Brutally Mangled Man Slowly Dies Dangling from His Vehicle

Brutally Mangled Man Slowly Dies Dangling from His Vehicle

We have recently had a post with what could be the most graphic traffic accident ever, but this video has the ability to take the wind out of the other one’s sails because it’s both brutally bloody and the victim was not instantly killed. Had he been killed, this would be just another video of a flashy virus who was shredded in a traffic accident. But he survived, despite indeed having been shredded and having had his limbs ripped off while what’s left of him was trapped in his vehicle dangling head down as blood dripped down his nose – and that’s one holy shit. Unspeakable agony rivalling even the pre death torture by narcos. And if that weren’t bad enough, the victim even got witnesses sticking cameras in his face, doing next to nothing to comfort him. I know there was no helping this fellow, but a word of support may have made his passing easier.

I like how his amputated hand is doing pointers. The dying man appears to have been a truck driver. It’s not very clear from the video why he crashed.

Props to Best Gore member Buffsmom for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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192 thoughts on “Brutally Mangled Man Slowly Dies Dangling from His Vehicle”

      1. you are all exagerating ! people told him to recit the Chahada (“achadou ana la ilala wada charika la …”) meaning I certify there is only one God and Muhamad is his prophet, so they are quite concerned about the dying guy, instead of asking him “how do you do ?”, they want him go to heaven which what in that case is a little bit more appropriate

  1. This is definitely one of the best gore videos I have ever seen due to the fact the poor bastard was still alive and conscious throughout that.

    Where’s Herbert West, I’m pretty sure that this was his doing, its got his name written all over it.

  2. Holy fuck ME! That was brutal and just raw!!! To be that mangled- to still be conscious and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do for you! Fuck! Then he’s twisted with limbs cracked, missing- scattered down the road! Imagine cleaning that shit up! This is by far the worst accident that I’ve watched where dude was still temporarily alive. Yikes! I do feel for homey. I mean i would’ve wanted to help him, but i couldn’t have done shit for him other than put a bullet in his head! Sad but true- that guy was fucked from every which way!

      1. Well- that’s me just bull-shitting because i don’t carry guns on me usually. Lol, but fuck he was seriously un-helpable! Maybe i would’ve held my camera in an inconspicuous area and talked to him?! Fuck i don’t even know what i should/would do! Hopefully, i won’t get to see this kinda shit in real-time!

          1. I kinda think it dependson where you’re at too. I’ve seen so many accidentscenes on here and most people don’t help. In fact, in some countries- you can actually be sued for helping if you harm the person more. I’m in the US- here, people WILL help you! As heartless as i come off- I’d be a “first responder”! I wouldn’teven time to think about it! Its in my blood to be helpful to fellow people/animals. On the other hand- this guy was far out of the scope of anythingthat i could’ve helped with. Sure, i would’ve tried to comfort him- but on the reals, there was no comforting that could’ve helped him imo..

  3. Is there an award for the most awesome ‘pointer’ on Best Gore; I nominate the pointer at 2:37, it looks like some kind of organic ray-gun, pull the fleshy trigger mechanism and a blast of decimation will issue from the index finger,; single shot mechanism as use of this particular weapon results in massive blood loss and death to the user.

        1. @sagemoon- i highlight, but its the lighting. The bottom of my hair is my natural color. I’m golden brown haired. The top is darker because i wanted to have all one color in Fall. A lot has washed out, plus its Spring which is damn near summer around here, so I’m going to stay natural! 🙂

          1. I’m in the sunny state of Californication! West coast representing- you know… Sun-kissed skin So hot We’ll melt your popsicleOooooh Oh Oooooh! Lol 😉 Where are you in this big world Dr. Nasty?! Lol

  4. Holy FUCK, this is the worst. Jesus, just DIE already. That guy must have been one tough mo fo. I can’t believe he was still alive with those kinds of injuries. That big old hole in his forehead alone would have done me in immediately.

    1. Hello,first time post long time fan….finally got the nerve to post/register….And what a Dooozie ! blowz me away on how they can stick a camera in his face and not give him comfort . i for one would be say’n fuk what can I do ….prolly stik’n a camera in his face . O.o… fubarb!


