Body Royally Mangled and Decapitated After Being Run Over and Dragged

Body Royally Mangled and Decapitated After Being Run Over and Dragged

A 42 year old man was run over and dragged for about 50 meters on the BR-277 highway in Brazil. The victim’s wife, who was returning home from work, reported he called her and told her he was leaving the house by bicycle to pick her up from the bus station. But he never arrived.

Driver that ran him over pulled a hit and run on the scene, leaving the victim’s royally mangled and decapitated body behind.

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      1. Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward
        Whoever cannot take care of themselves without that law is both
        For a wounded man shall say to his assailant
        ‘If I live, I will kill you. If I die, You are forgiven’
        Such is the rule of honour
        -Randy Blythe

      1. I was in the navy so I didn’t get to venture too far but in Sydney I took a tour into the blue mountains. That was pretty cool. In Western Australia just fremantle and Perth. I was in my 20s then so i did a lot of club/bar hopping…but one thing I’ll never forget is how beautiful you aussie women are 😉

          1. I actually have an online friend from Perth and she sent me a parcel with small gifts! I received it a couple days ago. The funniest gift is a small booklet entitled “Australian Slang Dictionary” over 900 uniquely aussie words! I love it! I’ve always said “yes, aussies speak English, but sometimes you don’t know what the hell they just said!” Lol!

          2. I’ve been attempting to learn Aussie slang for Tas but I have no idea which post I said it on or when

            Also Tas: the 17 kangaroos ran over. Did the catch the guy? I hate forgetting where I write things, so I never get my answer to anything. Bad memory sometimes

          3. @Train, Personal notifications would be awesome addition to the site so we wouldn’t have to go back and see if anyone responded to our comments but I don’t know if that’s too “facebooky” for this site.

          4. Here’s a couple fun ones @Train:
            *ac/dc = bisexual
            *awning over the toy shop = beer belly on a guy
            *bee’s dick = a small amount
            *big spit = vomit
            *blotto = very drunk
            *cack = defecate
            *clear the cobwebs = sex
            *crack a fat = get a hard on
            *doodle,donga,donger = penis
            *face fungus = beard
            *fanny = vagina
            *freckle = anus
            *knackers = testicle
            *liquid amber = beer
            *liquid laugh = vomit
            *nuggets = testicles
            Lol, too many to list!
            *map of Tassie=female pubic

          5. @Gory, actually the notifications thing was something a lot of us were asking for a long time ago. Back in December 2014 there was a post to raise money to put toward the site & I believe that was one of the few changes they were going to try to make. We even exceeded our goal
            I forgot about it until recently. Hopefully it’ll still happen.

          6. @GoryCory, haha you have listed some good ones, I’m not afraid to admit, I speak ‘bogan’ lol,

            @Train, sorry I forgot to reply to your question before, I actually did ‘google’ it when I first saw your question, though I had heard about it, when it was first discovered 5 days ago. I don’t think the person responsible has been caught 🙁 It’s a disgusting thing to do, some had to be ‘put down’ (too injured to treat) so this guy actually left native animals to suffer on the side of the road with broken backs, legs etc. As with many countries, we don’t have much respect for our native animals, though of course, many are out-raged. Some people say “they are just animals” well that doesn’t give anybody the right to kill/torture them for something to do. One of my friends was in a car crash where the driver died, he was the passenger, he said the driver had tried to run over a parrot eating spilled grain at the side of the road, he hit the gravel and rolled his car, that’s what can happen.

  1. Probably better off this way than showing up late…wonder how long she waited before she figured out he wasn’t gonna show ?
    Probably cursed him and called him every name in the book…oh well she’s gotta live with that now.

