it

      1. Having kids can be a trigger, as you point out it wasn’t a recent event that set it off. It was the stress of children is when it reared its ugly head. Notice there was an interval of time between the events that led to your PTSD, not some single event then suddenly you had symptoms.

  15. I earned my PhD in psych and do not work in the field even though I went through with all that so-called education. Why? Because going to school for as long as possible postpones your entry into something called the real world and is a whole lot easier (which is why I don’t necessarily respect people who get 3 degrees because all they’re doing is postponing the inevitable – work!), but I digress. To answer the question the gentleman posed in the beginning, I would have to know the benefits that someone gains after being diagnosed with PTSD. My father was drafted into Vietnam and was sent home due to (from what I heard) a mental breakdown, and he’s definitely the sanest person I’ve met and collects a small benefit from the government for his injury, yet has not been diagnosed with PTSD. He still doesn’t beileve the governmet owes him anything though and he never tells people he even served in Vietnam. But since our government forced him to go there and fight in combat or face jail time versus today where such ultimatums are a thing of the past, I believe he shouldn’t feel the slightest bit guilty about collecting what he does from the US Govt. If they hadn’t sent him, they wouldn’t have to deal with giving him money or ensuring he has medical care through the VA until his death. People of his generation, though, grew up with the notion that handicaps were bad though, not good. Unlike today, where being disabled is synonymous with no work, free money = party on the government dime!; back then, not the case so much. You felt a certain sense of shame and inferiority if the nice people in the US government had to burden themselves with supporting you. My generation is not quite so brainwashed. But the point that I’m making is, if someone actually chooses to enter into the military, then unless they directly served in combat I don’t think they have a right to be get money from the government for having PTSD. And even then, the requirements for PTSD should be more stringent if you knowingly sign up for combat. Seeing a hand fall into your lap or hearing a town get bombed off the map won’t cut it. Seeing YOUR hand fall into your lap along with someone else’s head and being in a town that was bombed off the map where you were able to escape just in time might be more accurate. In either case, I don’t even believe that 99% of PTSD cases are legit. PTSD isn’t laziness, it’s more like “I had to see icky stuff that made me unhappy and I deserve money for that.” Well, no you don’t actually! Had you been drafted, then maybe we can talk, but not even then. You either join the military to help your country – and by helping, we don’t mean taking without giving back an equal and opposite contribution. People by nature will always take the easiest route, physically or mentally, though. So if you make being responsible for your own choices that easiest route and relying on the government to hold your hand the less desirable one (as in my dad’s generation) maybe people will actually do that…. Neh, they still won’t. đŸ™‚

    1. what one gains from diagnosed with ptsd is quite a few. such as he may not be abke to work late hours anymore. he may get to get a service job. mandated breaks. this one guy i know had to get off work everyday at 3. Some may nothave to exercise anymore. Others may get out of the army. Then you get into disabilities.

  16. Yes, I agree that ADD or ADHD or whatever the newest designer name is for this these days has spiraled out of control so that now parents will use the money they get from their kid’s disability for their own purposes. Probably in the vast majority of cases, the child is just not that bright and not motivated to perform well in school because of this. After all, if most people are smarter than you and perform better in school, of course you’re going to lose interest! Why should you be interested in something that you suck at? Bottom line though: Start rewarding people for being exceptional, and stop rewarding them for being defective and you’ll see, perhaps, more people suddenly paying attention in school or parents finding other ways to support themselves other than popping out the most genetically inferior children they can possibly dream of. Because they’re not the ones that are going to lead this nation back to greatness so why are we treating them better than those who are?

  17. I just wanted to correct some logical fallacies and some general misconceptions on this topic, from an Army Infantry Paratrooper and an educated person’s point of view.

    Obliterator wrote “i?m just so sick of these fucking crybabies everywhere…” and goes on to suggest that PTSD is some how more frequent in today’s generation, and other random junk.

    Another person on here used the fact that his father and grandfather came back from war without PTSD, there for people today are “pussies”.

