Car Brutally T-Boned by Pickup Truck, Mother and Daughter Killed

Car Brutally T-Boned by Pickup Truck, Mother and Daughter Killed

This tragic accident happened on September 26, 2012 on the PR-317 highway across from the traffic circle next to Alphaville Condominiums in Centenário do Sul, state of Paraná, Brazil. A female driver operating the notorious for us here at Best Gore Fiat Uno passenger car went too deeply into the crossing lane and got brutally t-boned by a stupid pickup truck driver on a Ford F-100. The fact that the female driver invaded the path of crossing traffic was her mistake, but the truck driver had a lot of time and space to avoid her but instead he just rammed directly into the Fiat Uno, which is notorious for nonexistent passenger safety.

Fiat Uno driver – 33 year old Debora Chiule suffered serious injuries and died en route to a hospital. She had two passengers with her in the Uno: her mother – 54 year old Vanderli de Pádua Ribeiro Chiule, and 53 year old Maria de Fátima de Lima Santos, a family friend. The former died on the spot, the latter survived but spent a long time in a hospital with life threatening injuries. 45 year old Helio Stefânio Sobrinho of Sarandi, Paraná – driver of the F-100 got away without injuries.

Mother and daughter were owners of a clothing store in Centenário do Sul. It’s very tragic that both of them died at the same time. CCTV video of the t-bone that killed them along with dramatic music is below:

Speaking of Fiat Unos, I can’t help but post this video of a Brazilian song I accidentally stumbled across. Coincidentally, because Fiat Unos are so popular in Brazil, the performers call themselves “O Cara do Fiat Uno“. According to Google Translate, it means “The Face of Fiat Uno“. What’s strange is that although I’m not too fond of such music, I actually found myself watching the clip all the way until the end and did not dislike it at all. Contrary, I caught myself humming the catchy tune to myself afterwards. Yet I don’t even know what they sing about. I also like the fact that the couple are normal people, not some shiny faced Barbie dolls with perfect hairlines and strong jaws carefully chosen after a year of casting trials. Go O Cara do Fiat Uno:

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  1. that was completely the lady’s fault. I noticed that she does stop were she was suppose to but then a split second before the truck comes into view she tries to gun it across at the wrong time and I’m sure she knew it, she took her chances and lost.

  2. I don’t care if the old woman looks good for her age it’s still a terrible idea putting grandma out there in a swimsuit! It completely ruins the purpose of the entire commercial that was supposed to be about the toy car and now all i can picture is grandma dancing around in a damn two piece! Hahaha….

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