Bus Delivers Flying Kick to Passenger Car in Bogota, Colombia

Bus Delivers Flying Kick to Passenger Car in Bogota, Colombia

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Three people died and at least 17 were injured as an out of control bus rammed four vehicles in Bogota, Colombia. The bus narrowly missed a motorcyclist and then took flight running over elevated road at an excessive rate of speed.

The SITP (Sistema Integrado de Transporte Público) bus reportedly suffered a brake failure so the driver could not control it. The bus rammed an ambulance, a public bus belonging to the company Nuevo Horizonte, a passenger vehicle and a minibus belonging to the company Tampa. After it was done ramming other vehicles, the bus crashed into a utility pole.

Two men and a woman were killed in the accident. Among the injured were a child and a pregnant woman. None of the wounded were in a critical condition.

This was this year’s fourth accident involving an SITP bus in Bogota, but the only one that resulted in fatalities.

Props to Best Gore member horco987 for the video:

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