    Well lets start with that. The fact that we actually take the diagnosis seriously in this day has nothing to do with actual percentage of total real PTSD sufferers, past and present. WW1 and WW2 had absolutely huge amounts of PTSD cases, except back then we called it “Shell shocked, desertion, weak-hearted, cowardice, etc etc”. Basically, a high ranking NCO or Officer, with zero medical training (in some cases zero college education at all) would dismiss the person’s psychological problems as weakness. In the first World War we even shot some of these individuals for basically being ill.

    Are all cases of PTSD real and true? Of course not. Humans feign illness all the time in an attempt to get out of work, class, deployments, family events, whatever. Does the fact that some kids fake illness to get out of school dismiss the fact that mono, influenza and hepatitis are real illnesses? Of course not!

    Over the past 10-15 years we’ve made huge advances in diagnosing mental illnesses. PTSD is real. It always has been. And it’s just as common today as it was in the Korean war, vietnam and both the world wars. The only REAL difference is now we are starting to understand the condition, looking for it and treating it seriously.

    I’d also like to point out that I deployed twice, and spent over 2 years in war torn shit holes in a combat MOS, and it’s not like PTSD is something that was “common”. A small handful of cases per battalion per deployment. About the same rates as in the early 1900s (when looking back at the numbers of people who were mis-diagnosed).

    Furthermore, many PTSD suffers, just like all other people with physical and mental illnesses, show varying levels and types of symptoms. A person with PTSD doesn’t necessarily “pussy out”, close up and become emo. The core issue with the illness is ANXIETY and different people deal with ANXIETY in different ways. Some soldiers would become easily irritated when returning from the deployment. Wanting to go back as fast as possible so they could “get more action”.

    This is a fact about PTSD that’s often ignored or misunderstood. Many people hear PTSD and they think “trying to get out of work” or “weakness”. When in fact PTSD often causes heightened aggression. The symptom then isn’t “laziness”, but rather, an unhealthy obsession with work. As the person tries to deal with the anxiety, they can lash out at others around them or put a huge unhealthy emphasis on their job or combat that cause other important things in their life to suffer (family, education, friends). That’s not even including the huge amount of alcoholism / drug abuse that results from trying to cope with the anxiety.

    I see another person put in this thread that a person could get out of “exercise” when being diagnosed with PTSD. Well that’s a load of bullshit because exercise is considered one of the best ways to deal with many psychological disorders, including PTSD. Exercise is ENCOURAGED because it releases endorphins which helps a huge amount in combating depression and anxiety. So unless there are other physical health issues, exercise is always recommended. not discouraged.

    Again, a lot of misconceptions and fallacies on this thread. I would suggest doing research on the subject if you want to talk intelligently about it.

    P.S. I don’t have PTSD. I’m just commenting on the misconceptions that are rampant on this thread (More common today, it’s not real, getting out of work, everyone fakes it, etc.) When I see such uneducated comments on the subject I can’t help but say something.

    Personally I think the only real pussies are the ones who don’t sign up to go to war. What man wouldn’t want to get payed to shoot at people? Bitches! lol.

  18. So you’re all cool trying to bash mental health diagnoses. Some of it’s pretty understandable, not that anyone’s going to care too much about my opinion, but everyone responds to events and situations differently. If you’re already someone to judge and name call, you might not be so different after undergoing something that seems worthy of being traumatizing. You just have a stronger, more intact, and adaptable personality. You’re already fine with some degree of callousness. Anything has the potential to be traumatizing, which sucks.

    I don’t think that makes someone any weaker for being effected by something psychologically… to any extent though.

    Also, this: “People who adopt the Attention Deficit Disorder excuse are worthless fucks who have not known real hardship in life”
    I’ve recently been diagnosed with a type of ADHD and I don’t always agree with psychologists either… still that’s mildly offensive to me, somehow. Probably because I have gone through enough on my own and was already almost labelled with a PTSD diagnosis among other things.

