Video of Cop Bully Akinyemi Borisade Beating Woman on Street Before Assaulting Her at Jail

Video of Cop Bully Akinyemi Borisade Beating Woman on Street Before Assaulting Her at Jail

The recent video of Jacksonville bully cop beating a handcuffed woman at jail is not all that happened on the day of her arrest. Prior to the assault at jail, the same out of control, violent pig Akinyemi Borisade beat Mayra Martinez on the street and I got the video of that assault too.

The video shows Akinyemi Borisade punching Mayra Martinez at least a dozen times, and slamming her head into the pavement at least twice.

Unfortunately, in a police state, when a cop beats a citizen, the citizen ends up facing more jail time for “resisting with violence“, than the bully who beat her in the first place. The officers who allowed the assault to take place will face no charges. The myth of a “good cop” is just that – a myth.

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  1. Fucking cops! My first encounter with Canadian cops, I was 14. Walking home with 2 friends accompanying me after babysitting for the night, 1 of whom was my best friend and suffered 90% burns over her body…she has no hair, face looked like a melted candle…we were profiled as suspects in an armed robbery apparently. My besty was the most amazing girl, so no disrespect, but how she could mistaken for a talk black girl was beyond me….anyway, friends are walking me home cause it’s late, when suddenly a spotlight hits all 3 of us with a command to drop to the ground slowly and put our hands behind our heads….when my eyes focused, I realized there are about 20 vehicles with lights pointed at us. Before I could register situation, cop comes running at us with a big fucking shot gun and points it at us, screaming “down on the ground, down on the ground!!!” Of course I’m 14 and totally freeze at first so gun gets pointed at my face. Cops proceeds to tell me there was a robbery at a nearby grocery store and there were 3 suspects. They think we fit the description (note my besty covered in 3rd degree burns….pretty hard to mistake for a black chick….cops starts grilling me for info…me, never having been in the situation gets flustered. I keep telling the cop, I just finished babysitting, trying to get home. He asks me for ID, I say, “dude, I’m 14, I don’t have ID”. He insists I’m hiding something and points his shotgun at my head. I faint on the spot lol! When I regain consciousness, he is leaned over me. I try to sit-up and he points his gun at me again….my reaction is to apparently faint again haha!! When I wake up a second time, I’m being hauled into an ambulance. I see the cop who pointed the gun at me helping me into the ambulance. He’s holding my hand like he’s my dad. I proceed to freak on him, ” what’s wrong with you, I was babysitting you big fucking jerk?!” I’m crying and freaking out! He’s apologizing like crazy and promising me to take me home if I don’t say anything. It’s 2:00am and I know my parets will be worried so we strike a deal for him to take me home. My friends protest the whole time, saying I should report the pig. His response is to threaten to arrest my best friend. Scared at this point, I convince them to go home and tell the pig to drive me home. He discharges me from the ambulance and loads me into his car. I give him my address and spend the entire car ride berating him for being a jerk, which he admits to being. He apologizes and gives me $100 and drops me a block from my house with my promise not to tell my folks. At my young age, I agree. I sneak back into my house, crawl into bed and never tell my folks! I was so afraid the cop would come back and arrest me!! Canadian justice at its best!!! (Sarcasm)

      1. Yeah, cops in Canada are more interested in naming suspects than actually persecuting criminals. Is it that much worse in Jamaica? I’ve also wanted to go, but I’m worried about cops!!! I’m 5″ 1 110lb Canadian girl with no criminal record…can I be arrested in Jamaica?

        1. yeah! But i wouldnt walk alone be it day or night we’re not racist or anything but white meat is rare and craved mostly by the pigs other than that we’er alright lot freedom to do anything if you have the cash

          1. @oroboros – I’ve been to Jamaica twice. Had no problems whatsoever. I guess just like in the US, people have to be careful about the areas they go in to. We went to Ocho Rios (hope I spelled that right). It was a beautiful place to vacation and all the people we met were really nice.

