Brand New Mercedes Trashed During Street Racing in Túnel Mundialista, Colombia

Brand New Mercedes Trashed During Street Racing in Túnel Mundialista, Colombia

In Cali, Colombia, a group of illegal street racers in high end vehicles raced through the Mundialista Tunnel to prove whatever there is to prove in being a jackass.

A driver in a brand new Mercedes Benz A45 AMG mishandled the bend and crashed against one of the tunnel’s walls. According to Colombian news portal Noticiero 90 Minutos, the Merc’s plate was registered in March 2017. The incident happened on March 7, 2017.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Brand New Mercedes Trashed During Street Racing in Túnel Mundialista, Colombia”

  1. Fate is extremely unforgiving. If you’re going to do something stupid don’t assume everything’s going to work out A-OK, because you might just find yourself with your head smashed in or on fire. It’s always better to err on the side of caution.

    1. “Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
      I for one can not stand street racers.
      Or the fast and the furious movies.
      They need to let that series die.
      Like Paul Walker that’s my opinion.”

      1. The new movie looks terrible, I loved the first but it’s been downhill for them from there, this latest is beyond too far fetched. I too hope it is the end of their movie series’

        1. “I’ll admit the first was good.
          Yes it was downhill after that.
          And they’re still milking that franchise.
          At this point that is all they’re doing.
          It’s so obvious that’s all they’re doing.”

      2. Trust Me – I like street racing and I think poppin’ the champaign cork may be the funniest thing ever. (Full throttle through tunnel – pop out the end) But let somebody go through first – make sure there’s no cop or car that might pull out. They can give you the high beams and you roll through. Doing that in the middle of night really just affects me and if I do flip a car 38 times, at least I might get my pic on BG 😉

      1. Yup! even though this particular A45 is one of the most toyish / japanese-like designed merc out there, still looks pretty solid. Tyres didn’t fly off in the flip motion and impacts..

        Lucky driver. Lives to be stupid another day

        1. this crash didn’t look too bad though. I agree mercedes makes safe vehicles but in a bad crash no safe vehicle will save you. for example if he lost control and got t-boned by a big truck probably would be dead no matter how safe that mercedes is.

  2. Hatchbacks are lighter…….Almost impossible though….
    That it would flip over like that… this speed(100/120m/h……IDK….
    A tire probably gave up…….Maybe that one has no 4matic.
    I’m fucking clueless……Maybe built in Brasil…….???????
    WARNINGS……..THESE are pretty cheap cars……..
    Witch in other words means that they are not
    HIGHER END vehicles….Period.

      1. I know what it is……Brand New tires have this kind
        Of oily substance from the cast in order to get off easier……. That’s​ why they tell you to watch it, brand new
        Tires have to be break in……Before abusing them…..
        That’s it…..
        Inspector​ Clouzot.
        Best regards.

  3. – If you have already lost your brother and very close friends in accidents, how do you continue in these illegal races?
    – Races are like drugs or gambling, you cannot stop doing them.
    A part of an anonymous interview of an illegal racer here in Greece.

  4. Ahh yes the classic AWD understeer……And in the hands of a idiot you can have a fully spec’d out race car results would be the same.

    Just cause you have the cash for a sports car does not automatically give you the skills needed.

    And racing in the streets is just stupid take it to the track…

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