    I don’t really like being judged as being less than capable or inferior in regards to my intelligence.

    However, I’ve noticed with some other people I know of who are also diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (tons of kids too) a few seem naturally dumb in the first place and I’ve wondered about that and how it relates to their attention issue. But most others I know of with an ADHD diagnosis are ridiculously smart. I’d still say it’s a significant enough mental impairment to have to try dealing with, but just like with the PTSD bit everyone has different personalities that adapt to certain circumstances differently. No point trying to label the sufferers with more labels or generalize them as a whole.


  19. I do think a lot of PTSD claiming people are clueless crybabies. They want sympathy and a check from the government. Most of them are total pussies. However, there are real cases of PTSD. It often is affiliated with brain injuries, a physical cause mixed with other experiences that lead them to having problems. The Rambo PTSD was complete bullshit, idiotic. Yet some sheep think that’s the way it is and its all the government’s fault. Bullshit. I have been diagnosed with PTSD by more than one psychiatrist, so it isn’t a guess at the hands of a psychologist, though I admit the latest psychologist I have is good at her job, she’s done me a lot of good. Nonetheless, the nightmares are still there, the cold sweat anxiety that comes with events that are triggers, black pit depression, fear of crowds. I have every symptom of the list. I do not want to live like this. Much of it is because I’ve had numerous grade 1 concussions since I was a kid, untreated because my prick father was an asshole who didn’t think I needed medical treatment. Yes, I still have flashbacks of his tantrums and abuse on me. I also still have flashbacks to the assholes who abused me. Because I didn’t know any better at the time, I continued a chain of choosing people that are bad for me. An example is the sperm donor of my kids. He died a murderer, his swimming isn’t as good as he thought it was. He’s no longer a threat yet I still flash on bullshit I’d rather not remember at all. Since I got help, and take minimal medicine for it, my life is radically better. It doesn’t make PTSD go away but many symptoms do fade when treated correctly. Often times its as easy as finding a good anti depressant and getting help by finding someone to talk to.

    It isn’t just soldiers that get PTSD. Its people who experience horrific events over a long period of time. It isn’t just one event that leads to this, its a series of traumatic events where eventually your brain chemistry betrays you, a final event putting it over the edge. Anyone who claims it takes a single event that causes PTSD is full of shit. Completely full of shit. Its an accumulation of events.

    Then there is ADD, which is also real and genetically related. Of course there are plenty of liars about that, too, they use it as an excuse. What really happens is there are several threads of thought going on all at the same time. To cope with this, the brain skips around like a bad hard drive. The fluid kind of conversation others enjoy isn’t likely with ADD. But most of what can change the ADD is to be aware of it, then to find a way to organize thoughts. It is a valid learning disability.

    Our poster boy, Ted Bundy, wanted an excuse to murder women so he made one up. His excuse is his fiancee dumped him so he couldn’t cope with it. That sounds nothing like PTSD or any fight or flight shit he wanted to feed us. He just liked to murder women that looked like his ex. He never was all that productive to society, he was a lazy fuck, completely worthless. He was the biggest pussy of all when it was time for him to be put to death, desperately trying to find excuses to delay it. I think he should have died in the same manner as his victims.

    Real PTSD sufferers don’t run around and make excuses for how they behave. More often than not they don’t want to be around a lot of people because of the anxiety that comes with being around others. They aren’t even fully aware their behavior is dysfunctional. They don’t think PTSD is some form of light conversational kind of disorder. Those who do like to talk about it are not PTSD. It isn’t just soldiers that get this disorder, either. Given a choice they don’t want to talk about it at all. There are other names for PTSD, it used to be called battle fatigue or shell shock. There are other names but the point I want to make is its a disorder that has existed long before pussy hypochondriacs decided to claim it for the pity party, wanting a freebie from the government. American soldiers aren’t the only soldiers that suffer with it, either. No one is the same after they come back from a war, that’s a given. It changes people in many ways, sometimes for the good, most of the time it has negative impacts. But many get on with their lives, the memory fades, and they are productive people.