    1. Yeah, he was probably thinking of getting a piece of that ass that night….instead HIS ass is in pieces…or something like that. Think i fucked up that joke :/

    1. I guess it was close by and he picks his wife up on the bicycle instead of getting the car out for a short trip? Also where is the bike? I bet it’s still all caught up underneath the vehicle? We call it ‘dinkying’ in Aust., when you give someone a lift on a bicycle, usually the person sits on the handle-bars. “you want a dink?” lol

          1. @Tas, Dink means “To carry a passenger on a pushbike or motorbike” in my booklet! I think im gonna start using some of this slang on here, hopefully i dont get in trouble haha!

        1. No dinks for you @LF, I’m grounding you as soon as you get here… Lol just kidding, you’ll always be the dom 😉

          Oh and @tas I’ve actually never heard the word dink before, it kinda sounds like something a bogan would say lol

          1. Where in the fuck have you been? Every time you leave my imagination runs wild and I always think the worst has happened. I’d kick your ass if I knew you wouldn’t like it.

          2. I was depressed, I’m not too good at being social when depressed. That’s the only excuse I have. I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not but if you are then I’m really sorry, I didn’t think you’d be that worried

          3. @DOS

            I was doin fine until you went and posted that link on the other thread with the cock and mouse trap the other day… You asshole lol

            Yeah I was feeling good today so I thought I’d check back in, I’ve still been around reading the new posts and comments but just felt like lurking for a bit, I’ll try to stick around this time. And how bout you bro, everything going good with you in ohio?

          4. @jack
            I thought you may appreciate that little gem of a video…some people man 🙂 lmao.

            Well believe it or not, when we don’t hear from some of the family around here, we actually get concerned…I thought little foot was going to put out an APB and search party for your ass lol.

            Things are going good my way. I’ve been working my ass off lately but I don’t mind…keeps me busy and the money’s not bad. I actually think we are planning to go see Deadpool when it comes out on the 12th; that movie looks like it’s going to be the shit!

          5. @Jack

            I’m really sorry, I hate hearing that 🙁 I hope things get better and I don’t blame you for taking some time for yourself. I was worried but just ignore me, I’m crazy but I’m sure you already knew that 😉


            I was going to put missing signs on posts all over and put his picture on milk cartons and a $5000 reward for his return. Thank god he came back because I couldn’t afford to pay the reward lol.

          6. @LF

            You know I love you and the site, I’d never leave BG for good without saying a word, I really am sorry for worrying you, I didn’t mean to. Oh and for the record… If you kicked my ass because you were pissed at me I would not enjoy it… Infact I would be terrified…. So in the future if I ever do anything to piss you off you can rest easy knowing that I would get no pleasure out of you kicking my ass over it… Though I’d probably still think you’re beautiful while you Do it 😉

          7. It’s okay @Jack there’s no reason to apologize, I’m just a nut. My fear was you got into an accident or met some crazy girl who made your worse nightmare come true by cutting off your dick and then you bled to death….I have issues 🙁

            Haha oh really? I’ll remember that next time you make me mad and if I see a wet spot on your pants I’ll assume it’s pee from your fear and not….something else 😉

          8. @Jack, I meant to add, just stay and chat to us on BG, I know you have been depressed and we have been worried about you, but you can say whatever to us, we won’t judge. I know I’m telling you nothing you don’t already know 😉 Get your arse over to WA and I’ll give YOU a dinky on my bike! lol

          9. @tas

            Sandgroper? :/ how do you know all these words? Lol

            You’ll give me a dinky huh? Hmmm why not. I don’t think I’ve ever had one before, just try not to crash while I’m on there or I’ll never trust you ever again, I fell off my bike really badly when I was little and didn’t get on a bike again for about 10 years after that lol

        2. @LF, I will definitely give you a dinky on my bike! I just got a new bike, one of those old fashioned looking ones with the big seat, really big handle bars (that’s the bit you will be sitting on!) also it doesn’t have gears and it has back brakes! I love my new bike I’ve been riding it everywhere lately.

  2. Being rolled around between the huge wheels of a truck must be one of the worst was to die. The realisation, prior to being torn to bits, that this is it, all over, and it’s going to be a real mess. And this one is one very big mess.
    Cringe worthy.

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