    1. @brokeback, You’ve been on good comedic form recently, I however have slipped into a slump.

      My jokes are no longer funny and lack the punch they once did and I feel like Steve Martin in that I am a mere shadow of my former self, and I’m sure my cock has shrunken recently, or maybe its my ego that has shrunken and therefore my opinion of my cock, or maybe my fixation on my cock as Sigmund Freud would put it is a symptom of my stressful life and therefore a deteriorating self image and worth.

      Anyhow, any tips from yourself on how to rescue a once promising future from the grasping hands of Beelzebub and his mistress.

      1. Well Empty…I find that masterbating frequently reduces stress…saying the first thing that pops into my head nomatter how stupid it may sound to me and last but not least…stay stoned at all times. Follow these simple rules and you’ll never have any problems making people laugh.
        Mostly though…just be yourself cuz you are the funniest fuck I’ve never had the misfortune of meeting.

        1. Thanks for the kind words Broke, I have been drunk everyday for the last three months and it is doing me no favours so I intend to split the week between getting stoned and getting drunk evenly, this should at least put me back on the right track, hopefully I will be back to my best in the next few weeks.

          Hopefully with this change I shall become less fixated on my cock and more fixated on tits, but not my tits of course because I have well developed pectoral muscles, I also have a six pack you know and nice muscular calves, in fact I am what Michelangelo would have sculpted if had had decided to down tools on the statue of David and instead decided to sculpt the statue of Empty soul, with the emphasis and the majority of the marble going towards the cock and balls of course.

          1. @Empty,I think I speak for the majority when I say that I always look forward to your perspective on any given subject.Your insight is always a great read.And I’ve said it before and will probably say it again, you sir need to write a book (on any given subject of your choice).

            I also hope you feel better soon.Don’t let the sauce take over, one that I’ve grown to really like a lot!!!

          2. @Empty, wtf are you talking about? You’re one of the funniest fuckers on here! C’mon, dude, you haven’t lost your edge, it’s psychological shit and too much alcohol is just gonna make it worse. Trust me.

          3. @Empty- maybe its just “one of them days” kinda thing?! You’re the funniest dude on here- not to mention insightful and well spoken! Shit, I’ve learned more from you than i did in school AND I’ve peed more panties than ever before- reading your posts! Hugs, kisses and many LOL’s to ya my bud!! 🙂

      2. Thanks guys, sadly I, like a lot of folks these days, suffer from depression, I personally call it a natural dissatisfaction with my external reality, a reality that is bent completely out of shape by the wicked and the born rich higher social strata.

        My life is pulled violently against my will by those that would wish me dead merely because I am simple in my purpose, I wish to live without greed, without treading on others, my life if you will is a determination that I survive without destroying others.

        It may be a simple thought and I understand that by living we consume life, we live of the land, and in our continued existence we take life from other entities, it is still a dream of mine to not destroy others.

        Therein lies my suffering, I am not the entity that I wish to be, I can not bring peace nor can I live peacefully, I am Human and I am an entity born to this planet reliant on this planet for my continuation.

        The conclusion is that I think to highly of myself, my ego makes cheques that my body can not cash, I am in fact a fraud, someone who pretends to understand life but instead understands nothing but the silly romanticised version of existence, I am therefore a denier of life, a weakling.

        1. @empty- we all have those kinda days. Today hasn’t been a great day for me. I hate to mope around but sadly i suffer from similar things that you do- you’re just better at putting it into words. That’s the nice thing about like minded friends. The ones that really care will be here to remind you that what you’re going through is normal and that we’re here to help take some of the load off your back. I can only speak for myself obviously, but i consider you to be a friend! I interact more with you than i do most of my family members! Then again that’s partly my fault. I mentioned to them last time we spoke that if they didn’t have anything nice to say to me, not to say anything. That was 8 years ago. 😉 On the real, you’re a funny mofo and i really like you! I get your sense of humor and i can really relate to you. The only thing that gets me through the rough days are the humor and love you guys give me, and the comfort in knowing that every time I’m at a low point, that a high one is on its way! Maybe that’s what bi-polar is?! Lol, idk. I don’t even care. I’m me and as bad as many of my days are, at least I’m still here to try again tomorrow! Cheer up my lovely friend and smile knowing that i care and that i could go on for hours telling you nice things if you let me! 🙂 You’re a cool dude and one smart and funny dude too! You’re probably a cute dude too, but since I’ve never seen ya- i can’t lie to your face! 😉 Luv ya @empty! Send Juicy J a happy smile!! =)

