Bristol Bus Driver used Vehicle as Weapon to Knock Down Cyclist

Bristol Bus Driver used Vehicle as Weapon to Knock Down Cyclist

It was a strange case of road rage in which a bus driver deliberately swerved his vehicle to knock down a cyclist and it was all caught on a CCTV camera in Bristol, UK.

29 year old bus driver Gavin Hill reportedly got into an argument at traffic circle with 43 year old father of two Phillip Mead which prompted the bus driver to ram the cyclist, throwing him over the handlebars and onto the ground. While Phillip Mead suffered a broken leg and fractured wrist, Gavin Hill continued on his merry way like nothing happened.

The incident happened at 8:30 am on April 5, 2012. Phillip Mead reportedly tugged at the bus’ windscreen wiper which made the bus driver to want to retaliate. As a result, Phillip Mead spent 2 weeks in a hospital and 6 weeks in plaster. His left leg is now held together by a 25 cm long metal plate and his wrist bones by bolts.

A bus driver for ten years, Gavin Hill was jailed for 17 months at Bristol Crown Court after pleading guilty to dangerous driving and causing grievous bodily harm. He described the incident as a “moment of madness”. Judge Mark Horton said “You used the bus as a weapon to bully and intimidate Mr Mead.” He was also fired by Bugler Coaches.

I understand giving the man the boot, but is it just me who thinks 17 months in jail is a bit harsh for this type of crime? Especially since Gavin Hill had a long history of safe driving? I find bullying and intimidation of random people by Muslim immigrants to Britain far more repulsive and sentence worthy than this. The driver acted after being provoked, Muslims picked on people who did nothing to them or anyone else.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “Bristol Bus Driver used Vehicle as Weapon to Knock Down Cyclist”

      1. Where did you see the bus driving him OVER? The cyclist was right in front of the bus and obviously made a sharp turn to slap him on the side. He could have just go straight trough him if that was the case.

  1. the bus driver tried to kill the man.
    he deserved 5 years.

    and muslims mean nothing in the uk, any fucking idiot could do what these numptys did picking lone victims while they are ganged and tooled up , tell them to do it on a saturday night when all the english teenagers are out on the town getting pissed,they would get kicked around like an empty pair of overalls and their muslim fucking blood would be smeared across the road like an emptied tin of red paint.
    these wankers pick their victims.

    remember glasgow airport when the terrorist fuckers got their heads kicked in by john smeaton.
    a simple baggage handler.

    1. Yeah bro, they mean nothing. Who cares when England born Muslim try and blow up an airport, passenger buses, seeks out Jihad in Africa, etc. etc.

      You want the blood of your politicians to run down the street, not the vermin Muslims who wouldn’t even be in your Country, capable of attacking it if it wasn’t for your traitorous Governments

      But hey – Keep sleeping on the problem, mate. It won’t be long before a White English Teenager gets his head chopped off in London.

      Or a bomb goes off in Lond… wait. That already happened.

      1. I don’t agree with all the bad thoughts to Muslim as not alp Muslim are bad, just the select few. I am not Muslim but I am in a position in my life where I understand the bad rep towards all Muslims. We need to stop thinking this way.

        Any how I was replying to your comment because you said it won’t be long before a Muslim cuts of someone’s head in London and you were right. Lee ridby was almost beheaded on London streets after your comment on here. Lee rigby was ran over and hacked to death in London by a young british man who went to the extreme. The British Muslim even went as far as going all the way to Kenya to join an army that was killing non believers. This is where he got his first kill and by the time he got back to England he was a pro who was willing to die for his ridiculous cause.

    2. John Smeaton is a fucking liar.He was nowhere near the Ragheads.I regularly travel to Glasgow Airport myself and have been told by several staff at the TERMINAL that he said the right things to the press and the Political establishment .He soon was surrounded by politicians and had columns in the Shit Press( The Sun,Daily Record ) and it was all” what does Smeato think ?”He was even having ago at the IRA.I don’t pretend to know about all the conflicts in the world but Smeaton is a puppet faggot Hun.Nothing more.

  2. Ill bet you’d feel this was a VERY appropriate punishment for Mr. Gavin had YOU been the guy he mowed down & put through that much pain, loss of work & lifelong maiming, Mark, had it been YOU he’d committed this heinous crime against. I know *I* would!

    1. Luckily, we have people on this planet capable of seeing beyond their own point of view.

      17 months seems harsh for a guy with a clean record and first offense. Let’s not forget that the victim was the instigator. Had he not been an asshole in the first place, he’d be at home with his kids.

      How many of us would get angry if we drove along and a cyclist rode by and hit your side mirror and kept going? You’d probably want to run the fucker over too – although most of us wouldn’t.

      How many of us have gotten heated over something small. Not because you have a short temper, but because some stranger intentionally disrespects you or your property right in your face.

      Nobody’s right in these situations.

  3. I to find has sentence to be bullshit but if British assault laws are like American assault laws then they reserve the harsh punishment for those that get provoked and retaliate which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard…in America aggravated assault is worse than regular assault, so In other words if Mr Hill lived in America and did this he would be more severely punished then that nigger from Philadelphia we saw a couple post back who attacked that young girl unprovoked for her cell phone then thru her on the tracks, can you belive that retarted shit?!?

    1. You can clearly see that piece of shit cyclist following the bus and riding right next to it as if trying to bully the driver…he was clearly trying to start shit and the little bitch he got it shit, the dumb fuck should’ve known better than to fuck with a bus when his bitch ass is riding a shitty little bicycle…Mr Hill should’ve finished the job and ran over that pedal pushing dildo riding faggot ass Lance Armstrong wanna be jockey.

    1. You can’t really say he was trying to kill him, if that was the case then why didn’t he just run him over with the bus whilst he is at it, it is more of a road rage moment where he was trying to cause him injury in someway ( not to kill the guy). I bet the judge didn’t look at it that way as well that’s why he got 17 months not 6 years or something for attempted murder. But everyone can tell that the cyclist wasn’t going to die, firstly he was wearing a helmet secondly the traffic was at walking speed if not less.

  4. I see the cyclist move out in front of the bus as it tried to overtake him.In this case the Bus Driver needs a commendation for ridding the road of a Lane Hogger.I fuckin ‘ HATE cyclists .They cause tailbacks for miles and have zero consideration for anyone else on the road. Fuck them.

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