Body Smeared Along Railway Tracks

Body Smeared Along Railway Tracks

Once again, high speed impact robs a man of his clothes in death. In this case it robbed him of his legs as well.

There’s no info on this video but more likely than not, the guy was too impatient to wait for the train and tried to beat it at the level crossing. It’s a good demonstration of how much force a train has and how long it takes to stop because right when you think the filmers have long passed all the bits, bam! There’s another chunk of flesh (leg?).

Somebody claimed this came from the Netherlands but I’m skeptical because of the English cry of “holy shit!” although it could be a tourist.

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24 thoughts on “Body Smeared Along Railway Tracks”

  1. Definitly not in The Netherlands. We have different railway barriers. And the envioroment + cars at the end are not very Dutch either.

    And it looks like cops and yellow line are put out at the end of the vid, both not very Dutch.

    And to make it 100% not Dutch, the moment that a fucktard jumps in front of a train over here, the Dutch Railways block all train trafic on both sides of the track. So this can’t be in The Netherlands.

    I travel by train every day here in The Netherlands and I am well known with them jumpers here…

  2. This is in America. The man saying “Oh shit” sounds like a Negroid.

    The train reminds me of the Metrolink. Possibly the LA County areas.

    I would not be surprised if the man who was hit by the train was formerly a Mexican now a Mexcrement.

  3. ohh I saw this once riding the metrolink! There was matter all over on the other side, and the train that hit the guy was stopped… and where the guys body was the police had a tarp over it but they were using the guys foot and arm to hold it down! I guess it had barely happened. The poor kid behind me called his mom crying… I was in shock but couldnt turn away. There was brain.. or something trailed for quiet a bit. I researched it later and it was an older black man and they were ruling it suicide. Something I will never forget.

  4. For those of you wondering where this accident took place. This happen in Los Angeles in WATTS, CA. A few weeks ago. He was in a bike when this happen. It happen in the 103 stop heading to Long Beach, CA. This man died. My mother lives close by and this is why I know because I reconized the place. (: May his souls Rest in Peace.

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