Bodycam Video of Arizona Cop Philip Brailsford Executing Unarmed Man Daniel Shaver

Bodycam Video of Arizona Cop Philip Brailsford Executing Unarmed Man Daniel Shaver

Bodycam Video of Arizona Cop Philip Brailsford Executing Unarmed Man Daniel Shaver

As I reported back in May 2016, a Mesa, Arizona cop Philip Brailsford, who had “YOU’RE FUCKED” carved into his personal AR-15, used the weapon to execute in cold blood an unarmed, non-violent and crying man Daniel Shaver as he begged for his life. The judge blocked the release of the bodycam footage from being released until today.

Before I get further, let me address the bootlickers ready to line up to defend murderous pigs – licking the boot on the internet will not earn you sympathy with the badge ordained death squad when they come for you one day. When the cops are trained in Israel, all citizens become Palestinians.

The primary take away from the bodycam footage is that the cops never feel remorseful for executing an unarmed person. Look at the smug expressions on the cops’ faces – to them it was a “good kill“.

Philip Brailsford gave Daniel Shaver which are physically impossible to fulfill at the same time:

Keep your legs crossed! Your hands stay above your head. If you are going to fall, you fall on your face. Crawl towards me.

Why not also order him to balance a basketball on his nose while rubbing his belly and patting his head all the while reciting the alphabet backwards?

And yes, as I predicted, the citizen killer was found not guilty of 2nd degree murder and not guilty of aggravated manslaughter. The judge excluded the video from the jury as prejudicial, because apparently a video documenting without prejudice what precisely happened is prejudicial. This way, the jury only had the words of the cops as evidence, and the cops lied through their teeth as they always do.

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  1. This incident was staged, it was a drill. I did the very same thing when I was in the military. When I was in Saudi Arabia we would always do drills like this. One time I was one of the bad guys when they threw a flash bang grenade in the room that I was in. This is nothing but a drill. The man that was shot is still alive. He was probably a cop. There is no reason for the cop to shoot an innocent man when there are witnesses.

  2. Wow after watching this I do not trust any law enforcement. I really thought they were supposed to protect and serve, they’re nothing but cold-blooded bully killers that are deep down inside afraid so they hide behind their badge and inevitably they’re itchy trigger fingers!
    Poor guy was only trying to do what he was told. I’m sure if he was Billy the Kid he probably would have got the cop. But we all know he’s not and he didn’t even have a weapon. So sad he had to die.
    And about the officer trying to open the door, doesn’t he know that he has to put the key card in, wait till it turns green, and then open the door. You can tell how scared he was he kept dropping the key card!
    I don’t see anything professional about this it seems like the officer carrying the gun came in wanting to shoot someone. I mean why did these cops even try to talk to any perpetrator they should have just went in the building shooting up everybody and everyone in it, right?
    It’s crazy that this cop is still out there!

  3. I really hope that Cop got arrested for 1st degree murder on a “suspect” that followed every order that was given to him. And I seriously hope that this pig is dead! He told him to lay on the ground with his hands over his head; Suspect complied.
    He told him to put his hands straight into the air and not to put them down for any reason whatsoever; Suspect complied. Then the Cop told him to crawl towards them slowly; Suspect complied!
    No matter what the fuck you do, you get shot anyway because those fucking pigs think they have the power to fucking control everyone, I call Bullshit!

  4. This idiot got himself killed.

    Why the fuck would he reach towards his back after being told repeatedly to keep his hands where the police officer could see them?
    You people who say this was murder either don’t know or appreciate just how dangerous it is to be a cop in the US these days, and how many cops are killed. It only takes a second or two of inattention to get yourself killed as a cop, so you always have to be vigilant and expect the worst from people you are arresting.

    And how do you think things would be if there were no cops around? (hint: Look at Detroit and Chicago)

  5. holy shit, that cop was NOT having it. literally the way he was acting towards the civilian was why the civilian died. these cops apparently think it isn’t normal for a civilian to be in fear of their life when some trigger happy fuck face like this is shouting ‘i’m gonna shoot you! you’re gonna land flat on your face!’. what a son of a bitch. that bastard needs to be stripped of his career, put into a mental hospital, drugged up on gravy and hand fed apple juice for the rest of his life.

