Aftermath of Deadly Car Accident in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY

Aftermath of Deadly Car Accident in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY

Video from Saturday December 8, 2012 shows the aftermath of an deadly accident that happened in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York. One female pedestrian was killed, nine others were injured.

An Acura MDX traveling north up West 5 Street in Bensonhurst collided with a Jeep Cherokee that was traveling east up Quentin Road. The force caused the Acura to jump the curb and plow into four pedestrians who were standing at the corner.

60 year old Chenugor Dao of Brooklyn died on the spot. Some of the nine injured were taken to Maimonides Medical Center, others to Kings County Hospital. All were listed in stable condition.

Props to Best Gore member bkmeda for the video. Some parts of the video are blurred:

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23 thoughts on “Aftermath of Deadly Car Accident in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY

    • What would make you think we wouldn’t? Cell phone/social media culture is worldwide. I’m sure the videographer updated his Facebook status right after.

  1. I fuckin hate it when there is someone walking around freaking out saying shit like “Oh my god, oh my god.” Just shut up bitch, you’re making it worse acting like a fuckin retard!

    Those locals are lucky to have seen it happen. On the other hand, the other locals are unlucky to be ran over by all of it. Ignorant drivers should lose their license for life if they cause an accident like that. That’s how ‘I’ feel about it anyway..

  2. Starring James Gandolfini as meandering Kangol hat guy and Jerry Orbach as grumpy plainclothes officer. Aww I gave me a sad… no more Jerry Orbach.

    Sweet flame paintjob on the Fire Engine, and was that a Hotwheels decal I saw?

  3. It”s a public sidewalk. If I want to stand there and rubberneck I’m going to stand there and rubberneck. Never mind what I’m doing, Mr Policeman – you just concentrate on the victims there.

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