Caption This Photo Contest

Caption This Photo Contest

Now, I have no idea if this photo has been published here before and I honestly had no way of finding out since the place I found it had no background info on it. However, as I was surfing the interwebs and came across it, I thought to myself “why the long face bro?”, and attending to the fact you guys are creative, the idea of posting it here as a “caption this photo contest” came to mind. So even if this photo has appeared here before, at least this’ll be a slightly different article.

And it’s not that we are exactly mocking the dead person, but why not mock death itself? Since it is imminent, why exactly shouldn’t we resort to dark humor as a way to deal with it’s inevitability? We’ll all bite the dust eventually, one way or another, and hey, we might even make an appearance here at BestGore, but as long as we stay away from the Middle East, Brazil and a Mexican drug cartel, we shouldn’t really worry too much, as we won’t enjoy life the way we should.

By the way, am I the only one to think this dude had a huge head?

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From Portugal, thats all.

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