Car Overturns, Family with Little Baby Dies

Victim of Deadly Taxi Rollover in Mexico

Car Overturns, Family with Little Baby Dies

Two people were injured and three killed, including a seven months old baby after a taxi they were taking a ride in rolled over. The accident happened on Avenida Lopez Portillo in Villa de las Flores in Coacalco, Estado de México. Better think twice before hopping in a taxi on your next trip to Mexico. But then again, it’s Mexico. If it’s not taxi that kills you, some random narco shootout will.

Authorities said the cabbie was driving too fast for bad road conditions in heavy rain. If I understand it correctly, whole family was wiped out in the accident. That would mean that taxi driver was one of the survivors.

Here’s a video of the aftermath:

And a gallery of a few photos:

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26 thoughts on “Car Overturns, Family with Little Baby Dies”

  1. Awwww! Pobrecita. And she died on her little blanket too. Fucking Mexicans, they are animals over there when it comes to driving. Every time I go to Mexicali with my mom there’s like a near accident every time. One time I almost died on a three day bus road trip from Mexicali to Southern Mexico back in 2005 because in the dawning hours the damn bus driver was falling asleep and was swerving like crazy. I am so thankful I am alive today.

        1. Been to mexicali too a few years back… Car accidents are pretty much a common sight over there. A friend of my sister got killed 4 years ago when she got hit by a truck. It wasnt the truck that killed, it was the force of the truck that made her head hit the cement pretty hard that delivered the killing blow…. She died on the spot but they told me she was twitching a few times before her lights went out for good.

          1. Oh my god that’s so sad! 🙁 Yeah not a place recommended to drive in for people who are new. I think a person that could make it without an accident over there would be someone who is familiar with the place and those peoples crazy driving habits. Over there they just don’t care what accidents they cause as long as they get to their destination alive.

    1. It’s true. I go to Mexicali as well and people there drive like they’re drunk. They don’t respect traffic lights, pedestrians (the responsible ones because even the peds cross the streets as if they were made out of rubber), no turning signals and the streets are all fucked up as well. Why? Because the ticket is only $15, or you can always give the good ol’ policia a few pesos…

      1. There are some pretty dangerous curves on mexicali’s highways as well. Even if you go a couple of miles above the limit, there’s still a very good chance you can fly off the road and total the vehicle and yourself as well. People there drive as if they own the fucking highways.

  2. The U.S should go to war with Mexico. Then after we obviously win the war, clean the place up, and sell it to France. That way it will be much, much safer, and we wouldn’t have to worry about building a big fucking fence to keep people out.

  3. Looks like there were two adults, a baby and a little girl. Don’t know the whereabouts of the taxi driver, but if he’s alive, he should be charged with manslaughter for driving too fast in the rain and causing death and forbidden to drive a taxi for the rest of his pathetic life. The music didn’t bother me, it was appropriate for the video.

  4. You know guys, I’m from Mexico and I have to admit that a lot of car accidents happens daily. Actually, when I was seven years old, an ambulance ran me over, -yeah, how fucking ironic-. Anyway, I love my country but people don’t give themselves the chance of actually learning how to drive and they simple take a motherfucking car and drive around like assholes. Plus, guys, you need to know that if you’re inside of a drug cartel of course you’re gonna get killed, the narco cartels don’t mess with innocent people, whoever gets killed by them is somehow involved with drugs. So, yup.

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