    So, not all of the cases of PTSD are lies, but I would put a high number of assholes who think its a gimmick to use for their own gain. The same with ADD. But not all of us are fake. It took me years to go to a mall without having cold sweat anxiety or looking over my shoulder in fear. It took me a long time to even manage to go to a concert and enjoy it. Hypervigilence is a key symptom, the inability to relax even in your own home, frequent waking in the night that isn’t related to the nightmares, etc. There are physical symptoms that show up long before the diagnosis is made. Those are the ones who melt down, and they have no control over the meltdown. Like a boiling pot of water with the lid on the stove, the lid may dance around but eventually it will boil over. It isn’t something you can hide, it isn’t something that just goes away.

    Veterans from earlier wars came home and learned to live with it. This by no means diminishes their suffering, but they had no choice but to move on. Also, the earlier wars, the medical care to save a soldier’s life from a brain injury just wasn’t there. Most of them died, so PTSD wasn’t even near the picture. Now there are methods to treat brain injuries so the victims live, unlike the wars of the past.

    I have to wonder, why do our soldiers join up if they aren’t willing to do the job they enlisted for? Free benefits? That’s their own stupidity, not everyone else’s. Its very hard to find sympathy for them.

    I also want to point out that military dogs also get the doggy form of PTSD, a point that shows that it isn’t fake if another intelligent species suffers from it, too.

    But most of the sheep claiming PTSD are full of shit.

    1. ^^ Agree, a lot there.
      PTSD, is real, however there is not many that truly have it.

      Friend of mine, he claimed he has PTSD because he was in Iraq, but they weren’t anything horrific he spent six months there and did pretty much nothing. Sure everyone has different experiences, and “feel different”. I was rape and drugged for 5 months of my life and almost murdered, they say I have PTSD. I just think I have logical fear because the man is a pyschopath and probably wants revenge since I took his entire life away from him and now he sits in prison. They try to show pills at me and everything else because it’s best not to feel anything at all than work through real life problems.

      (He is lucky, Don’t think that any of this that I’m saying is to down play or sound rude in the way that I don’t respect any military or what they have gone through; Married to a marine.)

  20. On TV I’ve seen shell-shock victims of WW II. Now that’s what I call PTSS, not this whining for money and attention.
    Some family members of mine have experienced WW II too; when I hear their stories and see how they’ve come out of it without any ‘trauma’, I should be ashamed of having selfpity and other weakness in these spoilt times.

  21. I wouldnt say that everyone that has been in real firefights or TICS as we call it is ok,thats is a bullshit statement made by a dumbass .How could u say that ?We all bleed green remember?How dare you disrespect real combat vets smh ,pathetic and your a Medic?Well Medic my friend Allison Ausmos 1-26 blue spader outlaw for life and death RIP Died a few months ago look her up ,she made it threw war with me but her PTSD got the best of her smh a woman combat medic who got in real firefights real TICS a real soldier lost her life to PTSD is she ok ?No !Stop posting shit your making us real Vets look so bad .
    2008-2009 Eastern Afghanistan 1-26 blue spaders Kunar Province .Big Red One

  22. Uhm…. you can get PTSD from ANY TRAUMATIC thing that happened to you. I dont get why people think you can only get it if you’re in the military. Id have to say though, being deployed and thinking you can die at any second of any day can be pretty traumatic.

