Bronx Man Rams Dozens of People with Car in Times Square

That Guy on the Left in Richard Rojas

Bronx Man Rams Dozens of People with Car in Times Square

Today, the FCC held its first vote to repeal Net Neutrality. But they wouldn’t want something that could spark the public’s interest to be talked about so what do you know – a distraction – a man ramming dozens of people with a car in Times Square? Yeah, that’ll do it.

26 year old Richard Rojas of the Bronx reportedly jumped the curb at 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue and continued to drive into people on a sidewalk until 45th Street. According to the police, an 18 year old woman died from sustained wounds, and 22 others were injured.

Richard Rojas is an ex-military “thank you for your service” fag with two previous DUI convictions, although the post Times Square incident breathalyzer test returned all zeros. New York Mayor Bill De Blasio said: “There is no indication that this was an act of terrorism…

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the pics:

Here’s CCTV footage of Richard Rojas mowing down pedestrians in Times Square (skip to 0:24 for the moment of the ramming):

Here’s some shitty video of Richard Rojas being taken by police after the arrest:

A video of how the pillars stopped the car and saved potentially many more people from being killed or wounded. Also a better footage of the arrest. You can hear the people calling Richard Rojas an asshole:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. yap this chap is a stiffley stifferson or a real fun lubber hope he gets the doaps he needs marawan is a killer drug its not the ocean its the comotion get this guy some lotion hes a caculated terrorist

    1. Wondering, why is it not considered a terrorism??? Strange! If Richard would tell the authorities, “my name is Abdul”, without wasting a second they would have labeled it an act of terrorism, but since he is “Richard”, “there is no indication of terrorism”. Oh, well…!

        1. @beneaththeplanetoftheapes I assume you may have watched all the videos, right? If so, do you often read the descriptions of the photos and/or videos along with them, here at BG? My feeling is, you either probably do not read them at all or you may have skipped the description this time. Anywho, you would have understood what I was implying to. Nevertheless, for your convenience here are a few of last lines, you would know what and why I said what I said:
          “Richard Rojas is an ex-military “thank you for your service” fag with two previous DUI convictions, although the post Times Square incident breathalyzer test returned all zeros. New York Mayor Bill De Blasio said: “There is no indication that this was an act of terrorism…”

          Does it make sense now???

          1. Everything done in USA is an act of terrorism, I took a huge shit in my outside toilet and now my neighbours call me terrorist! Would have been awesome if he used a truck, everyone would have been reduced to minced meat like in India.

        1. You got that right @Soorenho.
          Had he claimed to be Abdul or some shit, the media and its followers would have written it off as an act of expression.
          “Bad New Yorkers, Bad! Abdul has every right to be in the U.S. and plow a car through pedestrians. Who are we to judge this poor tortured soul who only seeks to live in peace and harmony?”

          1. There are hardly any U.S videos, because were aren’t as barbaric as other countries, Brazil or Mexico to name a few. When something horrible happens, or someone gets killed, most don’t think “Hey let’s turn on the camera and record it” Since it doesn’t happen as often as other countries, most aren’t as used to it and look away, or help..they don’t record it, and put it on online or on bestgore. Yes, it happens at times, where we get a few recordings from people in the U.S, but it’s not as often as other countries who have become accustomed to the life in their country.

    1. The media clashes and slander of the U.S. Gov’t is likely all you know about “that country”.
      I admit though, it’s disturbing when I think about how we must look to the rest of the world at times. If msm and social media is ones only source, one will never see an accurate representation. The democratic left act like spoiled children on the schoolyard hurling childish insults in a sing-song voice. President Trump really needs to stop validating the socialist pests and simply stop acknowledging them.

  1. It was supposed to be 92° today in New York, Jersey… breaking a record of 90° set in 1932…

    Bit of a jungle bunny got a bit of jungle fever already this summer… mayhap…?? The heat have anything to do with it, ya’ think… ?? … NAHHH..!!

