Camaro Explodes Into a Fireball After a High Speed Chase in LA

Camaro Explodes Into a Fireball After a High Speed Chase in LA

A high speed chase through the east side of Los Angeles ended after a DUI suspect in red Camaro crashed his vehicle which exploded into a spectacular fireball. The suspect was travelling in excess of 110 miles per hour and eventually lost control of his car on a highway in Boyle Heights.

Note – the aerial news reporter says in the video that the driver was driving a Mustang but from what I could gather, it was a Camaro.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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32 thoughts on “Camaro Explodes Into a Fireball After a High Speed Chase in LA”

  1. The news guy just says what he sees. ” oh loosing control, into the sidewall, smash, overturned car, boom on fire”. He must have watched a lot of Catchphrase. My guess is, another one bites the dust?

  2. All that over what? Why he ran and wrecked his car are good questions right now. If this was just a speeding ticket and the end result is your burned to a crisp, and worse than that….you destroyed a perfectly good camaro..

  3. Most definitely a camero! Looks exactly like the one my Mom had when i was about 14! The very first joy-ride i ever took! Almost smashed into a car on my way home! I’ll never forget it! Was soooo scared that next time i decided to try hitch-hiking instead. Whole other story…

          1. Did you every see that movie- think it was called ‘The Unborn’.Was kinda like that with the demon seed and all. Baby came out all freaky and creepy and the Mom just wanted to cuddle it, but that bad ass demon child was ready to start a killing spree! Haha, reminded me of that! Just getting the visual is enough for me to offer my uterus to someone on Craigslist! 馃槈

  4. I have absolutely no idea what would cause a car to become completely engulfed in flames that quickly and that intense. It does’nt even look like the gas tank would have ruptured from impact which would be the only thing volatile enough to cause such a fireball.

  5. That dude must work for a delivery company. I remember riding shotgun, with a delivery guy friend. He had a few beers he was weaving in and out of lanes, but at least he always engaged his turn signal. Teen years, those were the best years of my life.

  6. Ruptured fuel line and oil pan destroyed burning oil on exhaust. Electric fuel pump pumped gas after engine shut off on extremely hot engine, and sprayed everywhere. Lot and lots of plastic kindling on camaros of early 90’s. fuel pump feeds high pressure injectors thus high pressure pump. 130 gallons plus per MINUTE. In like 2 seconds puts out lots of gas.

    1. What are you smoking, electric fuel pump in that car can pump about 1 (one) gallon per minute. The line is only 3/8 diameter and pump in that car puts out about 40 psi. 10,000psi couldn’t even push 5 GPM out of a 3/8 line. That car had to have a lot of something very flammable in it. The whole car front to back and inside went up instantly.

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