Early Medical Photography (Late 19th to Early 20th Century B&W)

It’s been a while since we’ve had any ancient, Black and White photos on Best Gore so let’s fix that. This is a collection of Early Medical Photography from mid 19th century (circa 1843) till mid 20th century (circa 1939). … Continue reading

Children Among Killed Syrian Protesters (Dead Child WARNING!)


The fact that the Syrian security forces are firing (seemingly indiscriminately) at unarmed protesters has been thoroughly documented on pages of Best Gore. This type of seemingly indiscriminate killing does not go without casualties among children. It is difficult to … Continue reading

Frontal Skull Fracture, Eye OK

Pictures from Pakistan prove the ages old awe-inspirer – no matter what trauma the victim’s head suffered, eyes always seems to make it just fine. I don’t know whether “frontal skull fracture” is a correct term to use, but perhaps … Continue reading

Syrian Security Forces Kill 9 at Funeral Processions

While much of the Catholic world celebrates Easter, the unrest in the Middle East is going on with no signs of slowing down. The totalitarian rulers are determined to cling to power, but so are the protesters to take them … Continue reading

Pakistani Army Beats Up Civilians Suspected of Being Taliban Supporters

This is not the first leaked video of Pakistani army beating up civilians whom they suspected of being either Taliban fighters themselves, or supporters/sympathizers of Taliban. Obviously, there is no gathering of evidence, no trial or anything of sorts. The … Continue reading

Motorcyclist Splits Skull Crashing Into a Bus

I’ve seen many picture of motorcyclists annihilated in traffic accidents, but this set is the first of one ramming into a bus head first. Obviously, he was not wearing a safety helmet, which is typical of South East Asia but … Continue reading

Woman in a Sofa Murdered by Her Husband

This woman look like she was pretty decent looking. Her husband still didn’t like something about her well enough to kill her. Did she cheat on him perhaps? Or walked in front of a TV while he was watching his … Continue reading

Colombian Man Chopped Up with Machete

When it comes to non organized crime in Latin America and South East Asia, machete seems to be the weapon of choice. Afterall, they are easy to come by and can deliver pretty severe damage. This large set of photos … Continue reading