Boy on Bicycle Killed by Train in Talpe, Sri Lanka

Boy on Bicycle Killed by Train in Talpe, Sri Lanka

Boy on Bicycle Killed by Train in Talpe, Sri Lanka

By the looks of it, a boy with a bicycle was hit by a train and died. He doesn’t look too bad with his back up, but when they flip him over, a crack in his skull and spilled guts are revealed.

The accident happened in the coastal village of Talpe in Sri Lanka. What was the boy doing on the railway tracks with the bicycle and how did he not hear the train coming are all questions we may never find the answer for. There are many explanations to having a bicycle in the proximity of tracks, but to not see a damn train coming at you? I could never understand how people get killed by trains. Just how oblivious do you have to be to your surroundings to not notice a train hurling about?

Correction – there are two boys who were killed by the train. Props to Best Gore member vvrk77 for the video:

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30 thoughts on “Boy on Bicycle Killed by Train in Talpe, Sri Lanka”

  1. Looks like 2 completely different kids though. One has a white shirt and the other kids shirt looks orange. The fact that there’s 2 kids makes this that much MORE bizarre! How did 2 kids end up hit by a train?! Wouldn’t there be more damage though?! Seems minimal for being hit by a train..

    1. Here we tell our kids not to play on the roads, there they tell their kids not to play on the train tracks (at least I hope they do).

      How do you ride a bike on a train track? Must be quite bumpy.

      I think the bike is salvageable though.

    1. Children are innocent up to a certain age,then when they begin to able to form thoughts and perceptions of the world [which they live] that is the point where all that harmless,innocent stuff goes out the windows.Some does depend on the parents,kids learn from them,even try to imitate them.Then of course they have their friends influence.And curiosity-we know where that cann lead to.

  2. Yes it are 2 boy’s indeed, age 11 and 10 i think, and trains there are not so fast so thats why the damage looks less. It is strange thou how it happened, maybe they tried to cross the rails juat before the train came.
    RIP to both :-(.

  3. Maybe they were doing , normally what I do when I need to get to the other side of town fast like. I go down a street closest to the train tracks, I drag my bike threw the break in the link fence go down the hill and drag the bike over the tracks and ride the bike on the side I need to exit from, I get clear.across town in 5 minutes this way those that know West Sacramento I get from West Capitol Ave to Sacramento Ave just crossing the tracks.

    I missed it by 5 freaking minutes about 7 months ago a guy killed himself on the tracks just after I has already crossed over. Well I can’t day for sure weather or not it was for sure suicide. But he did get decapitated. And I did see him walking opposite side of me. After I get back . From Wal-mart, I tried to get close for a better look & Pictures but way to Many cops shooing away people so I left but I did see them pick up the head what is it protocol to pick it up by the hair all the time

  4. this have me thinking about that family guy episode where they was walking on the tracks the first kid was going to yell train so they can beat the train but did not make it the second kid thought he was about to get away than you know

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