Aftermath of Painful Crotch Against Concrete Post Motorcycle Accident

Aftermath of Painful Crotch Against Concrete Post Motorcycle Accident

Aftermath of Painful Crotch Against Concrete Post Motorcycle Accident

Watch out for an abundance of male ass crack in this video.

This accident happened in Brazil, but I don’t know anything more about it. Looks like a couple on a motorcycle crashed into a concrete post and took it on with their crotches. The male is being removed first and seems to be wiggling his toes so he’s probably alive. I’m not so sure about the girl, but she may have survived too. Crotch trauma may be painful as all fuck, but not necessarily lethal. At least not when it comes to women. Maybe this one had properly developed labia and they softened the impact.


Found a follow up video of the same accident. Looks like the woman is still alive:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Aftermath of Painful Crotch Against Concrete Post Motorcycle Accident”

  1. ” Righto lads, let’s untangle these love birds”.

    ” Here you go fella, put this glove on and don’t f’kn rip…………… see what you’ve done dickhead, we can’t re-use that one now and your not getting one for your left either because of budget cuts “.

  2. First things first: nice ass on the chic. I was hoping they would yank off that helmet so I could see if the chic?s gob looked good. She is still alive; you can hear her yelp when they move her away from the concrete support near the end of the video. What I don?t understand is what happened to the motorcycle; were they riding a make-believe motorcycle and they crashed it? I would expect the motorcycle to take the brunt of the accident and prevent them from locking legs with the concrete.

  3. Getting a hit in the clitoris is much more painful than a male can imagine, don’t kid yourself. Some women die from the pain, a well known fact in countries that do genital mutilation on women and girls. The shock is immediate and enormous.

    1. Listen Obnoxious bitch (your words), you have no idea how sensitive a man’s nuts are. A simple graze to the balls is enough to plant me on my face for several minutes and a direct contact from say an ex-wife’s foot for dating one of her friends from work could put me in the hospital so be thankful for the lips god has given you and enjoy them as much as I would.

      1. It’s true!

        The best comparison for a woman is the eyeball. Poke your eyeball and see how sensitive and soft that thing is? Imagine two of them just hanging in a sack constantly under attack by assholes and bitches who don’t know better.

  4. Naw shes dead! Watch the second vid and see the medic using a mirror to check for breathing and then put his hand on her neck to check for a pulse and finally if she was alive they would have put a brace on her neck!

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