Man Agonizing at Railway Track After Losing Leg at Hip

Man Agonizing at Railway Track After Losing Leg at Hip

I’m guessing the video is from South Asia, but that’s just a guess, because I don’t have any background information.

The video shows a young man agonizing next to a railway track after a train apparently ran over and amputated his leg at the hip. There could be significant, potentially irreversible crotch damage the man suffered. That alone could double the agony of losing one’s leg.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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102 thoughts on “Man Agonizing at Railway Track After Losing Leg at Hip”

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          1. HA! a few years back i fell over a febreze bottle and broke my wrist!
            To add insult to injury, my left leg was in a cast from toe to groin, so i couldn’t get up off the floor. I was stuck on the floor for nearly 2 hours waiting for an ambulance.
            The cherry on top was they had to break down my front door to get to me as i had locked it behind me when I came home! The paramedics couldn’t stop pissing themselves laughing. LOL!

  1. Yeah yeah…he lost his leg. Tough.


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  2. once i got the end of a small knife stuck in my chin . . it came out and there was a squirt fountain of blood and it just wouldnt stop it was everywhere spraying from this vein i caught. but these fuckers have an entire limb ripped off and they hardly bleed, what the fukushima?

          1. disregarding all thoughts of grotesque population it’s still huge amount of people getting taken out by a train, surely there’s -some- room to walk over there aside from train tracks

  3. There’s not much blood meaning the arteries were pinched off, so a quick hospital trip is urgent before the arteries open up an he bleeds out.Don’t think they’ll be able to save the leg though.

  4. In the time it took for all these people to show-up, and film this Man,s unfortunate accident, he could have been in the back seat of one of these Asshole,s Car, and halfway to the Hospital by now.
    How Fucking selfish, and terrible is that??? Behavior like this, is just “”All Kinds Of Wrong Man””

    1. Absolutely right @thedre, a sad reflection of the times we’re in I’m afraid.
      The primary aim for those present being the gathering of as much footage as possible of this hapless victim’s dire situation. As you stated, all notions of assisting this poor fellow are none existent. There are megabites to be used, digital data to be squandered.
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  5. I agree completely with you
    As if life in this place is not shitty enough and you’re dumb enough to get hit by a train, then you’re dying slowly in pain and no bastard wants to come and comfort you and tell you it’s all going to be ok – when of course it’s not. But still why do most people these days just stand back and never give a hand to a poor dying fellow man?? Crazy fucked up world we live in !!!

  6. Why did Rakesh get hit by the train? 1) Rakesh was listening to Bollywood hits with headphones when the train hit him. 2) Rakesh was drunk 3) Sanjay pushed Rakesh onto the tracks? 4) Rakesh attempted suicide but changed his mind halfway through? 5) Rakesh wanted to impress a lady with his bravery?

  7. Damn it…..
    He was about to go home with his fertility test to announce to his girlfriend that they could finally make a baby.
    Oh well, I’m guessing his fertility test isn’t that important anymore…

  8. This happened near rajhastan about 130km from bollocks in tattay district the guy indeed suffered irreversible damage to his left testicle however nurses have been advised to rub his right testicle twice a day & occasional head massage when needed

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