          1. Don’t worry Empty…soon enough we’re all destined to become worm food.
            If that don’t cheer ya up I don’t know what will.
            Btw, today I had bacon and eggs for breakfast…and chased it down with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

          1. I don’t know who you are- and i don’t give a fuck! Everyone is entitled to their bad days! If you don’t have something nice to say- then kindly STFU! Thanks! 🙂

          2. @Juice! i offered J3Z my email and she totally burned me 🙁 this happened a couple wekks ago ,too…when i came onto an older friend of mine. my only real work pal, and at first she acted cool but now she doens;t even talk to me! wtf… >:(

          3. I don’t even need to try, I’m already in love with you and your personality.

            I wish my ex girlfriends were the “crazy-gore-loving kinda good looking” girl you are.

          4. @ Obliterator- Sweetie, maybe J3Z just got busy. I haven’t really seen her on today and usually when she is, she’s on for awhile! You’re a great dude, and any girl would be lucky to have you! I’m sure J3Z would not “burn you”! That’s just you,thinking too much- believe me, I do the over- thinking shit allllllll too much myself! It gets you no where! I’m thinking that my girl J3Z is into you- but maybe she’s thinking that you’re not into her. Us girls have a hard time reading strong-personality men! Don’t trip, she’s going to contact you. I feel it! 🙂 As far as the other friend goes, I’m thinking that maybe you caught her off guard. I have no way of knowingwhat felt for you, but sometimes it really is THEM, not you! She probablyfeels a bit awkward and just needs a minute to process.Your girl is out there. There’s someone for everyone! Smile and keep smiling, even when not smiling seems better. Better days are soon to come my friend!

            @J3Z- where you at girl?! Make some noise!

            @LIH-Wow. That’s very sweet of you to say! You’re a kind man- I get that from the way you talk (type-lol). One thing is for sure- you know how to talk (type 😉 ) to me!!

          5. I live in Lyon exactly. We’re Monday and it’s 04:00 am here. I’m a little tired so I’m gonna take a sleep.

            That was great to talk with you sweetie. I’ll see you later.

  5. Can anyone recognize the language they are speaking?
    It’s definitely not portuguese.

    At the beginning of the video, judging by the rude people sticking cameras in his face, I almost thought it was in Brazil.

    Poor fellow… It must feels like a nightmare, like he is struggling to wake up.

      1. I don’t know what’s happening around me anymore. I think I might have a Don Quixote thing going on. Except my perception hasn’t been distorted by books about chivalry. It’s from viewing too much gore.

  6. I really don’t understand the type of people ‘walk’ here, a person that could be like you dying with extreme pain and you write just some humoristic comment like above without to show a little respect for him?! Anyway RIP man.

    1. Lol, young grasshopper- you’ve got lots to learn here. When you’re a featured “dead fuck” (as i like to refer to them) here on BG- 98% of the time you won’t get sympathy! Yea, there’s the occasional- “ooh that poor man- i wish i could’ve helped him. I should’ve sat on his tongue while he breathed his last fv breath…” but the reality is- we mostly consist of cold, heartless, crazy and gore-thirsty fiends! If you want sympathy- you’ve come to the wrong place! With that being said- i hope you have a wonderful and warm stay here on this site- with some of the worlds funniest peeps! Give it time, you’ll understand.

      Should you end up on the unlucky side and become a featured “dead fuck”- i promise to extend to you the same exact level of respect as every other “dead fuck” on here!

