Aftermath of School Bus Accident in Indonesia – Many Children Died

Aftermath of School Bus Accident in Indonesia - Many Children Died

Indonesian accidents are notorious for high casualty count and exceptional carnage. Exceptional carnage is stripped off this video, but high body count is there.

A school bus crashed for reasons uncertain and it result in deaths of several school children. Indonesians often use banana tree leaves to cover road kills with, but in this case used different greens – must not have been any banana trees in the neighborhood. Not much further info available.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I must be going crazy because all I could hear in all that wailing was Alah Ackbar but since I don’t understand any Indonesian at all that would be impossible, I fear from having seen too many Muslim wailing Alah Ackbar videos that my mind now just inserts Alah Ackbar into these situations, a natural assumption based upon past experience it would seem.

  2. it is sad when children must die. however, they bring it on themselves by overbreeding in an already overpopulated series of islands. what is it now? like, 50,000 people per square mile? lol. seriously, assholes, stop breeding. and that goes for everywhere. the human race is in absolutely no danger of extinction.

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