      1. what the fuck is wrong here ? I wager with every new episode to do with the cops there is no telling the cops do multiply in numbers when someone is actually telling their side of the story feeling all flustered When the story unfolds first its a different count and the next time around its gets even better.

        @illegalsmile55 Don’t keep that sharp a track that way .
        You know its interesting to hear sometimes what @Earthy wanna say .lol! Anyway I ain’t gonna go nitpicking whatever it takes I believe your side of the story @Earthy…..lmao!
        Have fun!

          1. @illegalsmile55
            Girl you’ve hit nothing as yet …..and you ain’t gonna hit any ………
            Boo freckin’ hoo ……..peek-a-boo
            woo woo woo
            Ya know what ?
            Babe ,I am still gonna chase ya ; cause I love ya smart ways.

      2. @illegalsmile, aww, you just trolling me now? So flattered πŸ™‚ since this is the first time I’ve ever spoken to you, I would suggest finding something better to do with your time other than getting involved in others conversations. Grown-ups are talking, maybe you should go to bed πŸ™‚ night sweetie

        1. Awww @earthy, who’s conversation? I didn’t see anybody’s name at the beginning of your “story” *wink wink* I think your the liar, if your going to accuse me of “lying about you” you better have something to back it up. I know your just an attention whore, so you keep crying and maybe someone will listen, or not, sweetie…take your suggestions else where..

    1. @Earthy you must have used some kind of Jedi mind trick on him to get a cop to apologize and pay you to keep quiet. They usually just berate you until they uncover something they can shit on you for…

      Oh, I get it…they couldn’t find anything to charge you with. Isn’t it awesome when you’re 14 and you actually haven’t done anything wrong in your life, yet? I wouldn’t know the feeling, but I envy it…lol

      1. @siniko, I’m sure the fact I was 14 and white female saved me lol! I just wish I’d followed up to the end and legally bitch slapped the guy legally for what he did!! If I was older, I would have destroyed him, bit sadly, I felt almost like it was my fault for being alive and in the wrong place at the wrong time… But that’s how Canadian cops operate πŸ™

  2. She kicked the white cop too. He just proceeded to put her in the car. She kicked the black cop and he goes the fuck off on her. Black cop has issues. Say anything to him and youre racist. White cops are probably so grateful for those cameras. He not the kind of cop the others would like to call for back up.

  3. Wow, that was fuct up!!! That is literally two miles away from my house, off of University and Philips(US-1) outside of Scores(strip club). I saw the video earlier and didn’t think it was that bad, but that piece of shit nigger needs some prison time!!!

    1. Down here in New Orleans, we call Scores “Sores”. It’s a fucking cesspool. I didn’t know and went with a friend to audition. I left after seeing the girls and the manager gave me the tour… He said if I wanted to do drugs, to go out to the back courtyard and just be discreet, and then showed me the VIP room, where he stated “anything goes, whatever you and the customer agree on, but the club gets $50 an hour out of the money”. Disgusting whorehouse.

  4. Hey, pigs can have a sense of humor too. The LA Sheriff?s Chief of Staff got busted for forwarding this joke email: ?I took my Biology exam last Friday, I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells. Apparently ‘Blacks’ and ‘Mexicans’ were NOT the correct answers.? Now that?s funny! Mohammed Ali once told a joke: ?A Mexican, a Puerto Rican and a black guy are riding along in a car. Who?s driving? . . . The Po-lice!

    1. @BornToRun ……….Hahahaha
      How about these pigs with tumor to their Brains with no sense of direction …………and its for real

      The phone rings at FBI headquarters.
      ?Hello? I?m calling to report my neighbor, Clifford.
      He is hiding marijuana inside his firewood!?
      ?Thank you very much for the call, sir.?
      The next day, FBI agents descend on the neighbor?s house.
      They search the shed where the firewood is kept.
      Using axes, they bust open every piece of wood, but find no marijuana. They swear at the neighbors and leave.
      The phone rings at the neighbors house.
      Hey, Clifford, did the FBI come??
      ?Did they chop your firewood??
      ?Great, now it?s your turn to call.
      I need my garden plowed.?

