Cyclist Completely Destroyed in Collision with Car and Stripped to Underwear

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Cyclist Completely Destroyed in Collision with Car and Stripped to Underwear

A cyclist was destroyed after he was hit by a vehicle and subsequently run over by a trailer on the BR-277 highway in the city of Santa Terezinha de Itaipu, Paraná, Brazil.

The accident happened on Tuesday June 25, 2013. The truck driver that ran the body over, delivering most of the damage pulled a hit and run on the scene. The bicyclist was stripped down to the underwear, which is typical of gruesome traffic accidents, but even though he got to keep his underwear on, his penis and balls were still exposed.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

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96 thoughts on “Cyclist Completely Destroyed in Collision with Car and Stripped to Underwear”

        1. Ah the H strikes again.!Theboatman is a BG member (not posted for a while). He is a long haul truck driver by trade so I tease him about leaving his mark :)

          1. Cheers Gunky! Yeah , i know who the good B-man is, truck driver with hippie-look, i do miss his comments…i thought perhaps you had news from him…but i didn’t get your joke. Now i’m enlightened though! (:

      1. @Drccoco has anyone ever told you, you look like the father of i’m not sure which one it is but it’s either beavis or butthead. lol.

        I enjoy your sharp and witty humor, it never disappoints or offends me.
        I’m from down under as they say.

  1. The last time I stripped down to my underwear and socks with my cock and balls hanging out in the middle of the street everybody started pointing, screaming and taking photographs before the police eventually arrived to take me away so I can very much relate to and appreciate what this poor old man went through.

    1. Hey Empty, I would’nt try that here in Toronto today…the Gay Pride parade is going on and you might yourself facing the pavement while your butt cheeks are spread open…you know what happens next.

      1. @Brokeback,

        The good old Gay Pride parade, every country has one. I tend to avoid being anywhere near them, they tend to be a pain in the ass.

        “you might find yourself facing the pavement while your butt cheeks are spread open…you know what happens next.”

        I have to go through that horrible experience every time the taxman wants his cut, every time I have to fill my car up with petrol and every time I use an airport, my asshole is well and truly perforated from every day living in this shitty world.

  2. This is the one and only thing here on BG that´ll provide me with nightmares : bike accidents. Because I KNOW I´ll end up like this as a psycho cyclist. I hate you Dr.Cocco!
    But many thanks for the pics though. 😆

  3. All the remaining evidence, the shoes, socks, underwear, even the folded up orange bicycle, suggest that this man was a complete and total fashion disaster. Some people are just begging to be run over by 18 wheelers and have their junk exposed for the world to see on the internet.

          1. I love when they dance and then their nuts fly out all over, flopping around like a dead man.

  4. Reminds me of an accident my cousin told me he saw where a black guy was riding his bike down the very same highway I had my motorcycle accident and he got hit by a car rolled over it and the following car ran over him at like 70 mph. My cousin said the blackie’s penis was down by his foot.

      1. As in you want some or you despise the little things?
        Many days I would wake up after a xanax binge only to be disappointed by the news of some stupid shit I’d done that I couldnt remember. Tsk tsk tsk. Havent fucked with them in about 3 years though :)

  5. Let this be a lesson guys…always wear a nice pair of clean boxers so if you do end up dead like this at least your dick and balls wont be hanging out cuz you know it’s the first thing people will look at.

    1. Not only does the poor fucker get ripped to pieces and strewn across the road, but his gonads are exposed for the world to gawk at. He had the back, sack and crack waxing done, by the looks of it. At least he made his bollocks look presentable before he got himself smashed to bits.

          1. Hey Jizza, he must have had his franks n beans all gussied up and was on his way out to get some lovin

  6. Very brutal!
    The broken and twisted bones/limbs make me feel sick, just by looking at it. I hope this NEVER happens to me. But then again, who would like this to happen to them.

          1. We’ve all got our intoxicated tells. Yours is posting too much. Mine is rambling complete bullshit too much!

          2. I have to make up for lost time, I’ve been away from here the last couple of weeks and I’m going through Bestgore withdrawls.

  7. Diving to save his girfriend, & Having his junk exposed gave meaning to what his “baby on board” sticker meant.. Poor bastard got zipped around the trucks driveline. awesome. Thx drccoco.

  8. I wonder how many bones were broken, in total? His crushed chest is the worst injury, to me. Just looking at it, makes me conscience of my own breathing. Brutal, drccoco!!

  9. Yes of course @ Burning. He’s doing fine actually currently taking ballet classes in heaven. All welcome just ride a bike head on into a vehicle coming towards you.

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