      Again- welcome and juicy kisses! 🙂

    2. Hey @Zerocult
      We do it because we can. Most of us have to live with this kind of fucked up pain everyday. Whether it’s physical , mental or emotional. These people who die on here are worse off the us. That makes us feel a lot better. Well at least it works for me. I have also been born again with all the enlightenment from Mark. Thank you , King Gore. you are the best.

    3. mate I think you in the wrong place. this is a gore site. people here just express their thoughts and feels and theres nothing wrong with a bit of humour to lighten things up a bit.but if you feel so bad for this guy im sure his wife and kids would appreciate a financial donation from you.

    4. At the end of the day man life is bait, for each and everyone of us and their is no way to get around it. I’m a philosophical type of person like others on here. I’ve tried to work out what is ‘The Point’, to be born, live to feel joy and suffering and then ultimately to just snuff it…

      A whole collection of experiences gone, in the blink of an eye to fade into non-existence.

      What was it all for? I mean its frighting, nightmarish and terrifying stuff right? and its on a place like bestgore that we can see it in all it raw detail and find a semblance of sanity in order to put it into some kind of perspective.

      But there is only one way to deal with death and that’s to laugh at it; that way it cannot take away those last precious moments that we have building up to our untimely demise. I would rather think in those last moments ‘Do you know what? Over all life was a bit shit and when I meet the man upstairs I’m not going to be giving this whole life malarkey a particularly good review and he may get a few rather extreme explicit complaints from me; potentially involving the implication that he or it is complete twat who should be spending it’s time stuffing its head up its own anus as well as its sodding ideas’

      True there may be no man upstairs, no afterlife, no rebirth…but ultimately I do not know unfortunately (certainly would be nice to have a heads up at least) not until I take that final step into the void that is death like every other life form that stands beside me.

      Going back to laughing at death I believe there is quote from a samurai who said something like that as well, which is probably where I originally got the concept from in the first place. If anyone knows who that was please let know I’d love to find and remember.

      My conclusion is thus.

      Enjoy your lives; good times and bad times because once the lights go out it isn’t going to turn back on again..unless reincarnation does actually occur, in which case Buddhists are right and life is suffering, but hey at least I’ll get to bone once more. Again I say don’t give a fuck, not now not ever, and laugh because humour is about the only thing keeping any of us together and going through this experience that is called ‘Life’.

      I hope this helps in understanding why people on bestgore might like a good chuckle, when the stimuli is something horrific beyond measure.

  7. I have been a daily BG visitor for several months. This is the first video I simply could not watch. The suffering was just too much. As others have said it was brutal. RIP to the driver. My wish is that it was Dick Cheney in that truck. Not the hapless truck driver that we see on the video.

  8. Holy Shit. The only time I saw anyone that shredded when I was working the ambulance they were already dead. I have to admit, I appreciated the disembodied pointer. The meat looked like the venison I had for supper. Somehow made me hungry for an omelette.
    Rollover without a seat belt will do shit like that. He probably wishes his head hit a bit harder off the pavement so he didn’t feel so much pain.

  9. Hmmm, this didn’t emotionally move me at all. Could be im desensitized, I’m sure the language barrier makes a difference. I truly think the main thing tho is that it’s not some asshole motherfucker hurting someone else violently on purpose y’know? It was an accident presumably and that sort of thing, no matter how brutally bloody and gory seem to make me flinch even in the slightest but I CANNOT bring myself to watch the dnenprovy(whatever) maniac video or the slow beheading with knife type vids (fast beheadings with swords don’t bother me).

    Sorry this post was kinda rambling but I just wondered if there was anyone else on here that felt the way I do about these things? Anyone? Lol.

    1. @darkestjedi, I’m sure we have all become desensitized to some extent. I’ll tell you though, if you ever do come across a gory accident in real life, it’s a heck of a lot worse than seeing it on a website. Just the thought of taking a picture may be a hard thing to do for ya…especially if there are other people’s heads in the way.

    2. Having been watching gore since the days of ‘Rotten’ and ‘Ogrish’, as I expect many of us have, since my mid teens I personally have become desensitized to the majority of gore related categories out there; beheading are still fucking brutal, I can watch them but they are brutal, especially that chainsaw beheading, jesus that was the last one to make me feel a bit queasy.

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