  5. Slowly but surely America is turning into Brazil,American tourists are the most annoying people on the planet and tick as shit,they would take a photo of a lamp post,I’d hate to have to live around and look at blacks,I’ve never seen a black or any other race cop in Ireland,only Irish.

  6. A cop knocked on my front door last week, apparently asking neighbors if they seen a specific resident of the neighborhood. I didnt open my door. Instead i spoke through the door and it pissed the pig off and he kept requesting id open my door to speak to him. I told the pig fuck you hell no. I dont open my door for cops. If you want me to open my door get a warrant.. he asked why, and if im hiding something. I said i dont trust you fuckers or any cop and that i know what your kind is all about. When i pulled out my phone to video him. He left..
    Dont open your door for swine no matter what.

    1. @trash ~ mate I love that description of your cop encounter! If I lived in the USA I would definitely do that any time a cop ever came to my house…….

      But here on the other side of the planet, American policing styles have not caught on and our cops are polite, fair, are not violent and don’t kill people just because the ‘target’ swears or doesn’t follow instructions. Oz police are respected by the community and are actually there to help the people, so if they came to my place I would open the door and have a simple and polite chat and I’d try to help em……

      1. I had a similar experience with the nypd when I was about 15 @Dutchy. Cop came asking info on my next door neighbor who was a lousy drunk but I’m no rat. When he asked me about him I told him I didn’t know who that was. He proceeded to ask me how long I’d lived there. Since I was 3 I told him. He asked how I could live there for 12 years and not know my next door neighbor. I said whenever I leave the house I walk that way while pointing in the opposite direction. Fuck the po po yo.

        1. Hey Mr @amnyc ! I am glad to hear from you buddy. Good on you for being an A,Hole to your heavily armed and uniformed street gang. They deserve no help at all ! Take care and watch out for those cops ~ they haven’t forgotten how you disrespected them and.

    2. @trash they’re kinda like “vampires”lol, if you open your door for them they can come in your house. I’ve done the same and they would threaten to shoot me for their safety. When I lived in Ky. they would ask some idiots to step outside to talk to them and when they would they would arrest them for public intoxication

      1. @shortyshark
        Not a chance there babe.
        Open the door to the dickheads ?are you gone bonkers or something girl??? whatever the circumstance I have my rigid stance which only dictates to slam the door shut right in to any ones face whom I dunno and that means cops in particular.

  7. What is so hard about staying still so they can handcuff you? Why is that so hard to understand? Let’s say that you really were innocent, just shut your mouth and do as they say, then get a lawyer and sue them back. Why do these people need to wiggle around and kicking cops?

    1. @best necro- yeah I agree with you. A few months ago there was a video posted on here that described Australian cops as violent and brutal and a threat to us all. Well this did not sound like our cops at all (see my post just above) and I was really surprised to hear this chick complaining how badly she had been treated and that she was bashed and had horrific injuries etc. So I look into it and find that the chick committed a serious crime and then resisted arrest etc. Eyewitnesses that saw the incident said the cops were just doing their job on a very intoxicated and angry female criminal that was assaulting the cops and resisting arrest and the bitch got what was coming to her…….. just coz she’s female she thought she shouldn’t have been thrown to the ground and hand cuffed. Fucking privileged whinging cunt……

      1. Addit ~ I should say that the chick in this video only kicked the cop AFTER he beat the crap out of her, so in that respect it is a bit rich to say she resisted…..and the bitch in my story was just that, a fucking violent nasty drunk whore…….

