Drunk Girl at Oktoberfest Bites Guy’s Lip Off

“Get off of him, you fucking dumb bitch!” – LOL @ tourists, they’re the same everywhere. This year at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, an Australian man got into a scuffle with a drunk, 30 year old woman from Alaska. The woman chomped onto his lip and maintained the bite until a ripped off chunk of … Continue reading “Drunk Girl at Oktoberfest Bites Guy’s Lip Off”

Meth Addict Goes Picking For Brain

Whenever your mother told you to stop picking at a sore, you probably thought she was being neurotic. If you are this guy, you’ll now wish you had listened. You’ll probably also be wishing you hadn’t heard of Meth. Yes, this is the scalp of a Meth Head. Our friend got it into his head … Continue reading “Meth Addict Goes Picking For Brain”

Drone Aircraft: War by Remote Control

For millennia man has devised ways to efficiently kill his enemy. From sharp sticks and slinging stones to the AK47, man has progressed enormously in his available arsenal. Peoples have sought advantage through their technology to improve the prospects of victory in a conflict. History is a continuous tale of new weapons, strategies and defences. … Continue reading “Drone Aircraft: War by Remote Control”

Thai Black Metal Singer Stabbed by Satanist

Self proclaimed Satanist Prakarn Harnphanbusakorn, deranged fan of Thai Black Metal band Surrender of Divinity visited the home of vocalist, Samong Traisattha on the night of 8 January 2014 on the pretence of screen printing t-shirts. You know you aren’t doing well if you are in Thailand and need to screen print your own shirts. … Continue reading “Thai Black Metal Singer Stabbed by Satanist”

Feet Burned by Boiling Water and Liquid Drano – Skin Peeled Off

This one was sent to us by BestGore member, who happens to be the Great Dictator of the wonderful Republic of Wadiya, fighting Jewry since 200 BC, hung like a mouse, who burned his feet with boiling water and liquid drano on the 31st of December 2013 while trying to unclog his bathtub. I bet … Continue reading “Feet Burned by Boiling Water and Liquid Drano – Skin Peeled Off”

Violent Indonesian Group Kills Policeman, Police Retaliate

I only got very sketchy information about this video, but apparently one policeman was killed and one wounded by a violent group of perpetrators, which prompted the police to retaliate and this is the outcome. There appear to be a few shot to death, and a few beaten to death people shown in the video. … Continue reading “Violent Indonesian Group Kills Policeman, Police Retaliate”

Demodex: The Gore in Your Pore

It is believed by the scientific community that the average human’s body is host to more passengers than there are cells in their body. Some estimates have this as a ratio of ten to one. Ranging from bacteria to mites, yeasts, viruses and worms, we are literally crawling with them. Some of them are part … Continue reading “Demodex: The Gore in Your Pore”

Three Thugs Tried to Rob Old Couple – All Three of Them Got Shot

This is another example of how bad actions attract bad consequences. You might remember the robber who got shot after trying to steal a motorcycle, and this case is similar. Three thugs tried to rob an old couple in Cachoeirinha (Rio Grande do Sul, the Southernmost state of Brazil) this past Thursday the 9th of … Continue reading “Three Thugs Tried to Rob Old Couple – All Three of Them Got Shot”

Truck Moved Off Motorcyclist Crushed from Pelvis Down

Video from Indonesia shows a motorcyclist partially crushed by a truck. His bottom half, from pelvis down was caught under the truck’s wheels and smeared on the road while the truck was braking. His upper half, including most if not all vital organs is vastly untouched, which keeps the motorcyclist alive, trapped by his bottom … Continue reading “Truck Moved Off Motorcyclist Crushed from Pelvis Down”

Another Evil Jew is Dead, the World is a Little Better

Ariel Sharon lived exactly 85 years and 320 days too long. He was a murderer and a zealot. The illegitimate state of Israel flies flags today at half mast for this cretin, but I say good riddance. Ariel Sharon was born in Palestine in 1928, and by the age of ten was already a member … Continue reading “Another Evil Jew is Dead, the World is a Little Better”