Brutal Aftermath of Head on Crash on Foggy Highway in Kazakhstan

Brutal Aftermath of Head on Crash on Foggy Highway in Kazakhstan

This brutal head on accident happened on March 4, 2013 on the highway between Tashkent and Almaty in Kazakhstan. Fog was dense, visibility miserable and a car decided to pass another vehicle despite being unable to see far enough through the fog if anything was coming in the opposite direction or not. And it just so happened that something was coming and that something was a bus. Several people on the bus survived, however the impact was so violent, scattered debris covered the road for hundreds of meters. The bus driver died from rapid blood loss and severe internal injuries – according to the report of a survivor who filmed the second video.

The first video was filmed by a car with dashcam that rode up on the aftermath of the crash. You can tell from this video that visibility was shit but this driver rode to conditions which allowed him to safely slow down when obstacles became visible. The driver was coming from the city of Bishkek. Person next to the burning passenger car is clearly dead. I don’t have enough info on whether there were any other passengers in that car, but none of the survivors or witnesses seemed keen on checking if there was anyone in there. Great dashcam footage in high definition:

Second video was filmed by the survivor of the crash from the bus. He said he’d only suffered minor knee injury. Pure carnage otherwise:

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  1. the first reflex of the last car driver who was about to crash into the burning one was to speed up as far as possible to flee the vision of horror, maybe there were children sitting in back and watching

    1. you probably ignore that Kazakhstan made the most beautiful girl ever, Ruslana Korshunova, who committed suicide in NYC years ago at 20 because of the mentality of american fucking retards ( I would like to see her autopsy footage anyway !)

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