        1. @dutchy but you don’t know what she did before the camera started rolling. She came to her first day of work at that strip club drunk and kept drinking when she was asked to leave she wouldn’t and became violent so they called the cops

          1. Man, I wish they did that shit at the clubs in New Orleans when the girls get shit wasted. I can’t tell you how many of my coworkers would get so piss drunk on a regular basis that I’d have to spoon feed em bumps of their own blow (they couldn’t even function to do it themselves), just so they could come out of their stupor and wouldn’t get fired for being too fucked up. It was the nicest club down there, but all stripclubs have girls with serious substance abuse problems. Fucking glad I don’t drink…

  8. Probably beating his wife too, that again if he has one! And obvious he is a weakling taking on a woman with his buddys there to back him for in case she turn and kicks the shit out of him, they can help ohh what a shame to be such a pussy. Fucker I invite you for a nice one on one…….!

    1. She tried to evoke the pussy pass by redirecting the blame on the men who did this to her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know that these cops are long time friends of the culprits she fingered: a Mr. Jose Cuervo, kindly old Don Julio and the ever grimy gringo, Pepe Lopez

    1. I play that song loudly while I’m getting my computer infected with viruses. All while researching things involving abusive authoritative figures dressed in black punishing drunk and disobedient Latinas…

  9. The pigs are like the muslims, they want you to submit totally or they will kill you.

    Fuck all pigs and fuck all muslims.

    Between them, I’m not sure which one is the worst of the two evil and since I’m not sure which one is the worst, I say “kill them all” and let allah, the camel dick sucking towel-head, sort them out.

  10. I’m glad this got on video. I was feeling sorry for her, but then, at the very end she back kicks the cop with her high heal shoe. Thus, she probably was being violent towards them first if after getting kicked and hit for over a minute, she is still stupid enough to try and back spike the cops leg with her shoe. She must have been on something, drunk, or just crazy. Rule #1….most of the time, if you do NOTHING and follow orders, the cops don’t attack you. Well 90% of the time. I know there are bad cops who are sadists out there but I think she deserved it seeing the end of the video.

  11. I run into a lot of police, and I have never met a rude or violent one in my life. Maybe i am just very lucky in that fact.

    Most cops will be atleast civil if you treat them how you would be treated. And if you act like your the shit or hiding something. It’s only natural for them to change and act accordingly.

    1. Congratulations on your good luck. You obviously don’t live in Jacksonville, Florida where this happened. The police here are obnoxious corrupt assholes. We have had officers convicted of rape, murder, child molestation, armed robbery, home invasion, planting narcotics, grand theft, burglary etc. The police union president was put in jail for engaging in a massive scheme to defraud. Our DUI enforcement officers have gotten drunk while they were on duty. They screw prostitutes while they are on duty as officers. They take money and protect drug dealers. They rob drug dealers. Our homicide detectives steal property and evidence from the station. They shoot unarmed people in the back here and it is ruled justified. That badge is not worth the nickel it would fetch at a scrap yard.

  12. Cowa… I mean cops. I’ve been harassed by them all my life even though I was doing nothing illegal. Any who luckily I’ve never ended up in this situation. I just simply answer them bluntly ignore probing questions and go on my way. After they find out there’s absolutely nothing on my record. Seems to really piss them off.

  13. Whenever I am getting beat
    And feel the argument is lost
    I use a trick my father taught:
    And scream the dread word, ?Holocaust!?
    I never need to fear defeat –
    Though every word I speak is crossed –
    I have a word that trumps them all
    Should I but say it: ?Holocaust!?
    And when I find myself in court
    I know who?s going to win because
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    Should you awaken from your slumber
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    I have no need to prove my facts
    All challenges are quickly squashed
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    Of the juggernaut called ?Holocaust!?
    The years roll by for you and I
    The world processes without a pause
    Yet in six million years, we’ll still,
    Be crying out: ?The Holocaust!”?

