Brutal Accident in Chuvashia, Russia – Truck Driver Trapped, Screams with Pain

Brutal Accident in Chuvashia, Russia - Truck Driver Trapped, Screams with Pain

If I could speak Russian, I’d give you more detailed info on what happened, but I can’t. From what I could gather, this was a truck vs bus accident that happened in Chuvashia, Russia. That green thing that leaks gasoline and looks like an old military ambulance van is apparently what the host of the show calls a bus. There were three people inside the bus, but I was unable to find out how many of them died. That creepy eye in the beginning of the actual footage appears to belong to a survivor, although whether he pulled through in the end is unclear.

What’s pretty obvious from the video is that the truck driver is conscious, but trapped inside his cabin, possibly with lower half of body completely mangled. His hand was shattered by the impact, adding to the overall experience of intense pain. He’s begging the passers-by who stopped to help to save him, and they’re trying to do the best they can but they simply don’t have the tools to free him from the trap.

Truly a brutal accident. Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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29 thoughts on “Brutal Accident in Chuvashia, Russia – Truck Driver Trapped, Screams with Pain”

  1. I liked the part when the, supposed, dead guy on the floor opened one eye and at the same time the blood dripped from his nose, it was very resident evil.

    If I had been at the scene with the camera when that eye opened dare I say that I would have soiled myself.

    1. @empty- lol. I would’ve taken off my pants and offered them to you. I’m just that kinda girl! 🙂

      I have to admit, the eye and blood was pretty epic! I just imagine how it must have tasted because I’m sure he was swallowing a bunch too!

  2. Fucking brutal! I just imagine the pain and helplessness! Its one thing to be in an accident like that, but another to be trapped!!! I swear that these accidents that mangle and leave you conscious, scare the shit out of me! I hope when i go, that its quick and not caught on tape.. You guys are too brutal for me! Best believe if I’m posted on here and someone says some messed up shit, I’ll come and haunt you! 😉

    1. I would probably start by leaving a few kind remarks before going completely of subject and talking a massive amount of shit that takes up half the page and annoys half the best gore members, in other words, business as usual for me.

  3. I think the guy that’s helping him is saying “You’re fucked comrade” Look at that gnarly broken wrist! These situations seem to bring Russians together because it gives them other things to talk about besides the horrible weather and poverty.

  4. Translation (nor english or russian are my native languages, some places sound strange, because i did direct translation) : TV Show host : Horrible accident happened on inner city highway near Chuvashia, in which a huge collision happened between van and a truck making both pieces of scrap metal, but most horrible where injuries occuried by accident, because it happened far away from any bigger population, first help to victims were given by witnesses and road police, injured people where getting unconscious, because of the pain, shocking facts from place of incident of our reporter Stanislav Grigorjev. Reporter : Just half hour ago this piece of metal was van carrying three passengers. And this is a cabin of truck, driver got stuck, witnesses are trying to help, but nothing is working, help and ambulance are on the way, but to get to accident place it will take them 20 minutes, because there is no populated place around. Petrol is leaking from the van and can burst to flames any second, someone tries to close leaking point and get it successful. At last comes police and ambulance, at the same time one of the injured dies, all other were saved, to save driver of the truck it too some time to dig out the snow, after driver got first aid, he told police officers how everything happened, he said that van got in counterflow lane for no reason, other injured will give testomonials after medical care in hospital, all were take to intense medical care unit.

    1. Yeh I was suprised by that, surely someone at least had some in their back seat, it’s like westerners having a bottle of water in the car. Maybe they were thinking, “fuck that I’m not wasting my Vodka on someone gonna die anyway”.

  5. i am Russian so the dude in the truck who was stuck survived….they all did….except for the guy in the main picture, he didn’t make it until the paramedics came.
    it took them so long to come there because it happened in a far away distant underpopulated area. dude in truck says the van that hit his truck came out of its lane onto his lane.

  6. Why beeping…”Get the fuck ottahere!!!???” even his breath is fractured and everyone just “sightseeing” the poor bastard “Look an ex-?????? crashed his bosse?s truck!!! he?ll get his as kicked (what?s left ot it wich is obviuosly little)

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