  2. Oddly enough Mark every time a news story dominates the networks, or is being pushed to the forefront regardless of importance, I always look extra hard for anything happening in the background at the exact same time because anyone hoping to disappear bad news, or indeed anything seen to be a negative, will inevitably choose to do so at a time when the public’s gaze is adverted elsewhere.

    Still, outside of the above, perhaps a little less “enrichment” and a smidgen less “diversity” would not go amiss among us whites.

    1. This exactly @empty-soul

      When talking about false flag attacks, the general perception is that they are done in order to advance specific political objectives, like expansion of the TSA powers, military invasion of foreign countries, etc. But there is so much more to false flag attacks, and covering up the events TPTB want to prevent from receiving due attention is one of them.

      A good example of using distractions as cover up for nefarious actions is Bill Clinton ordering air strikes on an alleged chemical weapons factory in Sudan on the day Monica Lewinsky testified against him. During his presidency, launching a bomb attack on a sovereign country was not something that was routinely done so it had the potential to turn into a big deal. As we know today, the alleged chemical weapons factory was actually an aspirin factory.

      And of course, the FCC just voted to begin destroying internet freedom and overturn net neutrality. This was a well timed attack to be sure. Works well with Trump’s plan to curtail the remaining civil liberties and make America a complete Israel’s bitch. The event also distracts from Trump announcing he’s going to Saudi Arabia on his first foreign trip, and selling them $300 Billion worth of weapons:

      1. Best Vincit Omnia Veritas,

        What I know about Bill Clinton is, that he frequently flew cessna’s in and from the country, a place I’m not aware of, with dozens of kilo’s of cocaïne.
        A good day, some teenagers saw a cessna charterplane touching down in some area I don’t know, the plane landed, dudes who saw this were chased down and murdered. Just while Clinton served for president, I TRULY SHIT YOU NOT !!!
        This case was NEVER mentioned ever after.
        Just want to mention to you guys that your system is BLOWN FULL OF HOLES !!!!!!!!!!
        Or, didn’t ya already notice?

      2. Saudi Arabia and Mossat CIA will probably be giving chemical or even nuclear weapons to terrorists in the future to use against inocent people. The future really doesn’t look bright they will do anythink to scare populations into being controlled more, Trump’s just another puppet he has really no power we all know who really does.

  3. That did ‘not’ look like an accident as the police department said. It looked to me like he purposely turned into the crowd and plowed through them. But, who I am to say? I am not an investigator.

  4. It said on the news here in the US that he was fucked up on K2. Some of the shit that they make synthetic weed out of will make people hallucinate. They said he thought he was being followed. I am just glad it wasn’t a white guy.

    1. Synthetic weed – like some probe of K2 -make people paranoia, which is unnecessary. It shouldn’t be chemically grown; just let nature do it’s course with natrium, potassium and kalium and water will do the rest! Just my 2 cents,…

  5. All these false flag attacks make me think about a song I like

    One shot heard around the world
    Were gonna show the world that it was
    Once said
    Whatever the cost we will never surrender
    Leave abandoned the loss
    When the rich wage war
    And the patriotic whores dig their own graves
    Another casualty
    Another travesty
    Another mother fucking German shepherd
    Growling with his teeth stepping smack grabbing
    Kick you in the bass drum
    Boom boom
    Alpha to Zulu
    Ime here to say Fuck you
    I had a bad day
    With her angels wings
    Fall in line glorify
    Patriotic parasite
    Punishment don’t fit the crime
    Being bred to lead slaughter…… So very true written by Mushroom head just makes you think about the age we live in, And my greatest condolences to that poor girls family when will it all end.

  6. Trump must be fucking thick as pig shit if he believes the people will overlook his plans, particularly the one to flog loads of weapons to Saudi.
    Everyone and his dog knows the States relies on Arms deals and war to survive.

  7. Bronx man? Whats Bronx Man..? Clasic Black man or neger or indian or muslim with dark skin. Why use Bronx man? Those are the bottom of the society…. and meybe WE are responsible for that they are the bottom of the society…!? I dont know.

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