  14. 1.Why is this person arrested?
    2.In both videos person is violent (kicking with legs)
    3.This page constantly argues that women are calling for their feminist rights (female privilege), where can we see it now?

    1. to feel ‘sick’, to feel unstable, to feel as if your going mad, to feel as though your all alone . . . is just a sign you are breaking free from the tangled web of the false reality. embrace your sickness and madness and know that your soul is searching for something more, something deeper inside has sparked. you dont know exactly what it is yet, but your compelled to go inside yourself and twist and untangle your manufactured reality into whats you really feel in your soul. your spirit self is being awakened. welcome my friend. . and prepare to gain valauble insight and knowledge.

    2. Whats happening you sick bastard! Are you a sick bastard, too? You must be. You saw the blood on the floor and the heads on the wall when you walked in. You saw the little black boy shining shoes for members in the corner and the bowl of punch spiked with DMT. You saw our bathroom facilities where the toilets flush straight into the mouths of corrupt politicians and the urinal cakes are shaped like the star of David. You saw the crying men, women and gays of all colors and creeds screaming for consideration and privilege, shut outside the door and constantly showered with the jizz of our jackoff statements, like a comedic bukkake scene. You saw all this and still came right on in. Yeah, you’re a sick fucker. Lol. Welcome. And nothing is wrong with us.

  15. I want to give a shoutout to the “Alternative f?r Deutschland (AfD) party” in Germany.

    If you are a German, you should be proud that this organization is helping to get rid of those pesky towel heads that have been brought to your shores by that Angela Merkel bitch.

    Help the AFD party in any way that you can. You need to keep those muslims off your lands. Help the AFD get rid of those horse-cock sucking muslims that are now running rampant in your lands.

    Also, I want to send out a shoutout to the city of Corsica in France. Here, a muslim prayer hall was ravaged by fire on Saturday.
    Help out the city of Corsica. Help burn down the mosques that these muslims people use to spread their hate for anyone that does not believe in their idiotic and mythical god.

    The muslims want to place Sharia law in all the countries in the world. They want everyone to believe in their mythical god and they want all laws to be based on religious stupidities.

    Fuck the muslims! Fuck allah! Fuck mohammad! Fuck all these muslims immigrants coming into the European Union.

    1. @Vulva Eater
      Agreed 100%. Their religious beliefs are impossible to incorporate into a democratic society. Accepting them into a free civilization is like someone drinking poison and believing it is safe. Why are libtards so stupid and ignorant?

  16. I would like to see the vid from the start before passing judgment on the cops. They have to put up with people like this every day-am I the only one seeing the female kicking the cop even after she had cuffs on? Use to put up with this on a daily basis myself and it gets old-really old having someone kick, spit and swing on you.

  17. He was punching into her like he is allowed to…. is he allowed to? I would have thought no, but it seems to be all too common these days, brutal US police. I was reading above how @Dutchy says the Aussie cops are not as bad. He’s right to a certain degree, the cops are a lot more laid back in Aust. but they still have that pig attitude, a holier-than-thou bad attitude. Hands on their hips and chewing gum. You will be ok if you are civil with them though. Just grit your teeth and answer the basic questions, all you have to say is your name and D.O.B that’s it. They carry guns in Aust. too but they don’t shoot many people dead each year. They would want to have a very good reason if they shoot someone dead over here, there WILL be a coronial inquest too. Most people shot by cops over here are people with a mental disability, so the cops are being trained to spot that from the start.

    1. He should not even be on the police force. The news here reported he has a prior theft conviction before he was a cop. We have another different Jacksonville Florida officer here who has been fired today for using threats to have sex with prostitutes for free while in uniform and on duty. The state attorney’s office has refused to prosecute him, but he is also fired because he was falsifying the hours he worked and stealing from taxpayers. I live here. The police beat handcuffed people. They beat people who are not resisting. They flat out lie in court. The Jacksonville Florida Sheriff’s Office is a filthy corrupt disgrace.

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