Car Explodes At Gas Station After Propane Refuelling

Car Explodes At Gas Station After Propane Refuelling

Not much is known about this video except that it happened in Belgium.

The accident was caught on a CCTV camera. After the man refuelled his car, it instantly exploded on ignition. The reason for the explosion is not clear from the video, but it didn’t appear to be the drivers fault. Unlike was the case with this genius.

The driver was not injured but probably had some unexpected bowel movement.

24 thoughts on “Car Explodes At Gas Station After Propane Refuelling”

  1. That was fuel vapor’s igniting. I would thing the odor of motor gas is present and be hesitant about starting my vehicle. But then again i like stuff like this to happen so please keep up the “good work”. haha

  2. He must’ve had a leak in his tank. Belive it or not propane is actually alot safer than gas when it comes to explosions..well on cars anyway, gas tends to leak and stick on to anything it touches and it continues burning, propane doesn’t it just leaks into the air and burns off quickly. One of my uncles ford pickups ran on propane, the tank was located in the bed of the truck and I remember it had a couple safety valves and gauges on it…it had also had a couple separate gauges located inside the truck that measured how much propane there was in the tank along with the temperature and pressure from what he told me propane was safer, burned cleaner, lasted longer, and was cheaper than diesel or regular gas…you’d think my uncle was hank hill or something the way he spoke about propane.

  3. Looked like he was dropping the top down and possibly a relay or even the motor in the trunk where the electro hydraulic pump is usually mounted sparked and ignited some fumes which may have leaked into the trunk. The front of his top unlatched upon explosion and the explosion appeared to have originated in the trunk. Just a observation. Too funny! LMFAO

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