Breeding a New Generation of Female Drivers

Breeding a New Generation of Female Drivers

Breeding a New Generation of Female Drivers

The 11th Plague of Egypt – currently terrorizing the innocents in a street near you.

Recent video from St. Petersburg Russia (not a dashcam footage this time) shows an 8 year old girl driving a powerful Audi fast on an icy road while being egged on by her father and filmed by her mother. Girl’s parents posted the video on the internet to brag about the new generation of female drivers they’ve bred but it lead to a bit of a backlash and got St. Petersburg police investigating. The parents were identified as Dmitry and Lena Mikulchik, their 8 year old daughter is named Karina.

The girl was driving at speeds exceeding 100 km/h (60mph) while neither her, nor her parents wore seatbelts. Because the kid was too short to reach the pedals with her feet, she’d used the windscreen wash fluid container to bridge the gap with. Road situation in Russia is already crazy as it is, this doesn’t make it any better.

Props to Best Gore member theword for the video:

And of course we can’t have a post about female drivers without a little proper display of their abilities behind the wheel of a motor vehicle:

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30 thoughts on “Breeding a New Generation of Female Drivers”

  1. how does such a fucking retard afford such a nice car?
    Ps I agree with the generalization that women are routinely shitty drivers. Yet their insurance is much cheaper. Just because someone doesn’t drive fast, doesn’t mean they don’t suck at it.

      1. @mrosef
        I expected to get a bunch of shit from the ladies. Instead, one of the cutest boys around wants to holler at my mother. Give me your phone number so I can pass it along. She’ d actually be thrilled.

        1. Haha- i luv you boys!! 😉 You guys keep me smiling!!! :)

          I can actually drive fairly well. Although there’s those rare occasions where i have to think back at how i got where i was going. Sometimes i think i just follow the car in front of me! Lol.

          The 2nd video was cute! I doubt just anyone could pull a roll over move like that! Haha!! She barely turned at minimal speed and ended up upside down! That was funny!

          1. Juicy I love ya gurl!
            I bet you’re a mighty fine driver:) a lot of ladies are very good drivers. But when they suck at it, they REALLY suck. I know far more women who’ve been in accidents that they caused. Meanwhile, I have a few friends(boys) in the drift scene who do some crazy shit. Yet, they’ve never been in an accident involving other drivers.

  2. This 8yr old was only driving straight along the roadway, I would think as she gets older they’ll teach her how to turn corners too. Or she’ll be flipping that nice Audi and her dad won’t be very happy then. I was hoping to see another vehicle coming at them and see if the girl panics and loses control…

  3. I review thousands of MVA (motor vehicle accident) Reports at work. I can safely say men are the cause of more accidents than women, at least here in Vegas.

    1. Yes, they are because most of men are overconfident while driving. Being a good driver does not make you immune to traffic accidents, but it seems the dumbfucks getting crushed by trucks on the road think otherwise.

  4. lol, in the second video they take their stuff and leave quietly the car on his back to enter their home, as if the car was just roughly parked, but parked anyway

  5. The girl drove quite well. But then puberty and hormones haven’t kicked in yet. That’s when the female-ness starts turning the brain to mush.

  6. That little girl did an exellent job under the circumstances.Perhaps people should stop trying to program women for failure when they dare the ‘ manly’ pursuet.

  7. That 8 year old girl drives better than any of the asshole metro Washington DC drivers. Especially the fucked up, useless, incompetent Maryland drivers!

    1. Physics can be a bitch sometimes.

      A couple of things came together:

      First she lady maneuvered the car in a fashion so that the gravitational force pointed to her left.

      With the right amount of speed and the unlucky instance of having the front wheel turned all the way to the right and hitting the wall, it can lead to such a funky rollover.

      It does take quite some practice to pull this one off AND make it look so casual as in this example here – but let’s be modest – we do see a professional at work so let’s just enjoy the show.

      Maybe we get to see an aftermath video as well in a couple of days 😉

    2. A driver flipped the car I was a passenger in and I was thrown 40 ft. He flipped it by clipping the median swerving out, then clipping it again, and over correcting which caused the car to flip.

  8. Ironically makes me a little embarrassed to be 21 and still cannot drive properly. I have an irrational fear of driving; not sure what caused it. Any time I’m behind the wheel and there’s another car or person on the road I just freak out. I’m alright when the road is deserted.
    I should probably overcome that though, but….ehh. Hrmmm.

    1. exactly the same for me, driving phobia… I’ve got my driving licence (after 5 attempts) but still learning to drive with an automatic car and in total panic as soon as I see another car… So I’m also embarrassed seing a 10 yo girl driving a big car with such facility

  9. I think the woman in the second video needed a wider opening between the gates. I can’t see to drive, but I know I could have taken that turn without rolling the car.

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