Beating Heart Ripped Out of Chest, Guts Spilled for Meters from Body

Beating Heart Ripped Out of Chest, Guts Spilled for Meters from Body

Beating Heart Ripped Out of Chest, Guts Spilled for Meters from Body

You can guess by the helmet which country this video is from, although I do not know where exactly in Brazil it happened. Also, I know we have had videos with heart ripped out of the chest and still beating on Best Gore, so you may have thought you will have found a video you have already seen in this post, but this one is new. Although truth be told, that ripped out heart doesn’t really beat much, it’s barely twitching having completely run out of life juice.

Nobody turns the dead motorcyclist over during the course of the video so all we get to see is his good side. Considering that his heart was ripped out and guts pulled out and stretched along the dirt, I’m sure his front looks beyond gnarly.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Beating Heart Ripped Out of Chest, Guts Spilled for Meters from Body”

    1. Hey mugga, your nuts look like that cartoon where the lady has her old man’s nuts hanging from her rearview mirror like a trophy. BTW, do you get yours waxed? They look pretty hairless I must say! Good grooming!

  1. That poor bastard died from having his heart ripped out, I hope you woman are proud of yourselves, if only love had been a part of his life, if only his show of guts had been sexually exciting to you, he might have had a chance of life.

  2. This is so unrelated to best gore, but I worked in the Transplant division of UCSF. If I saw that right afterward, I would of put the heart in a ice container, and see if it still in working condition. Cause there is a list of people in line for a healthy heart.

  3. With all the dog’s barking in the background, I was waiting for at least one of them to come into the picture to take advantage of a free meal.You all know you’d like to see a couple of dogs playing tug-of war with those guts!!!
    Come on admit it!!!

  4. Dead bodies lying in the street, no problem in Brazil. It’s just business as usual. Got a cell phone? Take a video to show your grandchildren what a glorious country they live in and that they may also be bodies in the street one day. How romantic!

  5. FV roadkill look just like animal roadkill, with the guts etcetera. I don’t like seeing animals dead, though, but humans is a different matter.
    My mother used to tell me that when I was a toddler, an accident happened in our street, a family got run over by a truck. Shattered bodies everywhere, a few decapitated kids and such. I just stood on the kerb watching the scene with interest. Later, I couldn’t remember a thing of it. I doubt whether my gore fascination comes from that, but I’m glad I can make up now for what I’ve forgotten then. Heh heh.

  6. Wow, that must have been some collision. I don’t think that heart is still beating, it looks more like its caused by bad bitrate on the video. I see the ground “moving” aswell.

    Dogs enthusiastically barking in the background want to munch on his guts, I guess.

    That guy in the yellow shirt made sure he was close enough to make good pictures to show his mates.

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