Towards the end of last year, Best Gore members proved to me that they are the best bunch of people on the internet. I put up a donation form for two months, and for two months, Best Gore members generously … Continue reading

Mexico – Prosecutor’s Brother Tortured and Beaten with Baseball Bat


This video is yet another proof that when it comes to sheer violence imposed on one human being by another, Mexico leads the way unrivalled. Though I’m sure the little bit that makes it out there is naught but a … Continue reading

Video of a Patient Post Open Chest Cardiac Surgery


The patient in this video had an open chest cardiac surgery done and this is a post op footage of his (or is it hers?) open chest as nurse removed fill-up bandages from the crevasse. Seeing that chest hole spread … Continue reading

Brazil – Bloody Bus Crash Carnage Video


It looks like a crash between a semi truck carrying an oversized load and a bus. The bus looks like it was sliced with a laser beam, having caught the side of that load. Good quarter of the bus got … Continue reading

Suturing Gashing Forehead Wound with Staples


Fuck yeah – celebrating the St. Patrick’s day the Canada way: Get smashed Get forehead smashed Get smashing fixing it No professional surgical gear involved, no anaesthesia, no disinfection – just straight up staple that gashing forehead wound and be … Continue reading

Man Cut in Half by Train But Still Alive


Upper body on one side of the track, hips and legs on the other. The upper body still moving, conscious and talking. Despite being cut in half by train, this Sri Lankan man is still alive. It’s just absolutely amazing … Continue reading

Gem’s Psycho Freakout Pictures


More pictures from private stash of Best Gore’s own French Canadian celebrity – Gem aka lascerated. And it just wouldn’t be Gem if she didn’t stab someone. This time the someone was herself. I’ll let Gem describe the story behind … Continue reading