  6. So fucked up:

    1. Cop alternated between speaking clearly, then screaming at the top of his lungs. Heightened the stressful nature of the situation indefinably.

    2. Issued confusing commands “Keep your hands in the air”; “Crawl towards me”. Knowing what it means to ‘crawl’ victim thought new order canceled out previous one. Speaker even says shit such as:”Do you understand.” “SHUT UP!!!” Asks another question, then “DON’T TALK; LISTEN!!!”. Tells woman who isn’t saying anything to “Shut up and listen!”. Attitude and behavior of the speaker is incredibly unprofessional.

    3. (Rhetorical) Why the fuck was it important that he kept his legs crossed while kneeling? And why the fuck is the cop asking rhetorical questions while screaming (“Did I tell you to uncross your legs!?”)? How can you be so playful and sarcastic when someone’s life is on the line? Did you perhaps have it planned that someone was gonna get shot, but had your plans augmented when they came out into the hallway?

    4. Victim is either inebriated, stupid, sarcastic, inordinately distraught about being arrested, or intending to die. He became sarcastic and flopped his arms down when he was told to crawl (probably because of the contradiction of ‘keep your hands in the air and crawl’), was fidgety, and reached behind him while crawling (supposedly to pull up pants?). I know a lot of you might take issue with this statement, but something was seriously wrong with the victim. He understood the very real threat of being shot, but (for whatever reason) didn’t seem to care about preventing it. I’m going to speculate it was because of how fucked up the whole situation was, him being told repeatedly that he was going to get shot if he messed up while he’s at gunpoint while being screamed at by some unprofessional motherfucker.

    5. Body cam is on the far right. It’s likely that the officers involved had a better point of view to see that the poor man didn’t have a weapon. Regardless, speaker screamed, “Don’t… GEH GEH!!!!!!!!” If anything, I understand why this prompted the murderer to shoot. Even an officer who encounters stressful situations regularly and is trained in appropriate application of a firearm, such screaming in that situation would have ‘scared’ me too. Especially if it was planned before-hand that “we’re going to shoot you” as was repeatedly said.

    6. Besides a few seconds of pause, there were no fucks given for the sad fucker who went limp. They knew he didn’t have a weapon; they knew he was dead.

    I never imagined I would see a man crying and crawling on the ground gunned down. Well. I mean, visit best gore often, so I guess I did expect to see things like that. Although, if you told me before I watched the video that the person who did the shooting was a police officer I wouldn’t have believed you. I didn’t believe the title. I came into it thinking, “Ok, what REALLY happened?”. Never will I initially doubt the accuracy of a title again.

    Not all cops are bastards, but some I wouldn’t mind seeing slowly tortured and murdered.

  7. My GOD. . . I’m from Colorado, so christianity is the popular belief, and I’m open-minded, so sure, maybe, why not. I kinda hope they’re right, because I hear he’s a dude that can hang onto a grudge, SO HARD, he’s gotta torture a motherfucker for eternity. I hope that cock sucking steaming pile of dog shit goes to the, “Hell”, that so many believe in. I hope he passes kidney & bladder stones every day. I hope every shit he takes comes out in the form of a Rubix Cube or large pyramids. I hope he always smells like dirty feet, armpit, and rotting fish covered in cat piss. I hope he gets raped by “Lucille” from “The Walking Dead”. I REEEEALLY hope I get to watch the next video, starring this cuntfart, on BestGore in a video posted by ISIS using their slow-mo camera at the end of his torture when they put a grenade in his mouth as the crescendo then fading with the fine mist of blood covering the ground around what remains of his body. … Ahh, shit. I’m sorry… I opinionated all over your post… sorry. … ~slinks away back into the darkness of the kitchen in which I belong… ~sigh~

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