  23. Interesting conversation and views. I don’t agree that people can’t have PTSD or that these people are just weak minds using it as a crutch. I’ve personally known some of the baddest hardasses in the game that have been brought to their knees and debilitated because of it. It’s real shit that people experience, and just because it doesn’t happen to everyone(or the author)doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Saying that is just ignorant and full of dumbfuckery. I will also mention that there are a lot of people claiming to have PTSD that probably don’t and are only doing it because they are crybabies or looking for a quick buck from disability. As an ex-soldier, I have seen first hand quite a few things that your average person should never have to see and experience, from the aftermath of suicide bombings to my brothers in arms bleeding out in front of me. I don’t have PTSD, but I also do suffer from sadness and anger because of some of these things. Gore in general has never bothered me, and actually is something I enjoy. What tends to bother me are the situations in which someone I cared about died that I felt I might have been able to prevent. The “what-if” game being played in one’s mind can be downright taxing on one’s psyche, and the inability to quit playing this “game” is frustrating and sometimes downright maddening. In reality, what is done is done and can’t be changed, but this realization doesn’t always make things easier…

  24. Well you lost some of my respect putting your “two cents” into ADD (attention deficit disorder). So you mean to tell me that I dont have ADHD and ADD because stupid fucks like to try to abuse disorders because of “laziness”? screw you my friend. It always takes someone who doesnt understand what someone else is going through to say some dumb shit in disbelief. You know i would like very much to sleep peacefully at night or to be able to sit down and work on a project without my mind racing. Ever heard of Adderall? Its a prescription drug that when one uses without these disorders will act almost as cocaine(not to that much extent) but when somebody with the disorder takes it, it will help the brain calm down and be able to focus. Do some research instead of bashing the real people who have disorders and go after people who are trying to fake it you ignorant douchebag.

    1. That is exactly what I’m saying. It’s not until one goes to a place where people don’t have the time to be big whiney babies, because basic necessity of survival gets in the way of whinery, when one realizes that the alphabet letter “diseases” are nothing but laziness of spoiled brats who’ve had everything handed to them on a silver plate and someone hid the plate in a closet. Best Gore has always been about exposing inconvenient reality in all its graphic glory, so not a single tear will be shed because you “lost respect” due to not being able to swallow reality. You’re one million and first.

  25. Well, regarding ADD you dont know what you’re talking about. Both myself and my daughter have it. It’s like trying to read a book in a crowded room with people talking. You just cannot concentrate on a complete thought. You fall asleeep when you try to read. Unfortunately I didn’t discover I had it until Inwas an adult. People with ADD typically do poorly in history and math.. two things which require extensive reading or concentration. I have my pilot’s license and I can tell you it was exteemely difficult to achieve because I could only read for 5 to 10 minutes at a time before falling asleep. So frustrating.

  26. I’m aware that I am posting to this years after it was originally made, but I only just happened on it so well, that it is that..
    Just as another member above I too suffer from bipolar and borderline personality disorder. These are both due to a chemical imbalance and with the proper use of medications I am able to manage just fine.
    BUT.. I also suffer from PTSD. I never served in the military, but on a personal note I know the infliction exists.
    My own PTSD is due to years of rape and torture set upon me by my former husband. With both drug and alcohol addictions, he would easily loose control and attack me even unprovoked. I was often left with serious bruises and black eyes, but it was the things I feared too much to tell anyone that left me with both physical and psychological issues.
    I experienced torture that I would normally never share openly but I feel that this post may need to be heard by some.
    His temper was not what I feared, it was his sexual interests that forever changed my life. He loved to use binds and restraints but most of all he loved his “inanimate objects”. Over a number of years I was regularly penetrated both vaginally and anally with items such as broom sticks, scissors and even a screw driver. I am lucky to have finally escaped him as I am convinced if I had stayed I would have ultimately been killed. None the less he both mentally and physically scarred me for life..
    I had to go through a number of surgeries and was left with nearly every “female part” removed aside from the external “appearance” thus leaving me with the inability of doing anything sexual from then on (in any hole) and no chance of children.
    The PTSD causes sudden uncontrollable muscular and nerve spasms. I have a service dog now who carries strong medications for when the spasms temporarily paralyze me, she will lay on my chest to calm me and is also trained to seek help if the medications are unsuccessful. I could not leave my house without her at my side.
    I also take medications at night to force sleep and block the nightmares I will likely never be rid of..
    Long story short.. PTSD is a very real thing. At least to me..

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