Box Truck Collides Head On with Semi, Gets Destroyed

Box Truck Collides Head On with Semi, Gets Destroyed

This video was caught on high definition dashcam in Russia, but for whatever reason the footage freezes on a frame every so often. It’s a bit irritating but the violent collision makes up for the irritation.

It would appear that the box truck driver dozed off. His vehicle smoothly progressed into the oncoming lane and crashed head on with a semi. The semi driver noticed that an oncoming truck was invading his lane and tried to avoid it by going as close to the barrier as he could but when they were in each other’s face, the box truck was all the way in his lane.

Given its weight, the semi had much more kinetic energy and delivered a powerful slap to the box truck, pretty much destroying it and its cargo. The crash also sent the female passenger in the dashcam car into a squeal fit.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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22 thoughts on “Box Truck Collides Head On with Semi, Gets Destroyed”

  1. Oh, so there was a human female in the car. That shit sounded like a chimpanzee cumming to Jane Goodall getting beheaded.

    To Hell with boxes on wheels!!! We must advance ourselves to flying saucers like the Little Green Men in 1950s sci-fi movies. It just sounds safer right now, but I have been drinking.

  2. Dang that was pretty bad. The worst one I have ever seen was a tanker truck accident on a desolate Texas road at night. The driver lost control on a curve, and the tank trailer rolled over the truck cab flatening it like a junkyard compressor.

  3. Dash cams are all the rage now and also my favourites on BG.

    I think the reason for the jerky video is the wrong ‘class’ of SD card used for recording……. You need at least 6 but preferably 10 for high def.

    Here endith the lesson for all students of BG 😀

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